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27 July 2005

"Just as the heart beats in the darkness of the body,
so I, despite this cage, continue to beat with life.
Those who have no courage or honor consider
themselves free, but they are slaves. I am flying
on the wings of thought, and so, even in this cage,
I know a greater freedom."

-- Abdul Rahim Muslim

{2001 - 2004 was imprisoned at
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by US}

1) C-Span to air Nafeez Ahmed 9/11 lecture this weekend
2) (N)one Dare Call It Stolen - Harper Mag - 2004 election fraud

- - Plame, Iraq, Rove: the main players
- - Democratic Senators Press CIA Leak Probe
3) Pentagon Defies Order to Release Photos
- - The Reality of the War in Iraq
4) Nuclear Waste on Native Land
- - Judge: Peltier not above federal laws

Editor's Notes:

The last posting on July 13 on "The Secret Government" was a good place to jump off the net for a while and join with SolarFest to share in arts and energy awareness. This year's festival (for only $20, including camping) brought an abundant crowd to learn more about sustainable ideas and products, and celebrated community in Vermont at a farm called Forget-Me-Not. Thanks to Dar Williams for her contributing her performance to benefit the festival. Regarding another festival-related item, my daughter met Ani DiFranco while jumping off a middle-place-cliff at Bash Bish falls around the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, NY last weekend. Not knowing this.. And being touched by Ani's song to her father.. I left her a note with someone backstage with information on Flyby News, and on our upcoming music benefit at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA October 14, 2005. [If anyone wants a pdf attachment on the flyer for this performance with John Coster and Medicine Band - MAWWAL - plus - please write to] , and/or if you wish to register at the yahoogroups for feedback and discussions {and you can control how much email you receive} check files at left sidebar at

You will find not only the flyer for upcoming benefit, but also FN bumper sticker designs, which hopefully the benefit will finance for printing "for the mainstream education drive" - but also there are files for other flyers, for film showings, ads in Green Living eco-journal, items to post in your community, and soon there will be photos of demonstrations in NYC and D.C. for Leonard Peltier, and photography I had taken during the 1998 Cassini-NoFlyby UN Press Club conference with Karl Grossman, Michio Kaku, and Ernest Sternglass." There was a rally outside that day, exactly a year before the second Cassini-Venus flyby. This was the project that launched Flyby News ~ and to this day, NASA dares not risk another flyby exposure of Earth with radioactive plutonium on board.

I'm very much in favor of the space program,
but I think the use of plutonium in space is
a manifestation of organized insanity..

John Gofman

August 18, 1999

1) C-Span to air Nafeez Ahmed 9/11 lecture this weekend

Just in from ...

C-SPAN's BookTV will broadcast the Beyond Downing Street Town Hall meeting
featuring Nafeez M. Ahmed, author of The War on Truth:
9/11, Disinformation and the Anatomy of Terrorism,
on Saturday, July 30 at 8PM EST,
Sunday, July 31 at 1PM EST and
1:15 AM Monday, August 1st (late Sunday night).

This presentation by eminent researcher Ahmed was recorded at the American University during the Washington, D.C.
Emergency Truth Convergence last Saturday, July 23 from 4-5:30 PM.

For schedule of various showings of the program, see:

For more information about The War on Truth visit:

For Flyby News updated resource - see:
The Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

2) (N)one Dare Call It Stolen - Harper Mag - 2004 election fraud

- - Plame, Iraq, Rove: the main players
- - Democratic Senators Press CIA Leak Probe

"We need a major scandal." Harper's and 2004 election fraud
Published by Prairie Weather
July 24, 2005


Mark Crispin Miller, in "None Dare Call It Stolen," (Harpers August 2005) puts together an indictment of the process which gave George Bush the 2004 election and asks why so little attention was given to it in the mainstream media. How, for starters, could so many have gotten election predictions so wrong?

..Miller takes a hard look at what the press hasn't done. Take, for example, the moment in Congress when the Ohio vote was challenged by an Ohio representative, backed by Senator Barbara Boxer:

It was a story perfect for TV – a rare event, like the return of Halley's comet; a scene of high contention in the nation's capital; a heroine resolved to make things right, both for the public and herself. Such big news would highlight Conyers's report, whose findings, having spurred the challenge in the first place, would now inform the great congressional debate on the election in Ohio. As you may recall, this didn't happen – the challenge was rejected by a vote of 267-31 in the House and 74-1 in the Senate. The Boston Globe gave the report 118 words (page 3); the Los Angeles Times, 60 words (page 18). It made no news in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, or U.S. News & World Report. It made no news on CBS, NBC, ABC, or PBS. Nor did NPR report it (though Talk of the Nation dealt with it on January 6). CNN did not report it, though Donna Brazile pointedly affirmed its copious "evidence" on Inside Politics on January 6. (Judy Woodruff failed to pause for an elaboration.) Also on that date, the Fox News Channel briefly showed Conyers himself discussing "irregularities" in Franklin County, though it did not mention the report. He was followed by Tom DeLay, who assailed the Democrats for their "assault against the institutions of our representative democracy." The New York Times negated both the challenge and the document in a brief item headlined "Election Results to Be Certified, with Little Fuss from Kerry," which ran on page 16 and ended with this quote from Dennis Hastert's office, vis-a-vis the Democrats: "They are really just trying to stir up their loony left."

In this nation's epic struggle on behalf of freedom, reason, and democracy, the press has unilaterally disarmed and therefore many good Americans, both liberal and conservative, have lost faith in the promise of self-government. That vast surrender is demoralizing, certainly, but if we face it, and endeavor to reverse it, it will not prove fatal. This democracy can survive a plot to hijack an election. What it cannot survive is our indifference to, or unawareness of, the evidence that such a plot has succeeded.

For the complete article, see:

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- - Plame, Iraq, Rove: the main players

The road which led to the invasion of Iraq was also one of the roads which led to Bush's alleged* reelection in 2004 and to what may be his downfall, the Valerie Plame "outing." The Plame matter, serious though it is, is also a thread which leads us to an administration which grabbed onto a theology (constructed by neo-cons, not fundamentalist churches) and a strategy for getting and maintaining power well outside the democratic framework and antithetical to it, both in the US and in countries we seek to "democratize."

This fungal bloom didn't get its start thanks to Karl Rove and other Bush/Cheney lackeys. Some of the same people who engineered the Iraq invasion had been players in the Reagan-Bush's Iran-Contra affair. We can find the foundation for the military-industrial complex which made the Bush/Cheney power structure possible, financially and politically, before World War II. Sixty or seventy years ago some of the same players or their fathers, mentors, and colleagues were making deals with Hitler.

Let's look at that pin-up of the military-industrial complex, the Carlyle Group. Its founders weren't just well-known corporate leaders -- former Nextel and IBM CEO's -- but "public servants" like Frank Carlucci who served in the State Department, CIA, Defense, Defense Intelligence, and even Health, Education and Welfare; Richard Darman, whose government service began in the Nixon administration, then Ford and Bush 1, at Treasury and the OMB; and Arthur Leavitt who headed up the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In many respects, Carlyle is just a big old investment machine of the smoothest and best-connected variety. It's very powerful and has strong ties to the Bush family -- the Bushes being most visible in a group of extremely polished and relentless political operatives that includes Cheney and James Baker.

Carlyle is only one of many interests in the US which depend on the close collaboration of civilian government, foreign policy, a huge, ambitious military bureaucracy and the industries which make enormous profits from being members of the club. Given these resources, we'd have to concede that the Bush 2 administration can do pretty much what they want.

There are a lot of very rich people around who don't care much about power, but not this gang. Power is the main consideration, and once you have it you could well believe that nothing will stop you. When we wonder how in hell this administration can get away with what it gets away with, we're being a little obtuse! These are people for whom the norm is to live "above" the law.

Article truncated, for the complete posting, see:

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- - Democratic Senators Press CIA Leak Probe
by Donna de la Cruz
Published on July 26, 2005 by Associated Press

WASHINGTON - More than two dozen Democratic senators on Monday asked Congress to investigate the leak of a CIA officer's identity.

3) Pentagon Defies Order to Release Photos

- - The Reality of the War in Iraq

Pentagon Defies Order to Release Photos;
2,000 Veterans Call for Independent Investigation
Distribution Source : U.S. Newswire
Date : Monday, July 25, 2005

To: National Desk

Contact: Charles Sheehan-Miles of Veterans for Common Sense, 202-558-4553 or

WASHINGTON, July 25 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Veterans for Common Sense (VCS), a nonpartisan veterans' organization with 12,000 members, called for a commission to investigate torture allegations today, in response to the Pentagon refusal to release photos and videos from Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

In an open letter, signed by more than 2,000 veterans and supporters (including 5 flag-rank officers and more than 200 commissioned officers), the veterans urged Congress and the President to "commit -- immediately and publicly -- to support the creation of an independent commission to investigate and report on the detention and interrogation practices of U.S. military and intelligence agencies deployed in the war on terror."

Charles Sheehan-Miles, a 1991 Gulf War veteran and the group's executive director, said, "Once again the administration is fighting to prevent any possible public accountability for its policies, instead choosing to blame it all on the troops. To court-martial privates while high ranking officials get promoted is damaging to the very principle of command responsibility and undermines the U.S. military."

Veterans for Common Sense is co-plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by a coalition of human rights and civil liberties groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights. The lawsuit has generated thousands of pages of documents in the last year documenting torture, abuse and in some cases murder in U.S. detention centers.

Individuals who have seen the photos and videos, including some members of Congress and journalist Seymour Hersh, have reported they include scenes far worse than anything released from Abu Ghraib thus far, including rape and the videotaped beating of a prisoner. The courts had ordered the Pentagon to release the photos by Friday, July 22, but the Pentagon filed a last minute brief attempting to block their release.

Sheehan-Miles said, "The Pentagon is doing everything it can to prevent the release of these graphic images, because they know that if the U.S. public were to see the true scope of the abuses, the demands for an independent investigation would be too strong to be ignored."

The full text of the letter and list of signers is available at

Article posted at:

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- - The Reality of the War in Iraq

From: "John McCarthy"



The above link includes multiple pictures, most of which have obviously been taken by Americans because of the proximity of the camera to the subject. I do not believe the photographers would put this material on the net. And yet, somehow, this information supposedly made it into the hands of the resistance. Some pictures have been posted on other sites. Some are unique in this presentation. Some are of a graphic nature.

Question arises, how did this material get into the hands of the folks that supposedly made the slide presentation?

The possibilities include: This is a 'black' psychological effort, to enflame Americans, placing the blame for this production on the 'resistance'.

Or, the 'resistance' is so sophisticated they can acquire, edit and produce such a presentation, with music, in the midst of a shooting war and distribute the finished product to those who have spread it around the globe. If this is the case, as it appears to be, especially if you are prone not to consider the black psy ops potential, then we really are in deep trouble and don't recognize that yet!

In either event, it shows what the US media is NOT showing the families and friends of the boyz and girlz they are sending off to war.

Some would call it propaganda. I'd say it was probably a fat slap in the face of the idiot who said, "Bring it on!" Boy, did they ever.

I truly believe those eligible for military service deserve to know what they are getting into BEFORE signing the bottom line, BEFORE that fateful day. Only a combat veteran can be this emphatic.

Tell the kids! They will know what to do. They will pass it on to fellow students and others. You may wish to assist.

Thank God for the Internet.



4) Nuclear Waste on Native Land

- - Judge: Peltier not above federal laws

Nuclear Waste on Native Land

* The Case Against Hauling 44 Thousand Metric Tons of Nuclear Waste Through 45 States and Storing it Above Ground on Native American Land, Against the Tribe's Sovereign Will and Next to an Air Force Bombing Ground, Without a Single Hearing or Safety Investigation


How to Lobby Congress With a Hammer

By David Swanson, Board Member of Progressive Democrats of America,


Over 100 people, few if any of them employed by the corporate media, filled a press conference room in the US Capitol on Monday to hear artists, advocates, and experts speak against the current energy bill and against a proposal to dump the nation's nuclear waste on the land of a native American tribe in Utah.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich opened the proceedings, welcomed the speakers, and began by denouncing the activities of the Private Fuel Storage Limited Liability Consortium (PFS), which has proposed this latest "solution" to the problem of nuclear waste. Did you know these matters were being handled by a private organization AND that it conveniently has LIMITED liability?

Kucinich called PFS's plan "unjust, dangerous, and unnecessary." He said it violates the rights of the tribe whose land is thus ruined, and puts the whole country at risk of a catastrophe in the transportation of the waste to Utah. He said that 60 members of Congress had written to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission about this, and have yet to receive any response.

Kucinich spoke also of this country's long history of abusing the rights of native Americans and urged those listening to move beyond that history.

Navin Nayak of the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) spoke next and MC'd the event. "The U.S. Congress," he said, "stands on the precipice of passing an energy bill that would reproduce the mistakes of the past 50 years." From 1950 to 1997, he said, the federal government has spent $500 billion subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear power, but only $25 billion on renewables.

Despite that, Nayak pointed out, wind power is the fastest growing power globally, and the cost of it has fallen by 80 percent in recent years.

The energy bill now under consideration would give billions to nuclear energy and subsidize the building of new plants, something we haven't done for 30 years, Nayak said.

The first speaker Nayak introduced set a tone of serious dedication and sacrifice. He was actor and activist James Cromwell, and he said that if anyone tries to move 44 thousand metric tons of nuclear waste across the country, "It's going to be blocked, the same way it was in Germany. But in this country, to stand in front of those trains, as I will be doing, is a violation of the PATRIOT Act and it is an act of terrorism and punishable by life in prison."

Cromwell seemed confident that others, young and old, would stand with him in front of the trains. He said that young people would not allow the country's future to be put at risk by nuclear waste. "It's our children and our children's children who will be affected by this technology, and it is up to us to stop it. I hope you will join us."

..The last to speak was musician, singer, song-writer Ani DiFranco.

The job of a poet or a singer, DiFranco said, is to draw connections. She was compelled, she said, "to speak one word: cancer." Cancer, she said, "is the physiological reaction to toxicity in our environment."

There is no barrel, DiFranco said, that can be guaranteed safely sealed. There is no safe way to ship nuclear waste. "We all know there's a bit of a farce in this policy."

"This week," DiFranco urged those in attendance, "rather than writing a check to the Leukemia Foundation, we can stop the Skull Valley dump and stop this energy bill. And we can invest in renewable energy that is out there waiting for us to use it….

"Radioactive waste is not clean. Therefore, anyone who is trying to tell me that nuclear power is clean is lying to me. And subsidizing nuclear power is absolutely a deal breaker in a twenty-first century energy policy."

DiFranco probably received the most applause of all the speakers, with the exception of Congressman Kucinich's closing remarks – see below.

"The American people," he said, "are waiting to be inspired and moved. Will $2 per gallon move them? Maybe not. Will $3? $4? Probably not.

"But if people make connections between a war against innocent people in Iraq and our energy policy, between moving tons of nuclear waste and our so-called energy policy, between the production of nuclear weapons and our failed energy policy….

"We're not just talking about protecting sacred land. The whole earth is sacred. The whole earth is sacred! We're talking about reclaiming our humanity.

"Jamie Cromwell talked about people putting themselves on the line. We have to shake the conscience of this country! WAKE UP! That's what we ought to be telling this country, and we are the ones. We are the messengers. We are the messengers."

For the complete article, see:

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- - Judge: Peltier not above federal laws

Article in the Argus Leader:


Activist's appeal of sentencing fails

Judge: Peltier not above federal laws
Associated Press
July 23, 2005


FARGO - A federal judge has rejected an appeal by imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier, who said the government did not have right to sentence him for killing two federal agents in 1975.

Peltier's lawyer, Barry Bachrach, said federal laws did not apply to Peltier because FBI agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler were killed in Indian Country. Peltier was convicted in Fargo in 1977, and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

For the complete article, see:

To learn more on Leonard Peltier, see this link for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

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