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11 December 2006

"Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States
as our Fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful
masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

-- Abraham Lincoln

1) Death by Dust: the link between 9-11 toxic cloud and cancer
- - - For A Truly Independent Investigation
- - The Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth going viral.
- - German Grassroots Alliance
- - CBS - 9/11 Truth Movement's Dangers
- - The September 11, 2001 Treason Independent Act
2) Small Nuclear War Would Cause Global Catastrophe
- - Lebanon Heading Toward a Breaking Point

Editor's Notes:

This issue contains updates on toxic 9/11 dust and its aftermath, a devastating trail of sickness and deceit. But on the positive side, item one contains initiatives for a truly independent investigation on the events of September 11, 2001. Note, too, the post on the viral Boston tea party, crossing over the nation. Yet the so-called progressive magazine, The Nation, and CBS, claim bewilderment that “According to a July poll conducted by Scripps News Service, one-third of Americans think the government either carried out the 9/11 attacks or intentionally allowed them to happen in order to provide a pretext for war in the Middle East.” Item 2 warns of catastrophic consequences for a “small nuclear war.” The following recent article on Lebanon show results from destabilizing the region, from the US and coalition actions in Iraq, and the deadly invasion by Israel into Lebanon.

"I die with the conviction, held since 1968 and Catonsville,
that nuclear weapons are the scourge of the earth;
to mine for them, manufacture them, deploy them, use them,
is a curse against God, the human family, and the earth itself."

Philip Berrigan

1) Death by Dust: the link between 9-11 toxic cloud and cancer

- - - For A Truly Independent Investigation
- - The Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth going viral.
- - German Grassroots Alliance
- - CBS - 9/11 Truth Movement's Dangers
- - The September 11, 2001 Treason Independent Act

Death by Dust: The frightening link between the 9-11 toxic cloud and cancer
Monday, December 4 2006

Following are editorial comments from -

“Want more evidence of the government's criminal disregard for the healthy and safety of citizens? Consider: due directly to the lack of care shown for the lives of Ground Zero first responders by their leaders, more people will die from the toxic fallout at Ground Zero than were killed in the initial attacks.

A looming medical crisis could have been mitigated by swift, decisive action on the part of the EPA. But rather than declare lower Manhattan off limits until it performed a comprehensive evaluation of the hazards posed by airborne toxins emitted from the "pile" and provide appropriate protective gear to volunteers sifting through the debris, the White House pressured the EPA into declaring the air at Ground Zero safe.

And now that hundreds of Ground Zero first responders are dying from rare cancers, diminished lung capacity, and toxins in their blood, the same politicians have yet to respond to their plights and pleas for help. Apparently, there isn't adequate funding for monitoring, testing and treating the heroes politicians were all too happy to use for political gain.

Even the medical community has been in denial about the connection between their work after 9/11 and the rapid development of diseases that normally take significantly longer to appear. When these diseases appear in clusters, as they have in those who worked to clean up Ground Zero and those exposed to toxic clouds for months, it is time to drop the word 'coincidence' and take responsibility for caring for the men and women we lauded for their heroism and courage. We cannot let them become disposable heroes.”

­ Ed.

Death by Dust: The frightening link between the 9-11 toxic cloud and cancer
by Kristen Lombardi
November 28th, 2006
Village Voice

"..To date, 75 recovery workers at ground zero have been diagnosed with blood cell cancers that a half-dozen top doctors and epidemiologists have confirmed as having been likely caused by that exposure. Ernie Vallabuona is one of them. . . “

For complete article, see:
Source URL:,lombardi,75156,2.html

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- - - For A Truly Independent Investigation

A lot of 9/11 researchers have been calling for an independent investigation of 9/11 since the official Commission whitewash was released.

This is a new effort to push through such an investigation at the grassroots level:

The initiative process isn't available at the Federal level, but is available at the city and state level in many areas. New York State does not have a provision for citizen sponsored initiatives, but New York City does. I believe at this late date it is wishful thinking to believe any politician is going to go to bat for us in support of anything resembling an honest investigation. The letters have been written, the petitions have been signed, and the pleas have been made. If anything was likely to come from such efforts, 5 years is plenty long enough to have seen the results.

That leaves the initiative process as the only available alternative. Through that process we can pick our committee, use public resources for funding and information gathering, hire legal and professional experts, and provide for the authority needed to compel cooperation.

Please give the site a quick once over and if the concept is something you would be willing to help promote, I am very open to any comments or suggestions you may have.


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- - The Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth going viral.


Inspired by the original concept to publicly reject the 9/11 Commission's Final Report in Boston,
San Francisco has joined in, and now at least two other cities are holding joint events to show solidarity.

On the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party - Saturday December 16th, there will be a shredding of the
Commission's lies in front of Lafayette Park in Washington, DC from 11am-12pm.

Milwaukee will be holding a coinciding event;

We will meet up at (1:00 PM) the east end of Wisconsin Avenue and walk to the front of War Memorial Center (1 block north) and give our respects for those soldiers that have given their life for our country. We then take a walk down the bridge to the lakefront. We will barbecue the 9/11 Commission Report right in the open park at the bottom of the bridge. We will then throw the ashes of the 9/11 Commission Report into Lake Michigan. There will be free hot dogs, ice tea or hot green tea. We will also have free 9/11 Truth DVD's. A speakers podium will be available for anyone that wants to take a stand and speak up for 9/11 Truth.

St. Louis is holding an event, I'll post details as I find them.

Source url -

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- - German Grassroots Alliance

Businesses, galleries, cinemas in Berlin started to support "Loose Change;"
they have joined the campaign to distribute free "Loose Change" DVDs at their locations in Berlin.

They agreed to be listed on a newly launched website, advertised on posters in Berlin.

..the initiative was planned after Humboldt University in Berlin banned a screening of Loose Change in November.

In 2 weeks of work and asking around a nonprofit donation account has been set up to cover production costs,
after our stock of 5000 donated DVDs runs out; hopefully this snowballs! How about Paris, London, Amsterdam...?

we have distributed about 10000 of various DVDs through our shop in downtown Berlin, at friends places, and at events.

Thanks, Heiner.
Article post:

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- - CBS - 9/11 Truth Movement's Dangers
Dec. 10 - The 9/11 Truth Movement's Dangers


Posted from:

This write-up is actually a few days old and probably posted here somewhere already,
but since it is now on the CBS News Website, I thought it was worth posting again.
Don't forget to follow this link and leave your comments. Thanks to FHB:


“According to a July poll conducted by Scripps News Service, one-third of Americans
think the government either carried out the 9/11 attacks or intentionally allowed
them to happen in order to provide a pretext for war in the Middle East.”

To the extent that there is a unified theory of the nature of the conspiracy, it is based, in part, on the precedent of the Reichstag fire in Germany in the 1930s. The idea is that just as the Nazis staged a fire in the Reichstag in order to frighten the populace and consolidate power, the Bush Administration, military contractors, oil barons and the CIA staged 9/11 so as to provide cause and latitude to pursue its imperial ambitions unfettered by dissent and criticism.

For the complete article see:

For late breaking 9/11 news, see:

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- - The September 11, 2001 Treason Independent Act

Please sign this Online Petition to hereby request that the U.S. Senate President Pro Tempore; U.S. Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, and the Speaker of the House, and U.S. House of Representatives Majority and Minority Leaders introduce, and that the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives adopt, fund, and implement The SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TREASON INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR ACT, to appoint an Independent Prosecutor under the authority of Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution to prosecute Treason against these United States of America by U.S. President George W. Bush, U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other John and Jane Does for planning and carrying out the acts of treason, as defined in Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution, by conspiring to carry out, carrying out and/or causing to be carried out an armed attack upon these United States on September 11, 2001, in the guise of a strategic deception operation.

Currently signed by about 3,000 individuals, with a goal of 10,000

For more on this and what you can do, visit:
Campaigns for reclaiming a lost USA democracy

2) Small Nuclear War Would Cause Global Catastrophe

- - Lebanon Heading Toward a Breaking Point

Small Nuclear War Would Cause Global Environmental Catastrophe
by Jeanna Bryner
Published December 11, 2006 by LiveScience

SAN FRANCISCO - A small-scale, regional nuclear war could disrupt the global climate for a decade or more, with environmental effects that could be devastating for everyone on Earth, researchers have concluded.

The scientists said about 40 countries possess enough plutonium or uranium to construct substantial nuclear arsenals. Setting off a Hiroshima-size weapon could cause as many direct fatalities as all of World War II.

"Considering the relatively small number and size of the weapons, the effects are surprisingly large," said one of the researchers, Richard Turco of the University of California, Los Angeles. "The potential devastation would be catastrophic and long term."

The lingering effects could re-shape the environment in ways never conceived. In terms of climate, a nuclear blast could plunge temperatures across large swaths of the globe. "It would be the largest climate change in recorded human history," Alan Robock, associate director of the Center for Environmental Prediction at Rutgers' Cook College and another member of the research team.

The results will be presented here today during the annual meeting of American Geophysical Union.

Blast fatalities

In one study, scientists led by Owen "Brian" Toon of the University of Colorado, Boulder, analyzed potential fatalities based on current nuclear weapons inventories and population densities in large cities around the world.

His team focused on the black smoke generated by a nuclear blast and firestorms—intense and long-lasting fires that create and sustain their own wind systems.

For a regional conflict, fatalities would range from 2.6 million to 16.7 million per country. "A small country is likely to direct its weapons against population centers to maximize damage and achieve the greatest advantage," Toon said.

Chilled climate

With the information, Robock and colleagues generated a series of computer simulations of potential climate anomalies caused by a small-scale nuclear war.

"We looked at a scenario of a regional nuclear conflict say between India and Pakistan where each of them used 50 weapons on cities in the other country that would generate a lot of smoke," Robock told LiveScience.

They discovered the smoke emissions would plunge temperatures by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.25 degrees Celsius) over large areas of North America and Eurasia—areas far removed from the countries involved in the conflict.

Typically when sunlight travels through the atmosphere, some rays get absorbed by particles in the air, before reaching Earth's surface. After a nuclear blast, however, loads of black smoke would settle into the upper atmosphere and absorb sunlight before it reaches our planet's surface. Like a dark curtain pulled over large parts of the globe, the smoke would cause cool temperatures, darkness, less precipitation and even ozone depletion.

At the end of the 10 years, the simulated climate still hadn't recovered.

Global upshot

The study showed it doesn't take much nuclear power to drive meteoric results. Whereas the scenarios presumed the countries involved would launch their entire nuclear arsenals, that total is just three-hundredths of a percent of the global arsenal.

Will the conclusions result in worldly changes? "We certainly hope there will be a political response because nuclear weapons are the most dangerous potential environmental danger to the planet. They're much more dangerous than global warming," Robock said.

For another posting of this article, see:

Source URL –

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- - Lebanon Heading Toward a Breaking Point
Published December 11, 2006 by McClatchy Newspapers
Lebanon Heading Toward a Breaking Point
by Tom Lasseter

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators piled into downtown Beirut Sunday, demanding that the U.S.-backed government step down immediately or face an escalation in a siege on the prime minister's headquarters being coordinated by the Shiite Muslim Hezbollah militia.

While accounts vary of what the heightened tactics could consist of - a government worker's strike and a storming of the headquarters have both been mentioned - it's clear that the nation is headed toward a breaking point. Hezbollah and its allies have been camped in the center of the capital for more than a week, demanding that Sunni Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and his Cabinet step down.

The implications are profound for U.S. efforts to counter Syrian and Iranian influence in the Middle East.

The Bush administration counts the massive "Cedar Revolution" protests that expelled Syrian forces from Lebanon last year as a key victory for pro-western democracy. But now, as U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan face significant setbacks, it is Syrian and Iranian ally Hezbollah that is filling the streets of Beirut and calling for revolution.

Speaking in front of the crowd on Sunday, Hezbollah's second in command, Naim Qassim, said in a message to Saniora: "Have a press conference tonight or tomorrow to tell the Lebanese people that you are resigning. ... If you resign today, it would be a positive step, but if you don't it will be negative for the future" of Lebanon.

Qassim also led the crowd in a booming chorus of "Death to America" and "Death to Israel."

Michel Aoun, a Christian leader who has aligned himself with Hezbollah, went a step further.

"This must be the last big rally we'll call for, because in the next one there will be no room for all the protesters," Aoun said. "And the barbed wire will no longer protect the (government building) because people will move there naturally and without any instigation."

Sunni and Christian leaders have warned that a storming of the building could lead to large-scale unrest.

"You can control the people for one, two, maybe 10 days, but after that you cannot control the people; we will take down any fences between us" and the government building, said Ali Zein, one of the demonstrators. "The cup is full now, everything has its limits."

Both sides appear to have hardened their positions: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused Saniora of working with the Israelis last summer during a 34-day war between Israel and the militia, and Saniora replied that Nasrallah's remarks were "an unnecessary fit of anger and rudeness."

Representatives from the Arab League have tried brokering a deal that would lead to an increased Hezbollah say in Cabinet decisions - a process marked by rumors of success that have yet to pan out. Hezbollah officials said Sunday night that they were working to find a solution to the impasse, but it was unclear if anything would come from the Arab League discussions.

Tensions between Lebanon's sects - particularly Sunnis and Shiites - have been moving toward a boil during the past week. With each story of a fight between men with pipes and rocks, each insult heard and repeated, the divide between the groups widens.

The Lebanese Army has blocked the entrances to many Sunni neighborhoods between downtown and the southern Shiite suburbs in an effort to prevent Shiite protesters from clashing with mobs.

Many in the Lebanese government are concerned that increased Sunni-Shiite violence could split the army along confessional lines.

"It will continue to be OK, unless there is a big clash between the two communities, this would put the army in a difficult position," said Joe Sarkis, a Cabinet member and a senior official in the Christian militia cum political party, the Lebanese Forces. "The army is telling us, please solve this soon, because if more time passes the situation might change for us."

Ahmed Fatfat, a Sunni Cabinet member and former Interior Minister, said he's gotten reports to that effect from officers in the army and other Lebanese security forces.

"It's risky," he said.

Asked how likely he thought it was that troops would abandon their posts and fight for their sect, Fatfat grimaced.

"It can happen," he said, and then paused for a moment: "Yes, it can."

The soldiers "go home at the end of the day," Sarkis said, "and there are politics in these neighborhoods."

The Sunni and Shiite neighborhoods are grouped closely together in the capital, a vestige of the 15-year civil war that drew battle lines between Christian and Muslim neighborhoods.

"There are going to be problems in the neighborhoods, the street is out of control, they fight here every night," said Ghazi al-Koush, who owns an electronics store in the predominantly Sunni neighborhood of Basta. "There is a lot of tension on the streets, and it's going to explode - things here are not going to end peacefully."

Al-Koush ran his hand across his face, and rested it for a moment near his glass eye. "During the civil war I lost my eye, I lost my house, I lost my shop, but I never saw Muslim brothers fighting brothers as they are now," he said. "This neighborhood stayed together during most of the civil war, but now it's falling apart."

He blamed most of the fighting on Shiites driving down the streets at night and yelling anti-Sunni slogans. But it was clear from interviews with residents across Beirut during the past week that members of both sects are picking fights.

"If the Shiites keep the siege on the (Cabinet building), the Sunnis will keep attacking the Shiites on the street," said Mohammed Saaidon, a local leader in the Sunni neighborhood of Aisha Bakkar. "You can't imagine how angry the Sunnis are ... we won't let the Shiites take Beirut."

That sense of Sunni rage is met in many Shiite neighborhoods with a confidence that at times borders on an eagerness to fight.

"If this continues there will be problems," said Mohammed Hussein, who was walking through the streets of Dahiya, a Hezbollah stronghold south of Beirut.

A friend piped up, cheerfully: "It will be civil war."

Down the street, Bassam Boulud was sitting with a group of men, including a Hezbollah security worker.

"If we want, we can control the whole country in 72 hours, according to the latest (Hezbollah) study," Boulud said.

The Hezbollah guard put his hand on Boulud's shoulder.

Boulud corrected himself: "But because of the wisdom of Hassan Nasrallah, this will not happen."

After the demonstration Sunday, a group of women were standing beside the bus that brought them up from their south Lebanon homes in the town of Tyre.

One of them, who gave only her first name, Ibtihal, said that she hoped another civil war wasn't coming, but that the time to act was drawing near. She said she knew that going into the government center downtown was a "redline" for the Sunnis and Christians, but that she hoped to be "the first one in the building."

"We have been patient until now," she said, "but after today, we are willing to cross all redlines."

© 2006 McClatchy Washington Bureau and wire service sources
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For more on this issue, visit FN’s resource page:

Mid East Peace -- initiatives and information

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