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24 July 2003

1) Iowa View: Kucinich backers aren't kidding
2) Long Shots Do Win - Kucinich & Seabiscuit
3) Meet-Up with Kucinich Supporters - August 7
4) Films that Make a Difference
5) Kucinich Challenges Cheney and Bush

- - Warning of Toxic Aftermath from Uranium Munitions
- - ‘Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable'
6) Kucinich Resources for Peace

Editor's Notes:

The Chinese word for ‘crisis' can be translated for meaning 'dangerous opportunity.' This is the current state of affairs in our environment, in democracy, and in the principles espoused in the US Constitution. This is an obvious understatement. Yet never has there risen an opportunity to break the grip of ruthless power in government corruption.

Now is a good time to act for a solution. The quickly approaching 2004 US national elections offer an opportunity. There is one qualified candidate with the record and intention to sever the chord of corporate control and corruption in government. Meanwhile President Bush continues the assault on freedom and the environment. Just last Tuesday Bush threatened to veto legislation from Congress to role back the June 2nd FCC media-monopoly ruling. From the illegal war and deception on attacking Iraq, terminating the ABM and other disarmament treaties, pushing an energy policy harming our environment, non-cooperation in 9-11 investigations, Bush is a disgrace for humanity and for what the majority of Americans value. Yet it is the primaries that give us the real opportunity in resolving the current crisis and to free us from the controls of our minds from a corporate media.

President Clinton proved that a centrist Democrat can be elected, and also showed that he couldn't accomplish much. He reminds me of Howard Dean who stated during a February 19, 2003 interview with Salon, "I don't mind being characterized as 'liberal' -- I just don't happen to think it's true." Yet the fear and response to Bush is so great that so-called liberals are endorsing his campaign before the primaries due to their fears of a pro-war Democrat running for President. Some believe that a corporate-supported mainstream candidate is better than ending up with a worse choice. Is this part of a mind game? The swinging pendulum reacts from the Nader idealistic vote to Bush, back to another midstream candidate? This is absurd. Will enough people awaken in time to take an opportunity to unite beyond the power of fear?

1) Iowa View: Kucinich backers aren't kidding

Iowa View: Kucinich backers aren't kidding

I haven't seen anything like this campaign since Robert Kennedy


"Not only can Dennis Kucinich win the presidency, he just may be the only Democrat who can," say his supporters

They've got to be kidding, right?

But Kucinich supporters aren't kidding. And Democrats best listen to their reasons, and their candidate. Activists, Washington insiders and political reporters ignore them at their peril.

Is Kucinich a sure thing? Of course not. Sure things don't exist in politics.

* The electorate is accustomed to smiling, hair-sprayed, tall candidates, managed by handlers, driven by polls, changing positions in speeches written by others, offending no one, campaigning with photo-ops and manipulative ads, paid for by corporate special interests.

Such tactics have worked - at least for winners. But at a price. They so alienate the eligible electorate that half don't vote. Polls reveal a majority correctly perceives Washington cares more about corporate keepers than citizen constituents.

* Pundits track who's raised the most money. If the presidency is simply a race to the bank it's no contest. President Bush can raise more in an evening than a Democrat can in a year. He wants $200 million. It's the least the corporate rich owe him. Conventional wisdom says candidates should avoid controversy. Don't risk alienating anyone, even Republicans. There are Democratic candidates whose Senate votes are scarcely distinguishable from Republicans. Some are reluctant to criticize a popular president. When they have positions they seem confusing, just tweaking the status quo.

Kucinich supporters argue this won't cut it in 2004. Conventional politics, compromises and corporate contributions can't win. Why would voters choose an imitation Republican when they can vote for Bush, the real thing?

They emphasize each Kucinich victory - mayor of Cleveland, state senator and congressman - involved an "unbeatable" Republican. He took a 34 percent Democratic district and won with 49 percent, was re-elected with 65 and now 74 percent. Clearly he has a record of winning - and winning over - with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Unlike the others, Kucinich's positions are a stark contrast to Bush. He is the only one advocating defense-spending cuts, single-payer health care for all, public education pre-K through college, public funding of campaigns, signing Kyoto and other treaties, and repeal of the death penalty, NAFTA and the Patriot Act. He organized the two-thirds House Democratic opposition to the Iraq war resolution Congressman Dick Gephardt drafted and most of his Senate competitors supported.

The media think former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is "liberal." But on some issues he acknowledges he's to the right of Bush. Both support the death penalty and defense-spending increases. Both like profit-driven health-care systems. Dean's "opposition" to the Iraq war was his proposed 60-day delay before attacking.

Will a majority support all of Kucinich's positions? Of course not. The majority of Iowans didn't support all of Gov. Harold Hughes" positions, either. So why was he so popular? Iowans knew he spoke from the heart and admired his honesty.

If Democrats would unambiguously serve their natural constituency - those earning under $200,000 - they could win in a walk, say Kucinich backers. They say Democrats need to energize the non-voters. Is it possible? In 1984 and 1988, Jesse Jackson registered 3 million and Democrats won back the Senate.

The Kucinich supporters" secret weapon, they claim, is their candidate. They say, "A Dean supporter is a Democrat who hasn't yet heard Dennis speak." Those who are often moved emotionally. They comment about his courage, compassion and commitment - and their hunger for his vision of hope and inspiration.

I haven't seen anything like it since Robert Kennedy.

What if they're right, and thinking outside the box is the only way to get inside the White House? Those trying to trivialize and marginalize Kucinich do the Democrats no favor.

NICHOLAS JOHNSON, who formerly served on the Federal Communications Commission, is evaluating Democrats" choices from his home in Iowa City.

This article was originally published in the Des Moines Register:

# # # # # # # # # # # #

Note: You can contact John Friedrich, the Iowa-Kucinich campaign director, at or (515) 633-0400 if you are willing to work on the Iowa phone-calling effort. The Kucinich campaign is looking for several dozen people from each state who will help lift Iowa into Kucinich country. The Idea is to focus on the earliest Caucus/Primary state as a national effort and then focus on each subsequent state by caucus/primary date.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dennis Kucinich will appear at a forum hosted by Sen. Tom Harkin in Ottumwa, Iowa, this Sunday, July 27, starting at 2:00 p.m. (CST). Announcements from the campaign say it will air live on CSPAN. Harkin is hosting these "Hear It From the Heartland" forums for all the presidential candidates.

2) Long Shots Do Win - Kucinich & Seabiscuit

A movie called Seabiscuit is opening in theaters this Friday, July 25. Seabiscuit was a long shot race horse from the Great Depression, who came in a big winner and inspired a nation.

The Kucinich Campaign is asking supporters to participate in their first nationwide volunteer effort. You can download "Seabiscuit flyers" from the Kucinich volunteer web page. They are asking that especially on Friday, the opening day for this movie, for volunteers to hand out the Seabiscuit flyer, which is attached to the Kucinich 10 Key Issues Flyer to moviegoers as they leave the theater.

As soon as possible try to determine the soliciting policies that may be in effect on the grounds of some theaters. We do not want you to break any laws forbidding solicitation on theater property.

Tomorrow they will be sending out a Press Release and begin talking to the media about our Seabiscuit campaign.

If you are committed to distributing flyers after the Seabiscuit movie, please do the following by 12:00 noon Central Time, Friday 25 July 2003:

Send an email to:
Put Seabiscuit Promotion in the subject line and tell us what city and state you will be working in and how many you expect in your group (we only need one email from each organized group)

For downloadable flyers to hand out, check out the action at the:
new Kucinich Volunteer Action page

3) Meet-Up with Kucinich Supporters - August 7

The Kucinich for President campaign is launching a new effort, urging all volunteers to use the MeetUp website to organize with their friends and neighbors. MeetUp is a website that allows you to plan monthly meetings at restaurants in your city.

Planning for the August 7 Kucinich meetings is already underway.

Please consider going to this site right away to sign up:

Voting began July 17 on venues at which to hold Kucinich Meetups on August 7. Cast your vote right away. There must be at least five votes and, later, five RSVPs for any meetup to take place.

Voting is also underway on the agenda for the meetings. Cast your votes right away.

What: National Kucinich in 2004 Meetup Day

When: Thursday, Aug 7 @ 7PM
(Vote for a venue and agenda NOW.)

Where: In up to 561 towns (anywhere that at least 5 people sign up)

More information and links to MeetUp are posted at the:
new Kucinich Volunteer Action page

YOU are the Movement!

4) Films that Make a Difference

On July 17 Flyby News sponsored a program in Keene NH at the public library, which could easily be reproduced in many venues throughout the country in support of reclaiming a democracy in the US and Kucinich as president in 2004.

We showed 3 films and led discussions between each that helped many discover the crisis and the opportunity.

1) "What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World"

This film compilation, edited by Frank Dorrel, provides 10 segments giving an overview of CIA covert operations and US interventions since World War II. Due to time constraints and the intense subject matter, we limited the showing to the first four segments:

- Martin Luther King Jr. (2:45) [2 minutes and 45 seconds]
These are from film clips of speeches by the famed patriot and slain civil right leader in the US speaking against the war in Vietnam, stating an "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

- John Stockwell (6:18)
Stockwell gives the inside scoop, who went public on what he phrased as the War Against the Third World. He was a former CIA Chief in Angola when George Bush, Sr was the Director of the CIA. He claims that more than 6 million innocent people died during these "wars" or country interventions that were supported by US CIA covert operations.

- Bill Moyers, "The Secret Government" (21:41)
This program aired on PBS in 1987 documents the formation and despicable nature of a secret government in the US, beginning the irrational permanent war mentality since the development of the Atomic Bomb, which led President Truman to the signing of the "National Security Act" in 1947 that created the CIA, and that led to the recruitment of NAZI's and mobsters in a secret government, justified by those in power fearing their own creations to the point of insanity that remains to this day.

- Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair (20:46)
This film, directed by Barbara Trent of ‘Empowerment Project' shows the betrayal and cover-up of an exposed crime in trading arms for hostages during the Reagan administration, and diverting the illegally obtained funds to finance the Contras for the US-supported terrorist attacks in Nicaragua.

Following these four segments someone asked if such corruption still exists today. Many in the audience responded, but before the discussion got too far on the dark side, we went to the next film.

2) "A Prayer for America" a speech by Dennis J. Kucinich to the Southern California Americans for Democratic Action on February 17, 2002. (18 minutes)

This speech by Dennis Kucinich was in response to the War on Terror and the War on Freedom. He begins by singing patriotic songs and stated:

"I offer these brief remarks today as a prayer for our country, with love of democracy, as a celebration of our country. With love for our country. With hope for our country. With a belief that the light of freedom cannot be extinguished as long as it is inside us. With a belief that freedom rings resoundingly in a democracy each time we speak freely. With the understanding that freedom stirs the human heart and fear stills it. With the belief that a free people cannot walk in fear and faith at the same time.."

This speech naturally drew discussions into a higher level, and for a potential solution to current crises for our democracy. It was in seeing this film that film maker Malachi Roth realized that Dennis Kucinich is the one for his next documentary.

3) "The Peace Candidate" by Malachi Roth (20 minutes)

This film-short is an inspiring account of presidential candidate Dennis J. Kucinich.

The following was written by Malachi Roth on his film projects:

Fellow Kucinich supporters,

I have recently completed a 20 minute documentary, "The Peace Candidate", which covers Kucinich over two days in April as he spoke at public forums and fundraising events in New York. My ultimate goal is to complete a full length documentary. The material collected during this process will be used to promote the candidate through a variety of outlets such as; work-in-progress screening on college campuses, public access and community television stations, streamed over the internet and at house parties and other local venues.

The following is a brief description of the project. Below, I suggest a donation for the 20 min. video but of course I'm also seeking larger donations and investors are encouraged to contact me. At present I am funding myself in time and materials. For those who would like the video but cannot afford it, contact me and I will send it to you for cost, or for free if you make a good case. I hope that you will make suggestions for interview subjects and anyone who might be interested in collaborating on the project or hosting a screening. Please pass this invitation to participate on to anyone you think would be interested. Thank you in advance for your support.

-Malachi Roth


I am still in the process of setting up a system of distribution for the short version. If you are interested in receiving a copy as soon as possible send a donation of $20 dollars or more payable to:

Malachi Roth
20 West 20th St. 2nd fl.
New York, N.Y. 10011

This will cover the costs of the sending you the film short and support the project..

If you would like to contact me or receive updated information please email me at:



"The Peace Candidate" is an intimate look at the most qualified and inspirational American leader to emerge in decades. In the film, we will see Dennis Kucinich captivating, inspiring, and energizing audiences by discussing crucial issues in a way which actually provides hope for the future of our planet. The film will integrate excerpts from Kucinich's greatest speeches and appearances, candid footage of the candidate campaigning and speaking in Congress and interviews with well known artists, intellectuals, political figures to create a stirring portrait of Kucinich and the global movement which has sprung up as a reaction to the overreaching of an unelected president and the high crimes of his corporate cronies.

The primary purpose of this documentary is to create a focus for the solidarity developing among groups and individuals raising their voices in an effort to steer the country away from war and toward peace. Dennis Kucinich brings into the open areas ignored by the mainstream media: the truth about Iraq, Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, the emergence of millions of mobilized and informed citizens fighting for peace and justice around the country and world. His campaign is a catalyst for a connection among peace and justice groups at the most critical time in our history.

The dependence of political campaigns on high-end short-form television advertising might be challenged by footage drawn from films like "The Peace Candidate." If respected thinkers, professionals, community leaders and celebrities are given a forum for genuine dialogue, an opportunity to show their collective support for grass roots political organizing, we may be able to challenge the status quo. In visualizing a new audience, "The Peace Candidate" is not trying to be slick and flashy; the documentary will maintain its integrity while creating the intensity and tone of urgency and seriousness much like an emergency news broadcast. The urgency of the approach will suggest that something is desperately wrong with our system and current leadership and each of us must be brave enough to stand up and do something about it.

"The Peace Candidate" will also attempt to tip the scale away from controlled news by presenting an assembly of highly respected figures who are declaring an alliance of opposition to the powers-that-be, and who are committing themselves to the only candidate who could possibly represent them, Dennis Kucinich.

It is imperative that everyone who can see today's manufactured political trends for what they really are unite and forcefully challenge the ultra wealthy right-wing entities pushing the globe toward catastrophe and chaos.

It is up to credible, articulate and outspoken individuals to use their collective power to point the way toward a viable alternative. The country needs assistance in rediscovering universal values, which good people across the political spectrum have always attempted to embrace in one form or another.

Only a genuine psychological awakening will pull Americans away from the apathy and denial of a people who have lost their voice and given themselves over to an empire in decline. Only a sweeping mass movement will enable a candidate with impeccable integrity and strong ethics to enter the White House and accomplish anything significant while there.

The unifying theme of Dennis Kucinich' populist attempt to re-order our priorities is unity itself: despite differences of opinion, progressives and conservatives can stand together on the crucial issues of law, equality, peace and justice. Fortunately there is tremendous momentum building: around the world, tens of millions of people are speaking out against the military complex and the increasingly fascistic tactics of major corporate interests and helping to move our planet toward global democracy.

What we need is an artistic renaissance, similar to the one which sprung up as a reaction to Franco's invasion of Spain. The passionate mobilization of artists and intellectuals against fascism gave birth to the Popular Front, which can be credited with mobilizing the world against the Nazi rise. A determined group of progressives who began as a small minority found a way to draw out the best impulses of the global community and prevented the total collapse into fascist tyranny. Today more than ever, artists around the world are rising to confront America's abuses of power.

Traditionalists of the Hopi tribe, located in the southwestern corner of the United States, relate ancient prophesies which tell us that the close of the fourth cycle of human history is upon us and that the opening of a fifth cycle will occur sometime in the near future. What this means is that if we don't cleanse ourselves morally and spiritually we will suffer the catastrophic consequences of our desperate clinging to greed, war, corruption and the hypocritical morality of all bloated empires.

Whether or not you believe in such scenarios, the people who are currently steering the American empire have their own definition of Armageddon and are willfully spurring us toward self-destruction and global chaos. Bill Moyers is probably correct in his assertion that one of the Neo-cons' major goals is to bankrupt and therefore completely privatize the United States economy which would bring catastrophe to the entire globe. They're success is entirely dependant on our efforts as citizens to implement an alternative hopeful future. Supporting a man like Kucinich is the first step in that direction.

# # #

Please consider showing these films, leading discussions, and displaying literature on the Kucinich campaign at various locations, libraries, schools, community centers, and for private house gatherings with your neighbors and friends. The program in Keene sponsored by Flyby News went for almost three hours. We also had available literature and other information. You can learn more about these films, and ordering information for the first two, and others, half way down Flyby News page on the campaign of Dennis Kucinich for US President, see:
Kucinich Films That Can Make a Difference.

For more information and for ordering the above 3 films, see:

Kucinich-Democracy Films -- Make a Difference!
Severing the Corporate Hold on the US Constitution

You can get Kucinich campaign literature from the Kucinich National Campaign to share at the event.

Just Call (toll-free)


We suggest asking for as many as you can distribute:

Bumper Stickers,
10 pt platform page
Booklets of "Prayer for America" speech
Booklets of "AFL-CIO" speech
Picture of Dennis with campaign info on back
Donation Envelopes

5) Kucinich Challenges Cheney and Bush
- - Warning of Toxic Aftermath from Uranium Munitions
- - ‘Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable'

Filed at 11:23 a.m. ET
July 22, 2003

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic presidential aspirant Dennis Kucinich is calling on Vice President Dick Cheney to explain his role in how the now-disavowed claim that Iraq was seeking uranium in Africa ended up in President Bush's State of the Union address.

In a letter sent to the vice president, the Ohio congressman and two members of the House Government Reform subcommittee on national security, emerging threats and international relations asked Cheney to explain his multiple visits to CIA headquarters.

''These visits were unprecedented. Normally, vice presidents, included, receive regular briefings from CIA in your office ... there is no reason for the vice president to make personal visits to CIA analysts,'' said the letter, which was sent late Monday.

Kucinich and Reps. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., posed 10 questions that they want the vice president to answer, such as: ``Did you or a member of your staff at any time direct or encourage CIA analysts to disseminate unreliable intelligence?''

Cheney's office did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

The lawmakers also are seeking an explanation on the vice president's involvement in the CIA sending Joseph Wilson, a former U.S. ambassador, to Niger to investigate the possible sale of uranium.

The lawmakers want to know who in the vice president's office was briefed on the contents of Wilson's report, what efforts were made to share the findings with other members of the Bush administration and whether Cheney's office found the report to be accurate.

The letter also asks Cheney to explain why he and other high-ranking members of the administration claimed Iraq had a nuclear weapons program even after the uranium sale could not be proven by Wilson's investigation.

Kucinich, an outspoken critic of the Iraq war, issued another call Tuesday for the administration to withdraw American troops from Iraq immediately.

``This administration, whose entry strategy was based on falsehood, with no exit strategy, has trapped our troops in Iraq and exposed them to greater harm,'' Kucinich said in a speech on the
House floor.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Kucinich Criticizes Bush on Iraq Flap

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - ‘Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable'

For related story: ‘Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable,' see:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - Warning of Toxic Aftermath from Uranium Munitions

Besides the time related matter of item 2 and the Seabiscuit Kucinich campaign, I wanted to note about a new tour by Major Doug Rokke, who was director of the Army's depleted uranium project . For information on his first stop in Buffalo, NY, July 22, 2003, see this article:
Warning of Toxic Aftermath from Uranium Munitions

For more on the tour of Major Douglas Rokke, visit::

6) Resources: Kucinich the Real Peace Candidate

On July 11, 2001 Congressman Kucinich introduced HR 2459, a bill to create:
a Cabinet-level Department of Peace

Representative Kucinich Introduces Department of Peace Bill Again ..
Washington Post article:

Speech -- Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (OH10) --...

Dennis J. Kucinich, Lakewood Ministerial Alliance Martin Luther
King Celebration Lakewood Presbyterian Church Lakewood, Ohio, Sunday, January 19, 2003...
"Peace as a Civil Right"

Private Warriors by Ken Silverstein. CounterPunch's Booktalk.
April 1, 2002. A Call to Action.
Peace and Nuclear Disarmament. By Rep Dennis Kucinich...
Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Peace and Nuclear Disarmament

AlterNet: The Peace Candidate

"Dennis Kucinich is clearly holding down the left end of the bench of Democratic Presidential contenders for 2004. The co-chair of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, an advocate of nonviolence who has proposed that the U.S. government create a Department of Peace, a vegan because he believes in "the sacredness of all species," and a pro-labor environmentalist who marched in the streets of Seattle and Washington, D.C., Kucinich is, without a doubt, the progressive candidate. The argument for his candidacy, unlikely though it may be, is that it represents a point of view the Democrats should be forced to deal with.."
[for complete article, see: ]

"Peace is possible, peace is inevitable" by Monte Leach

An interview with US congressman and Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, highlighting his core values of peace, activism, sharing, human rights and environmental sustainability.

The views expressed herein are the writers' own and not necessarily those of Flyby News.
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