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Haiti-Kidnap * Kucinich Crossroads * M.I.A.?

04 March 2004

1) US Mainstream Press Fails on Haiti
- - Send an Email to your congressperson
2) Liberal talk endorsing Dennis Kucinich
3) Kucinich Campaign at a Crossroads
4) A Transman Meets Dennis Kucinich
5) Newsinsider - Venezuela threatens to halt oil to US and more..
6) Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Mike Ruppert

Editor's Notes:

Even with the combination of mass media distortion and meaningful Kucinich-votes, the chances for a brokered convention got hit hardest by the pull-out and endorsement of Kerry by Edwards. Senator John Kerry will likely win the majority of the delegate votes with this turn of events. But who said that transforming the Democratic Party would be easy? Yet another opportunity for a turning around a corporate-controlled military-intelligence-media-dictatorship will come again. On to Florida, where delegates can send a message not to abandon a government of, by, and for, the people.

Top on the list of items for today's news is on the alleged kidnaping of Jean Bertrand Aristide from Haiti. The double-talk mainstream media is so proficient that my head got spinning, too.

What is going on?

Yet remember, "love stirs the heart and fear stills it." On this topic, make sure you read "A Transman Meets Dennis Kucinich." And item 6 is on the promotion of the team of Michael Ruppert and Cynthia McKinney in Los Angeles next week.

The showing of Pilger's film, Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror and then Dennis' speech, A Prayer for America, is a combination to remember. It turns heart wrenching feelings turn to hope and vision. As John Pilger said, there are two super powers now in contention for the control of our world. One is based in the administration in Washington, D.C., the other is that of world public opinion. This is a growing force that requires our united efforts to keep alive.

For more on films and programs for reclaiming a lost democracy, see: "Films that Make a Difference!"

post script:

An important investigative report on Kerry was published by the Village Voice:

"When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A.
"Senator Covered Up Evidence of P.O. W.'s Left Behind

The weakest candidate for the Democrats is most like George Bush, but influences from Kucinich and others can inspire a new direction, and gain votes from previously nonvoting citizens. Please keep working to help transform the Democratic Party, which can then, most effectively, transform the US government. A protest vote, until IRVs is implemented, can only be used against one's self-interests! Now is the time for real thinking and acting, not just reacting, and being controlled by resisting formidable change, perseverence, and a united vision for peace, education, health-care, preservation of the natural environment, and fair employment opportunities, etc.. Remember..

in the moment the future is born!

1) US Mainstream Press Fails on Haiti

Mainstream Media Fails Itself
By Peter Phillips

On February 29, Richard Boucher from the U.S. Department of State released a press release claiming that Jean Bertrand Aristide had resigned as president of Haiti and that the United State facilitated his safe departure. Within hours the major broadcast news stations in the United States including CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR were reporting that Aristide had fled Haiti. An Associated Press release that evening said "Aristide resigns, flees into exile." The next day headlines in the major newspapers across the country, including the Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times, and Atlanta Journal Constitution, all announced "Aristide Flees Haiti." The Baltimore sun reported, "Haiti's first democratically-elected president was forced to flee his country yesterday like despots before him."

However on Sunday afternoon February 29, Pacific News network with reporters live in Port-au-Prince Haiti were claiming that Aristide was forced to resign by the US and taken out of the Presidential Palace by armed US marines. On Monday morning Amy Goodman with Democracy Now! news show interviewed Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Waters said she had received a phone call from Aristide at 9:00 AM EST March 1 in which Aristide emphatically denied that he had resigned and said that he had been kidnapped by US and French forces. Aristide made calls to others including TransAfrica founder Randall Robinson, who verified congresswomen Waters' report.

Mainstream corporate media was faced with a dilemma. Confirmed contradictions to headlines reports were being openly revealed to hundreds of thousands of Pacifica listeners nationwide. By Monday afternoon mainstream corporate media began to respond to the charges. Tom Brokaw on NBC Nightly News, 6:30 PM voiced, "Haiti in crisis. Armed rebels sweep into the capital as Aristide claims US troops kidnapped him; forced him out. The US calls that nonsense." Fox News Network with Brit Hume reported Colin Powell's comments, "He was not kidnapped. We did not force him on to the airplane. He went on to the airplane willingly, and that's the truth. Mort Kondracke, executive editor of Roll Call added, "Aristide, was a thug and a leader of thugs and ran his country into the ground." The New York Times in a story buried on page 10 reported that "President Jean-Bertrand Aristide asserted Monday that he had been driven from power in Haiti by the United States in "a coup," an allegation dismissed by the White House as "complete nonsense."

Mainstream media had a credibility problem. Their original story was openly contradicted. The kidnap story could be ignored or back-paged as was done by many newspapers in the US. Or it can be framed within the context of a US denial and dismissed. Unfortunately, the corporate media seems not at all interested in conducting an investigation into the charges, seeking witnesses, or verifying contradictions. Nor is the mainstream media asking or answering the question of why they fully accept the State Department's version of the coup in the first place. Corporate media certainly had enough pre-warning to determine that Aristide was not going to willingly leave the country. Aristide had been saying exactly that for the past month during the armed attacks in the north of Haiti. Aristide was interviewed on CNN February 26. He explained that the terrorists, and criminal drug dealers were former members of the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (FRAPH), which had led the coup in 1991 killing 5,000 people. Aristide believed that they would kill more people if a coup was allowed to happen. It was also well known in media circles that the US Undersecretary of State Roger Noriega for Latin America was a senior aide to former Senator Jesse Helms, who as chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs committee was a longtime backer of Haitian dictator Jean Claude Duvalier and an opponent of Aristide. These facts alone should have been a red flag regarding the State Department's version.

As a former priest and liberation theologist, Jean Bertrand Aristide stood for grassroots democracy, alleviation of poverty, and God's love for all human beings. He challenged the neo-liberal globalization efforts of the Haitian upper class and their US partners. For this he was targeted by the Bush administration. That the US waited until the day after Aristide was gone to send in troops to stabilize the country proves intent to remove him from office.

Mainstream media had every reason to question the State Department's version of the coup in Haiti, but choose instead to report a highly doubtful cover story. We deserve more from our media than their being stenographers for the government. Weapons of mass destruction aside, we need a media that looks for the truth and exposes the contradictions in the fabrications of the powerful.

Peter Phillips is a Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University
and Director of Project Censored a media research organization.
Peter Phillips Ph.D.
Sociology Department/Project Censored
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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- - Send an Email to your congressperson calling for the following:

* President Aristide Should be given full access to the media and telephone communications restored.

* President Aristide should be free to go where he chooses, otherwise it is clear that this was a coup orchestrated by the United States and France.

* An immediate Congressional investigation should commence to determine the role that the U.S. played, directly and/or indirectly in Aristides removal from power, and in supporting the civilian and military opposition movement.

* A multilateral force, not controlled by the U.S., should be deployed to stabilize the situation and immediately disarm the military opposition..

For more info and to Email your Senators and Congressional Reps with one click:

Voice4Change * Uniting Our Voices
March 03, 2004 * Urgent Alert: U.S. Led Coup in Haiti?

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For more on late breaking news stories, check with

2) Liberal talk endorsing Dennis Kucinich

Bud Beck Show endorses Dennis Kucinich
in the Florida Primary March 9, 2004

The Bud Beck Show is the most successful Liberal Talk Radio Show in any market in America. Radio talk show host, Bud Beck, endorsed Dennis Kucinich in the Florida Primary, scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, 2004. The endorsement came last week on his radio show, which is heard daily throughout the Tampa Bay area from 8 am until 11 am on WWPR 1490 AM.

Beck startled his audience with the announcement. He has long been a supporter of candidates he considered "electable", and according to him, Kucinich was not one of those candidates. Today, Bud Beck interviewed Dennis Kucinich live on his show and announced to the candidate his support. Dennis Kucinich thanked Bud for his support and promised to call in daily to the show and speak to issues regarding his run for the presidency. Bud explained his departure to his listeners in the following manner:

"I will support any Democratic candidate who wins the nomination and today it looks like John Kerry has it in the bag. However, while this train has gained momentum, we need to keep on target and not betray our Progressive goals.

"Dennis Kucinich stands for peace and he stands for American jobs. We need to send a message to the platform committee at Democratic Convention in Boston this July. The best way for us to do that is to insure Dennis Kucinich has a place at that table. And the way for him to have that place is with delegates from Florida.

"Dennis needs to receive at least 15% of the vote in the Florida Primary in order to be awarded proportional delegates. For that reason I am urging everyone to vote for Dennis Kucinich. "This is not a wasted vote, nor is it a protest vote. This is a statement of who we are and what we expect the party to put forward. Dennis Kucinich will be our voice."

Bud plans to speak out asking his listeners to join with him and support Dennis Kucinich. He has likewise enlisted the aid of other radio talk show hosts around Florida and is embarking on an email campaign. The Bud Beck Show is the most successful Liberal Talk Radio Show in any market in America.

3) Kucinich Campaign at a Crossroads

Message from Dorothy J. Maver, National Campaign Manager
Dennis John Kucinich Campaign for President

There comes a moment when we look forward and backward, almost simultaneously, and decide either that everything we believe in is possible - or that our hopes and our dreams are unobtainable. Now is just such a moment.

This is a moment of historic choice in our campaign - a moment where the decisions we make will have effects that ripple forward through generations, decisions that will profoundly affect our lives as individuals, our relationships with other organizations, the future direction of our country, and indeed the future course of the world.

It is the day after Super Tuesday and there is much to report in the Kucinich for President campaign. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who worked so hard over these many months to bring us to this point in our journey. We are now looking ahead to the remaining states and the Democratic convention in Boston in July, 2004. We must focus on states where Dennis can gain delegates, so that we go to the convention from a position of strength.

This morning the media declared Kerry to be the Democratic nominee. It's been reported that President Bush phoned John Kerry and offered hopes for a spirited debate, and that Kerry is looking for a running mate. That said, we all must remember that in order to be influential and win the election, the Democratic Party must honestly address issues such as single-payer universal health care, jobs, trade, education, the war in Iraq, and the need for a Department of Peace.

Congressman Kucinich has emerged as the voice of the progressive movement in the political debate. His campaign will continue to secure delegates on the way to the convention where, with our ongoing support, he will continue to be that voice. Thus we will focus on the upcoming primary/caucus states, purchase media time, operate a national campaign, and, with your help, make certain that the human values at the heart of this campaign/movement will be at the center of politics in our country.

Together, all of us will ensure that Dennis Kucinich continues to be heard and that the voice of the progressive movement in our country will be part of the transformation of politics and our world. Let us persevere with this vital work to create the world we all envision, the world that exists in our hearts, the world we want to give to our children and our grandchildren.

Dennis John Kucinich Campaign for President

For Congressman Kucinich's Schedule:

4) A Transman Meets Dennis Kucinich

A Transman Meets Dennis Kucinich
by Bet Power Monday March 01, 2004 at 02:15 PM

Here is an article I wrote about what happened when I met Congressman Dennis Kucinich last week. Please vote for Kucinich for President.

5) Newsinsider - Venezuela threatens to halt oil to US and more..

Breaking news stories:

Venezuela threatens to halt all oil exports to US

New Iraq bombings raise fear of religious civil war

For these other stories:

- British activists' trial could test legality of Iraq war
- Israeli settlement building grows by 35% in a year
- Cheney dismisses talk George Bush might drop him
- Russian liberals urge complete election boycott

See: The News Insider

6) Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Mike Ruppert

On March 13th Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Mike Ruppert are going to rock LA. They will appear together in a highly publicized event sponsored by Pacifica Radios' KPFK. More than 700 movie sized 24 X 36 inch posters have been printed and need to be posted all over Southern California. This event is timed to have an impact on the presidential campaign and just before McKinney officially announces that she's going to take back her Georgia House seat.

FTW needs volunteers to place posters throughout Southern California. Whether it's 10 or 50. You can make a difference. And we'll have the posters delivered to you!

To Post:

College Campuses
Shopping Malls
Public Recreational Areas
Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood
Venice Santa Monica
Downtown LA
South Central
East LA
The Valley

Anywhere there's a high volume of foot traffic.

Please call 818-788-8791 and give your name and the geographic area you can cover. We'll take you name, address and phone number and have the poster delivered to you this week.


Mike Ruppert

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