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27 August 2003

1) Kucinich changes focus from Iowa to New Hampshire
- - Keene crowd keen on Kucinich
2) Soul of the Democratic Party
3) Reuters ..'Perfect Storm' for Bush

- - Ad-Man Advice to Democrats - "Bring ‘Em On!"
4) Howard Dean Gets Makeover: Says He's 'No Dove'
- -
5) Kucinich Events and Articles

Editor's Notes:

Flyby News began with my meeting investigative reporter, author, video producer, Karl Grossman when he gave a talk and slide presentation at UMASS, Amherst just before the launching of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997. To get to Saturn NASA sent Cassini to Venus first for two flyby's of that planet to pick up speed, and then came hurtling back towards Earth at more than 40,000 mph, around 10 miles per second! The high risk factor is that Cassini had a tremendous amount of radioactive plutonium on board, if Cassini hit our atmosphere the radiation would have been atomized to small elements that would have been able to enter the bodies of millions of people. Karl Grossman fingered the cause of such a high risk mission to be the cocky military, planning to dominate Earth from the heavens, voila, Star Wars.

After the Cassini Earth flyby on August 17/18 ,1999, Flyby News changed its focus to stopping or exposing Star Wars directly. Dennis Kucinich became the champion in government on this critical effort, when he proposed legislation to ban space-based weapons in 2001 and 2002. Flyby News endorsed the campaign of Dennis Kucinich for US President in 2004 after George W. Bush terminated the 1972 ABM Treaty and began a new era of an arms race in space.

News fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era is about getting ahead of the curve of arrogance and destruction, with the difference of seeking solutions to our problems. Kucinich for President represents many solutions, and a possible reclamation of democracy since before my lifetime. I wanted to repeat this overview of Flyby News, since it might explain the strong focus on this campaign, and the opportunity it offers.

Thanks for reading this issue which contains time-related events and news for life's survival or integrity in the 21st Century.

1) Kucinich changes focus from Iowa to New Hampshire

Kucinich changes focus of campaign from Iowa to New Hampshire

Aug. 24 - In a noticeable shift, Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign will look to New Hampshire to give new energy to a campaign languishing in the polls nation-wide and in early primary states. Kucinich, the Ohio Congressman, visited the Southwestern towns Friday in the state. It was his fourth trip to the state since he announced his candidacy six months ago.

On Saturday he met privately with staff and supporters in Manchester mapping out his campaign plan in the next few months. In that time, aides say, he will be in the state in 15 days over the next two months and considerably increase the amount of staff in New Hampshire. Previously the campaign has put most of their energy in Iowa. It made sense to many that Kucinich would put most of his focus there, analysts say, given that the two huge constituencies of the Iowa Democratic precinct caucuses are peace activists and labor union members. Kucinich's platform is deeply rooted in his opposition to the war in Iraq and his support of labor.

But after 26 visits there Kucinich, at best, is only polling at four percent in Iowa. It was time to look to somewhere else. That somewhere is New Hampshire.

"We see a real opening in New Hampshire," said Trevor Elkins, Kucinich's New Hampshire state director. "The congressman was really energized by his trip to the state Friday and believes there is real potential here."

In the latest poll of likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters Kucinich failed to even break one percent of a survey sample of 600 people. Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton also failed to receive one percent support in the same poll.

Currently Kucinich has only has two paid staff in New Hampshire and a corps of about 10 very dedicated regional volunteer coordinators, mainly from state peace organizations.

James W. Pindell can be reached at

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- - Keene crowd keen on Kucinich

Reformer Staff (Brattleboro VT Newspaper)

Saturday, August 23, 2003

KEENE, N.H. -- Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich brought his passionate message on renewable energy, universal single-payer health care and taking back government to the enthusiastic crowd of supporters and curiosity-seekers who packed The Pub to overflowing Friday afternoon.

For complete article, see:,1413,102~8862~1587184,00.html

2) Soul of the Democratic Party

Dennis Kucinich: the real soul of the Democratic Party?
Wednesday 20 August @ 12:33:52
an interview and profile by Lydia Howell
photos by Jonathan Miller

The best-kept secret on the Democratic presidential campaign trail ignited St. Paul's Central High School auditorium August 16, bringing the almost 1000-strong crowd repeatedly to its feet, cheering. Supporters of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) defy definition, spanning independents, Greens, veterans, students, peace activists, consumers and environmentalists. Doubts about his "electability" are greatly exaggerated—Kucinich won by 70 percent in 2001 in a traditionally Republican district. Willie Nelson is recording campaign ads for him and doing concert fundraisers with Ani DiFranco in Des Moines, Iowa, in early September. Grassroots campaign organizations are spreading like smoldering prairie fire across the country.

Lydia Howell interviews presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich on her show "Catalyst" which airs on KFAI Aug 26 @ 11 a.m.

"When the Founders of our country spoke of `forming a more perfect union,' it wasn't just about politics. It was also about being able to be more than we are—about consciously evolving," Kucinich evoked the recurring anthem of his St. Paul speech—"It's not too late to seek a new world!"

Kucinich knows about transformation firsthand. Growing up poor, he had 21 addresses before age 17—including a car. His ex-Marine father was a truck driver who Kucinich said "died with his first retirement check uncashed in his pocket." The oldest of seven, Kucinich was the first in his family to go to college. Degrees in communications took him from newsroom copy boy to radio, TV cameraman and lecturer, in between elected offices.

"First, you have to understand what Bush's presidency is about accelerating wealth upward. Its about putting the nation's wealth into fewer and fewer hands," Kucinich said in a KFAI interview in July, pointing to post-9/11 bailouts that gave airlines billions while their employees got massive layoffs. "The Bush economy is driven by the interests of a few at the expense of the many. That's what the war and the tax cuts are about."

Kucinich joined the anti-World Trade Organization (WTO) battle in Seattle. He'll use Executive Orders to withdraw from the WTO and repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that's exported millions of American jobs to Mexican sweatshops.

"Labels like liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican don't mean much when you look at these trade agreements. The real issue is: WHOOSE side are you on? Are you on the side of multinational corporations driving down wages, knocking out benefits, breaking unions and crushing communities when they move jobs out?" Kucinich gains momentum, not allowed in CSPAN 60-second sound-bites. "Or are you on the side of people struggling for workers' rights, human rights and environmental principles?"

Kucinich's legislation aimed to restore fairness between employees and management: enforcement of labor laws, anti-discrimination and collective bargaining. He salvaged Ohio's steel industry and kept public hospitals open. Democratic competitor, Rep. Richard Gephardt assumes entitlement to union endorsements, yet (like all the other candidates) refuses to take a stand against the obviously destructive NAFTA.

Challenging corporate power has been Kucinich's quest since he became the youngest (31) mayor of a major city (Cleveland) in the late 1970s. Inheriting financial crisis of misspent bonds, he faced a corporate power-play: pressure to privatize the public Muny Electric utility, backed up by banks threatening to call in city loans if Kucinich didn't capitulate. "It was extortion," he says. Kucinich refused, loans were pulled, resulting in Cleveland's bankruptcy and Kucinich's loss of his re-election bid. Now, even his detractors concede he was right, as California's power outages and rate hikes proved privatization failed [for more on this see "After the Blackout are We Still in the Dark?]. Kucinich noted in St. Paul the recent Northeast/Canada power shutdown (being traced to Ohio) was another example of "profits at the expense of public interest.". . . .

For the complete article, see:

3) Reuters ..'Perfect Storm' for Bush
- - Ad-Man Advice to Democrats - "Bring ‘Em On!"

Analysis: Is 'Perfect Storm' Brewing for Bush?
Sunday 24 August 2003

WASHINGTON - As the 2004 election nears, President Bush could face an international "perfect storm" -- more attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, an overextended deployment of U.S. troops eager to come home and blackening clouds over the Middle East, North Korea and Iran.

The confluence of world events will test Bush's foreign policy leadership even as he must concentrate on the U.S. economy and other domestic issues that could determine whether he wins a second term.

For the entire aticle, see:

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- - Ad-Man Advice to Democrats - "Bring ‘Em On!"

If I were hired by the Democrats to run the 2004 Presidential campaign, I know what I would recommend. Campaign suggestions from an Ad-Man.
Bye Bye Bush!
Bring 'Em On! by Gary North
For the complete article, see:

4) Howard Dean Gets Makeover: Says He's 'No Dove'

Howard Dean Gets Makeover: Says He's 'No Dove,':
US Must Stay in Iraq for National Security,
Quintuple US Troops in Afghanistan

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The above headline was posted on with link to following 25 August article in the Washington Post.

Defining Dean
By Fred Hiatt
Monday, August 25, 2003; Page A17

Howard Dean seemed to be having a grand time, and who could blame him? As he jogged to the podium Saturday evening, a roar rose out of the large (the campaign claimed 4,000) and spirited crowd. Music thumped, navy-blue Dean placards pumped skyward, partisan spirits and late-summer sunshine suffused the Falls Church park. As the former Vermont governor brought his presidential campaign to the Washington suburbs, any rivals for the Democratic nomination hoping that he would soon implode -- through inexperience, or overconfidence or the weight of his supposed liberalism -- wouldn't have found much encouragement.

That last charge -- that he can't win because he's too liberal or dovish-- is obviously one he's giving thought to. "I don't even consider myself a dove," he told me and my colleague Ruth Marcus during a conversation before the rally. It's "not possible" to fix him on the liberal-conservative scale, he said. "Where I am on the political spectrum is a convenient way to avoid talking about issues."

It's true that he opposed the war in Iraq, he says, but he supported the 1991 Gulf War and the Bush campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan. More interesting, at a time when many politicians are shuddering at President Bush's ambitions to remake the Middle East -- conservatives, because they are skeptical of such grand reshaping ambitions; liberals, because they see resources being diverted from social causes at home -- Dean sounds if anything more committed than Condoleezza Rice to bringing democracy to Iraq.

"Now that we're there, we're stuck," he said. Bush took an "enormous risk" that through war the United States could replace Saddam Hussein and the "small danger" he presented to the United States with something better and safer. The gamble was "foolish" and "wrong." But whoever will be elected in 2004 has to live with it. "We have no choice. It's a matter of national security. If we leave and we don't get a democracy in Iraq, the result is very significant danger to the United States."

And "bringing democracy to Iraq is not a two-year proposition. Having elections alone doesn't guarantee democracy. You've got to have institutions and the rule of law, and in a country that hasn't had that in 3,000 years, it's unlikely to suddenly develop by having elections and getting the heck out." Dean would impose a "hybrid" constitution, "American with Iraqi, Arab characteristics. Iraqis have to play a major role in drafting this, but the Americans have to have the final say." Women's rights must be guaranteed at all levels.

Dean is almost as sweeping about Afghanistan, where "losing the peace is not an option" and "pulling out early would be a disaster." Five times the current level of troops are needed, he said. "Imagine making deals with warlords to promote democracy. What are these people thinking?"

If all this sounds like a recipe for a larger, even more imperial military, Dean says no; it's a recipe for better involving NATO and the United Nations. He would rebuild American diplomacy and recommit to multilateralism; in a nice bit of jujitsu on a Bush campaign 2000 theme, Dean says he would "restore honor and dignity to the United States' reputation around the world."

One multilateral institution that might not fare so well in a Dean administration, though, is the World Trade Organization. In what would be a radical departure, China and other countries could get trade deals with the United States only if they adopted "the same labor laws and labor standards and environmental standards" as the United States. Whether or not that demand was consistent with WTO rules? "That's right." With no concession to their relative level of development? "Why should there be? They have the right to have a middle class same as everyone else."

Dean says, "We've tried it" -- NAFTA, WTO -- "for 10 years, and has it succeeded? No. . . . What's the purpose of trade? If it's to create jobs, we haven't done that in America."

He speaks rapidly, as advertised, sometimes answering before a question is complete, seeming not to weigh his words with overly political caution -- his trademark distinction from the programmed Washington politicians running against him. Yet at times he speaks openly of the political calculations. Some positions seem aimed at the partisan primary audience, others to shore up his general-election credentials. Unlike Bush, he says, he would "stand up to the Saudis." But also unlike Bush, he would have talked long ago with Kim Jong Il. Whether there is a coherent worldview or a work in progress will be interesting to watch.

He allows that former treasury secretary Robert Rubin told him: "I can't sell you on Wall Street if this is your position" on trade. But the former governor apparently can live with that. "I said, 'Bob, tell me what your solution is.' He said, 'I'll have to get back to you.' I haven't heard from him."

With that, he adjusts his tie and heads out to his rally, the largest thus far of his campaign.

© 2003 The Washington Post Company

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A National Resource for Kucinich Supporter:

5) Kucinich Events and Articles

Dennis will be making a quick trip through Massachusetts this Thursday, August 28th. We are looking for people to join a motorcade from the Boston Globe (where Dennis will be meeting with the Globe editorial board) up to Portsmouth with a lunch stop in Beverly.

Pass this message on to everyone in your address book! Then call all your friends, tell your neighbors, and let's put on a news making motorcade! We need a big show of support for Dennis Kucinich, the next President of the United States of America.

We will meet at the Globe parking lot at 1215 to decorate cars, and at around 1240 head north to Beverly where Dennis will be having lunch at the Organic Garden restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is small and can't accommodate more than Dennis and his entourage. However, we will be handing out flyers and generally making a big hoopla in downtown Beverly. After that we'll be heading to Portsmouth, NH.

Please call (508) 353-1599 - let us know that you will be joining the motorcade. Let's rock 'n' roll!!

Pat O'Brien
Adam Sacks


Directions to Globe

Take Columbia Road exit off Rte 93 (south of downtown Boston) Follow Rte 3A to 135 Morrissey Boulevard.

Directions to Organic Garden restaurant in Beverly

128 N toward PEABODY/GLOUCESTER 7.70 Miles

Take the RT-1A S exit- exit number 20B- toward BEVERLY. 0.12 Miles

Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto DODGE ST/MA-1A. 0.12 Miles

Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto CABOT ST/MA-1A. Continue to follow CABOT ST. 1.65 Miles

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The Mass. technology team stands at the ready to provide websites for many states that wish to make use of their expertise to quickly get a website up and running. They could simply copy the Mass. website (, cosmetically change it, put the right contact info on it, etc. Once that has been done we can temporarily co-host it with ours until such time as the state organization is ready to sign up for their own hosting services. Alternatively we can sign up for additional hosting services here if the state org. doesn't have the resources to do that, or we can help you locate a local hosting service if that is preferred. Lastly we have an army of tech-savvy volunteers who can help with the maintenance and enhancements of the website. Of course our webmaster is very busy so it is essential that each site have their own webmaster, but we can provide one if a local one is not yet available. Lastly it was suggested at our core meeting that we may want to consider a NE regional website as well, which we can create and maintain should that be desirable. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to let me know what you would like us to do. We are here for you, because this is one campaign, nation wide!

For a NH website on Dennis by David Pyles, see

And another for grass roots action, music, videos, see:

For sharing links with Flyby News, please send all Kucinich website's URL's to with Flyby-Kucinich-Link in the subject. And please resend, some of these gems are lost in the my email's inbox. Thanks!

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Lynda Smith Cowan, (603) 352-2774

Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, will hold a town meeting in Portsmouth, N.H., this Thursday (Aug. 28) in his fifth visit to New Hampshire. His return appearance in the state after last week's appearances in the Monadnock Region marks the beginning of a vigorous campaign in the state before the Jan. 27 primary.

Kucinich will begin his day in Portsmouth with a 3 p.m. press conference at Crossroads House, a homeless shelter at 600 Lafayette Road. Following several private functions throughout the day, Kucinich will open the town meeting at 7 p.m. at South Church Unitarian Universalist, 292 State St.

To demonstrate his support of "Main Street, not Wall Street," the progressive Democrat will spend the night at the Sise Inn, 40 Court St., a locally owned Portsmouth bed and breakfast. The next morning (Aug. 29), Kucinich will greet breakfast diners at various downtown restaurants, followed by lunch with Portsmouth-area Democratic officials. A second press conference at the Dover, N.H., Amtrak station will highlight Kucinich's support of mass transit as an environmental necessity. He'll then board the train for Portland, Maine, where he will speak at a public rally at 4 p.m. at Post Office Park.

As head of the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives, Kucinich led the effort against the war in Iraq and now calls for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops, to be replaced by a United Nations peacekeeping force. Kucinich also is the only presidential candidate to call for single-payer, universal health care and free education from pre-kindergarten through college, to be financed by trimming the bloat in the Pentagon budget. To support local, sustainable agriculture, he calls for the breakup of agricultural monopolies, and to better protect workers and the environment, he would cancel the North America Free Trade Agreement.

For more information on the national campaign, visit
Additional Contact: Christina Kraich-Rogers; Tel. 603-601-2033
Kucinich for President Committee Seacoast Campaign Coordinator

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Rally with Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Democratic Presidential Candidate

Friday, August 29th at 4:00 p.m.

Post Office Park
Exchange and Middle Streets
Portland, Maine

Reception following the rally at 4:45 p.m. (details to follow)
For reception reservations, call (207) 781-8918 or email

Call (207)781-2527 or email to

"You can make a difference."

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Kucinich's quest for presidency rooted in his past

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VOTE NOW ON SEPT. 4 MEETUP -- You have until this Thursday, Aug. 28, to vote on your favorite venue for the Sept. 4 MeetUp. Do so now at It's easy. There's no better way to meet like-minded neighbors. Already over 9,000 Kucitizens are signed up nationwide. In towns where you are just getting started, make sure that at least five people vote for a venue, or your MeetUp will not happen.

The Kucinich 2004 Meetup has new features, including prompts to join the campaign and links to this new page where you'll find helpful tips:

One item on the agenda for the Sept. 4 MeetUps will be making plans to form chapters at colleges. Why not forward this Email right now to all the college students you know and get this new campaign rolling? How many people can you forward this to?

To learn more about the growing Kucinich campaign:

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