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19 October 2003

Kucinich is my candidate, and I will elect him!
I will not submit to the subtle induction of disempowerment.
I take back the question and ask it in a way that rallies our power as voting citizens.
-- Christina Baldwin

1) "Is he electable?" is the wrong question
3) Kucinich WINNING POLLS on the internet
4) Omaha responds to Michael Moore
5) Bush's War Mindless, Needless, Senseless, and Reckless

Editor's Notes:

Flyby News comes out sporadically, when time and news are fitting and available. The focus on this issue is to move on from the question of Dennis being electable. Item 1 is a superb article on this that came out of a Kucinich house party. Please use it for inspiration, and order your Kucinich house party kit, which includes the 30 minute video, "This Is The Moment." You can get this by calling toll-free 1-866-413-3664 or visit or write to

The following items are other contributions about a movement and opportunity facing each of us to make a decision, based on the wonderful opportunity presented by Dennis Kucinich, and on our unified actions that can make a big difference.

Item 5 is a late addition to this issue, from, which includes a link to an article from Ted Kennedy stating, "Bush's War Mindless, Needless, Senseless, and Reckless." Though Bush got the US Senate by a vote of 87-12 for the US to spend another $87B in Iraq, the compilation of links and articles from tells of another way of thinking, which complements the initiative to transform and replace the corrupt administration with the real opposition leader to war and a perverse foreign policy.

"When you are talking about a huge social transformation
and the huge social struggle that precedes that transformation,
there must be a huge shift in the collective imagination
before any of that can take place.
We must imagine the possibility of a more just world
before the world may become more just."

-- Martin Espada --

1) "Is he electable?" is the wrong question

"Is he electable?" is the wrong question.
The question is- "Will we elect him?"!

by Christina Baldwin

Sitting in a circle of neighbors a few evenings ago we went through the social ritual of a Dialogue for Democracy Kucinich House Party. People came in from the autumn rain, poured a cup of coffee or tea, found a seat and chatted with familiar or new faces. There was a coffee table in our midst with a candle lit and our host read the agreements and principles of the dialogue process we would follow as we gathered around the central feature of the evening: Dennis' video, "This is the Moment."

As we introduced ourselves and spoke to why we had come, our responses ranged from heartfelt dreams for a more democratic America, to dedication for Dennis' campaign and vision, to skepticism about the viability of any campaign to stand for issues such as redistributing the military budget, universal health care and education, or canceling NAFTA and the WTO and survive. We listened to each other and then turned on the television.

And there was Dennis Kucinich in all his informed and fervent integrity, saying what we know in our hearts needs to be said. There was Dennis Kucinich, finally, a politician who has the courage to correct the course, to cast votes that challenge the status quo and challenge the rest of Congress to find their courage as well. There was Dennis Kucinich, a political leader whose primary concern is to see this nation fulfill its constitutional promises and develop a government that serves the common good.

And there we were, all those people in the video standing in for us, rising to our feet and shouting- YES! Rich and poor and multi-colored and young and old and fifty-something, standing with our brother who is speaking truth to power, and speaking powerful truth. Rising to our feet in honor of hearing what we need to hear if we are going to continue to live in democracy; if we are going to continue to live in the community of nations; if we are going to leave a legacy for our children's children.

After the video, our host invited us to go around the circle again, speaking our responses one at a time. "I'm hooked," one said. "I'm hooked to the absolute necessity for this man and this message to be part of our national dialogue. I will support Dennis."

Another said, "I can hardly believe that someone is speaking politically for the values I hold in my heart. And I realize I've been waiting my whole life to have to hear this. How can I help?"

And then someone asked- "Is he electable?"- and a light-bulb went off in my mind. This is the wrong question. The question is: WILL WE ELECT HIM? Will we create the conditions in America that make Dennis Kucinich the obvious candidate and the next President? Asking if he is electable is a manipulation of language that takes democracy out of our hands and places it in the control of some amorphous influence other than the will of the people. "Electable?" By whom? Under what terms? Kucinich is my candidate, and I will elect him! I will not submit to the subtle induction of disempowerment. I take back the question and ask it in a way that rallies our power as voting citizens.

Dennis Kucinich is electable ONLY by the people: that is exactly the point. That is why he is taking only citizen money. That is why he needs you and me to act and contribute. He has a few million dollars to face an outpouring of campaign money so vast that what is being spent to discourage him would pay for some of the social reforms he advocates. In the next few months, if everyone who believes in Dennis' message raised the maximum $2000/ contribution per person he would have what he needs to operate this campaign. We need to send him money: if we don't have money, we can hold a garage sale or a bake sale or a house party. We can get out on e-bay and sell some stuff. We take this kind of action for new school band uniforms or a family with a sick child, let's do it to get ourselves a real President!

Speak his name, talk about the real issues, open up the dialogue to include what he stands for, get involved in the nomination process where it counts. Most of the states use a precinct caucus process for deciding the delegates that attend the national party convention, and how those delegates are obligated to vote. Get informed now: the most crucial vote we have for Dennis is the first one: at the precinct or at the primary. Show up, and bring a dozen friends. Heck, bring 100 friends.

Two days after the house party I woke realizing how busy and creative we need to be! Get up America! It's time WE elect Dennis as our next President!

To me this means, I am wearing the button, the tee-shirt, the bumper-sticker. I am carrying a folder of handouts and anyone who asks will get information. I am practicing short, thought-provoking responses to comments such as, "But he doesn't support the troops" or "I'm against abortion and so is Bush" I am calling NPR and my local TV stations and newspapers and demanding over and over that coverage of this campaign be consistently featured. I am showing the video over and over. Can I get it air time in a local Church? Civic meeting? I am acting as a one-person precinct caucus education source. Wherever I go in the coming months, I am being Dennis' legs and arms and voice because Dennis is my legs and arms and voice. Together, we can create the conditions in America that elect him.

-- Christina Baldwin
a citizen in Washington state


Everyone wants to know.

It started slowly...with that first sign asking...

"Who Is Dennis KUCINICH?"...but now it is gaining momentum...

His name is showing up everywhere ... at car washes ... at book and bake sales ... in the classified ads ... at football and hockey games ... at October fest ... at yard sales ... on signs held at factory shift changes ... on tee shirts ... at every party and event ... on the screen at movie theaters during the previews ... at the end of every e-mail ... in store windows ... on voter registration tables ... at the malls ... on campuses ... on canvas bags in the grocery store ... in the bowling ally ... on caps ... on cardboard signs held by people as they walk by ... on the sides of pickup trucks and vans ... at flea markets ... in the back window of cars ... on every street corner ... in front of every house ... and even written in chalk on the sidewalks ...

Signs everywhere...

"Who Is Dennis KUCINICH?"

First, it started with a trickle in letters-to-the editor...then more as the question came into the local radio, television and newspapers...then starting on NOVEMBER 7, 2003...every media outlet in the country was flooded with phone calls, letters, faxes, e-mails and personal visits by people wanting to know...even sign after sign along the route as cameras covered the Coast-to-coast walk for every public event where Kucinich spoke ... anywhere that the press was ... there was at least one sign...

"Who Is Dennis KUCINICH?"

Then the foreign press started being asked the question too ... and they started answering it with meaningful in-depth coverage of his views, record, and proposals...they like this guy...

Next thing you will be in all the national media too...they will all be asking the question...and answering it with honest coverage...they are going to love this guy...

And what is the phrase that will continue to pop up everywhere you go...

"Who Is Dennis KUCINICH?"

Everyone will want to know!



"Who Is Dennis KUCINICH?"

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

This above email came to Flyby News via email from:

3) Kucinich WINNING POLLS on the internet

The following compilation was produced by Malachi Roth
received via email 15 Oct 2003 from: Adam Hurter <>
Subject: [awarenessnow] Kucinich WINNING POLLS on the internet

Dennis Kucinich, the only non-corporate-funded presidential candidate-- "unelectable"?? Says who? The corporate media, of course. But don't WE elect the politicians?!

Multiple major polls on the internet are showing Kucinich literally in the lead or in second. Spread the word- if we elect him, Kucinich CAN win.

This site has many of the following polls as well as great Kucinich material:



Another he wins between Dean And Kucinich:

Another which Dennis wins

This one he comes in second

Here's a Spanish language poll which Dennis wins by a long shot;jsessionid=AY5MWPM4N4BX2CWIAAOSFEYKZAABUIWC?cid=256899#x



4) Omaha responds to Michael Moore

This following open letter to Michael Moore was posted on the
Received: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 081945 -0500
From"Chris & Joy*Reja* Green"
Subject: Omaha responds to Michael Moore

Michael Moore,

Thank you for doing your documentary "Bowling for Columbine" but NO THANKS for bashing Kucinich.

We're just ALL scratching our heads and asking ourselves what's going on??? Has Michael lost his mind?

When we listen to you now, it's as if we're hearing you speak out from the 'TWILIGHT ZONE".

Have you been duped too? Have they gotten to you? Is nothing sacred! LOL

This world gets more weird everyday, but your endorsement of Clark and your bashing of Kucinich is hard to fathom.

We thought, for a moment, that you were one of the sane voices in this looney world. Maybe not?.......

Well, if you check out our website, Omaha4Kucinich and go to the bottom and WATCH the video on the Carlyle group and check out the Kucinich video/audio links and THEN tell us how you feel, we'd
appreciate it!

Or go to Kucinich-on-public-access
and go to the MEDIA LINKS page, and do your homework, that would be good!

Maybe then you would re-think your take on Kucinich.

Thanks again, Michael, for your documentary and your courage to stand up and tell BUSH how we feel. But, Michael,....get a grip!

Omaha 4 Kucinich

"We are not victims of the world we see,"
"We are victims of the way we see the world!" ~Dennis Kucinich

5) Bush's War Mindless, Needless, Senseless, and Reckless

t r u t h o u t | 10.18

Ted Kennedy | Bush's War Mindless, Needless, Senseless, and Reckless

Henry Waxman | Iraq Policy Grounded in Secrecy, Deceit, and Politics

Rumsfeld's $9 Billion Slush Fund

Four U.S. Military Police Killed in Iraq Attacks

Pentagon Expects to Call Up More Reserve Troops for Iraq Duty

Madeleine Albright: Bush's Foreign Policy "Not Good For the World"

Clinton Officials Attack Bush on Environment

Paris Wanted an "Electroshock" and Finally Caved In

Paul Krugman | The Sweet Spot

Bob Herbert | An Ugly Game

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