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NanoThermite * Gage * NYC truth * DU worsens

08 July 2008 - Updated 09 July 2008
“The use of uranium weapons is absolutely unacceptable,
and a crime against humanity. Consequently the citizens of the world
and all governments must force cessation of uranium weapons use."

-- Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD

1) Nano-Thermites – BBC hole – Gage – Reflecting Pool USA – Anthrax +
- - The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites
- - BBC keeps digging, the hole gets bigger
- - Richard Gage, AIA, debates Mark Roberts, NY TV: "HardFire"
- - The Reflecting Pool - NYC Theatrical Premiere July 11
- - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative 20,000 & Gravel Press Release
- - Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?
- - The JFK Assassination and 9/11: Designated Suspects
- - Boston Activists Blast 4th of July Celebration with the Truth
2) Depleted Uranium Worsens – Secrecy –Hit on Free Trade
- - Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens - Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.
- - Iraq Insists On Withdrawal Timetable For US Troops
- - Kucinich to Introduce New Article of Impeachment Against Bush Thursday
- - Increased Secrecy at Justice Provokes Suspicion
- - What's Up with Free Trade in Colombia? by John Perkins

"For most Americans the Constitution had become a hazy document,
cited like the Bible on ceremonial occasions but forgotten in the
daily transactions of life."

-- Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.


Editor’s Notes:

In Keene NH in Central Square on July 3rd, following the Mayor and Granny D's presentations, Dr. Robert M. Bowman read his open letter 'to The New Generation of Military Officers Serving and Protecting Our Nation.' This document reveals what patriotism and honoring a sworn oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution is all about. Also note THIS Thursday, July 10th, Rep. Dennis Kucinich will join’s Grassroots Development Call (9pmEastern/6pmPacific), to answer some questions presented to him by a small panel. This call will be broadcast live at -- please inform people you know to listen in. Also, note the article updated in item two on Kucinich introducing a new Article of Impeachment against Bush Thursday. And keep an eye on The Reflecting Pool, 9/11 Investigative Drama, Premieres in New York City at Pioneer Theater July 11 and national tour. Another interview on WBAI with the filmmakers should be announced soon. Hopefully this event will help bring a healing experience and a deep resolve for getting fair investigations into what happened on 9/11/01. Note, too, updated in this issue is a press conference with Sen. Mike Gravel in support of the NYC Initiative this Thursday. In the first item there's also a powerful article on the missing Anthrax, plus a video with Richard Gage, an article by Peter Dale Scott on connections between the JFK assassination and 9/11, a real Boston July 4th 9/11 truth report, and this issue opens with physicist Dr. Steven Jones on 911 blogger referring to Kevin Ryan’s recent article on nano-thermites.

The second item begins with a recent article by Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD. On the Depleted Uranium issue worsening. Perhaps, most everything is worsening due to leadership of a corrupt government betraying human decency and our environment. Also there is an article on how increased secrecy is on the increase in the Justice Department. When justice allows a criminal act like 9/11 to go for years without a real investigation, it could be all down hill from here. Also, note the commentary by John Perkins: “What's Up with Free Trade in Colombia?”

For Independent Investigations
NYC 9/11 Ballot

The Reflecting Pool
The first investigative drama to
challenge the official version of 9/11


"The doorstep to the temple of wisdom
is a knowledge of our own ignorance"

Thomas Jefferson

1) Nano-Thermites – BBC hole – Gage – Reflecting Pool USA – Anthrax +

- - The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites
- - BBC keeps digging, the hole gets bigger
- - Richard Gage, AIA, debates Mark Roberts, TNY TV: "HardFire"
- - The Reflecting Pool - NYC Theatrical Premiere July 11
- - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative 20,000 & Gravel Press Release
- - Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?
- - The JFK Assassination and 9/11: Designated Suspects
- - Boston Activists Blast 4th of July Celebration with the Truth

- - The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites
From Steven Jones

July 4, 2008

Kevin Ryan shows his skills as both a chemist and a “private investigator” in his paper, “The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites” – Published July 4, 2008, in the Journal of 9/11 Studies -- .

Kevin Ryan discusses nano-thermite (“super-thermite”) and provides very important results of his own investigation of connections between NIST and researchers studying/developing nano-thermite.

Several of us have been discussing nano-thermite for quite a while now. For instance, I announced in Boston last year the observation of red-gray chips which I found in WTC dust samples. (If you need to catch up, pls see this short video: ) Research papers on this material are now being written/reviewed for publication.

Thermite is comprised of aluminum powder and iron oxide powder (or another metal oxide). When the powders are “ultra-fine grain,” less than about 100 nano-meters, then nano-thermite is formed. This form of thermite, also known as “super-thermite,” is not just an incendiary – it is EXPLOSIVE!

I explained this distinction and even gave references to the explosive nature of super-thermite/nano-thermite in my first-published paper on 9/11, available here: Why Indeed Did theWTC Buildings Completely Collapse

Here’s a quote from that paper, pp. 16-17 (hope you all have read it, or will do so!):

"Researchers can greatly increase the power of weapons by adding materials known as superthermites that combine nanometals such as nanoaluminum with metal oxides such as iron oxide, according to Steven Son, a project leader in the Explosives Science and Technology group at Los Alamos. "The advantage (of using nanometals) is in how fast you can get their energy out," Son says. Son says that the chemical reactions of superthermites are faster and therefore release greater amounts of energy more rapidly... Son, who has been working on nanoenergetics for more than three years, says that scientists can engineer nanoaluminum powders with different particle sizes to vary the energy release rates. This enables the material to be used in many applications, including underwater explosive devices… However, researchers aren't permitted to discuss what practical military applications may come from this research." (Gartner, January 2005)

Yet we still find debunkers stating loudly and incorrectly that “thermite is an incendiary” only (very hot, but slow-reacting), completely ignoring the facts about nano-thermite. A NIST FAQ says something like this – perhaps someone can dig up the reference. Time to set the record straight, in a big way.

And Kevin Ryan’s paper goes a LONG way to set the record straight about nano-thermite along with a solid framework for further investigation. ANY serious investigation must now include these data he provides on explosive nano-thermites and those who have researched these materials--having connections with the “official story” of 9/11.

There is much information also in his extensive footnotes, which I invite you to follow… I’m working on reading many of these myself!

I’m particularly pleased that Kevin’s paper is available before the BBC presentation (on July 6th) regarding WTC 7 and recent research.

When I was interviewed by BBC in March 2008 for this documentary, I spent hours with, and showed, the BBC crew red-gray chips in the laboratory. Will they even mention these compelling evidences for un-reacted nano-thermites found in the WTC dust? We’ll see…

I have one request of the 9/11 truth-leads-to-peace community as you read this: I’m trying to get a sample of nano-thermite/super-thermite for tests and comparisons. A LLNL (Los Alamos) report noted that “super-thermite electric matches” are used to ignite some fireworks, via an electric current through the super-thermite. Such super-thermite matches may be the easiest –to-get source for super-thermite…

*Quoting from the Los Alamos report (from a 2006 talk I gave): “The Super-Thermite electric matches… are safer to use because they resist friction, impact, heat… thereby minimizing accidental ignition.

• “Applications include triggering explosives for demolition”

(Photo of super-thermite matches from the Los Alamos report.) I know several of you out there are super-sleuths (like my friend Kevin Ryan!) and will be able to track down and – if possible – purchase a few of these super-thermite electric matches. I would deeply appreciate it… Can you see the importance?

See also: Kevin Ryan--A Closer Look

Source URL:

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- - BBC keeps digging, the hole gets bigger

Alex Jones and Jason Bermas break down the recent BBC hit piece which labors to explain how the BBC reported the collapse of building-7 twenty-three minutes prior to its actual collapse on September 11, 2001

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
BBC's "The Third Tower"
This video was posted online by

Here are more rebuttals for the BBC show:

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- - Richard Gage, AIA, debates Mark Roberts, TNY TV: "HardFire"

The TV show "Hardfire" debate with Richard Gage, AIA, and Mark Roberts is now posted on Google Video. It is in 2 parts — each about 28 minutes in length.

Description: In this two-part program, Richard Gage, AIA, San Francisco Bay area architect and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, debates Mark Roberts on the events of September 11, 2001. John Clifton, past chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, hosts. Originally (to be) aired July 15 and July 22, 2008. Taped June 18, 2008. Buy a high-resolution copy of the program on DVD, MiniDV, or VHS at the program's web site:


Source for video link and article:

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- - The Reflecting Pool - NYC Theatrical Premiere, July 11

The Reflecting Pool, 9/11 Investigative Drama
Coming to NYC and across the country, beginning July 11
with Joseph Culp, Jodie Baltazar, and Jarek Kupsc

The first dramatic feature film to challenge the official version of 9/11 events, The Reflecting Pool, will screen twice a day July 11-16 and July 18 at the Pioneer Theater in New York City. Following the film will be discussions with the filmmakers.

The Reflecting Pool follows a journalist who teams up with the father of a 9/11 victim to investigate the official version of the events. What they find poses a disturbing question: To what extent was the U.S. Government at fault for the attacks?

The story follows an investigation by a skeptical Russian-American journalist who teams up with the father of a 9/11 victim to fact check the official version of the tragedy as documented in the 9/11 Commission Report. As they examine evidence and interview key eyewitnesses, the official story begins to crumble. The Reflecting Pool is the first investigative drama to present this issue in the spirit of such films as All the President's Men and JFK.

Writer/Director Jarek Kupsc plays Alex Prokop, a successful journalist who receives a mysterious 9/11 videotape revealing new information on the attack. Joseph Culp appears as Paul Cooper, the man who sent the tape and a driven researcher whose daughter died on 9/11. Though skeptical of conspiracy theorists and fearful that it will jeopardize his career, Prokop agrees to take on the story.

Prokop and Cooper investigate the destruction of evidence from Ground Zero, the collapse of the 47-story WTC Building Seven, and the airliner attack on the Pentagon. The results of their investigation suggest the official version as presented in the 9/11 Commission Report purposely ignored or omitted evidence and testimonies to protect people in political positions, including the present administration. Prokop, plagued by the ghosts of his Communist childhood and trying to uphold the independence of American journalism, struggles to come to grips with this awful truth.

The Reflecting Pool is an intense, sobering analysis of the most controversial tragedy of our time -- a thought-provoking study of a search for truth and the profound consequences of not looking for it any further than the nightly news.

Selected reviews

"The film illustrates that, as so often is the case, the truth does not set you free; it ties your stomach and conscience into knots. It will remind you of All the President's Men and JFK, films that also used drama to pursue political truths." --Joel Hirschhorn, Op-ed news

"The script is top-notch, the characterizations moving. If the film has a flaw, it's in trying to document so much evidence in a narrative thriller. Yet by and large, it pulls it off to deliver a chilling and effective message -- maybe it can happen here." --Jim Cirile, Screenwriters Magazine

About The Reflecting Pool:
The Reflecting Pool premiered theatrically through American Cinematheque to a standing-room only audience on January 31, 2008, at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, CA. The film screened in limited runs in February and March in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo. The film will be shown in New York City, July 11-16 and July 18, at the Pioneer Theater. The film is an official selection this summer at the Maine International Film Festival in July and the Moondance International Film Festival in August. The film was recently picked up by Rialto Theaters in New Zealand for this September. The Reflecting Pool follows a journalist who teams up with the father of a 9/11 victim to investigate the official version of the events. What they find poses a disturbing question: To what extent was the U.S. Government at fault for the attacks?

About the filmmakers:
The Reflecting Pool was independently produced and financed by Baltazar Works with Jodie Baltazar and Joseph Culp serving as producers. The Reflecting Pool is director Jarek Kupsc's third feature film. He won multiple awards for his debut feature Recoil and won Best Picture for Slumberland in his native Poland. Kupsc gives his view: "Most of all we wanted to tell a human story about what happens to people when the truth is kept from them and show the struggle one must go through for their own sense of integrity." He continues, "September 11th, 2001, was a defining moment in modern history--an event that propelled America toward preemptive wars under false pretenses resulting in the deaths of over a million civilians in the Middle East, thousands of American troops, and a complete disregard for the Geneva Conventions not to mention the Bill of Rights." Culp says, The Reflecting Pool is a way of taking stock of what has happened to our country after 9/11 and to do the most American thing of all--ask questions and demand honest answers."

Jodie Baltazar, producer 213.500.8756
Joseph Culp, producer 310.408.8023
Jarek Kupsc, writer/director 213.200.3832


More on this film, including US tour schedule at
Also recent FN archive issue of June 29, 2008 - Democracy Now 9/11 * Reflecting Pool Tour

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- - NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative 20,000 & Gravel Press Release


Press Conference with Sen. Mike Gravel
Foley Square, corner of Centre & Duane Streets across from U.S. Courthouse
Take trains to City Hall or Chambers Street
Thursday, July 10th, 2008 --- 12 noon

Les Jamieson
718.492.2192, 917.658.0132

Speakers: Former Sen. Mike Gravel, 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine, Tony-award winning actress Christine Ebersole, investigative reporter Wayne Madsen

Support Grows for NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

(New York, NY, July 8, 2008) --- On Thursday, July 10th at 12 noon, at Foley Square in New York City, former Senator Mike Gravel, speaking on behalf of the New York City 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign, will call for a new and far reaching investigation of the crimes of 9/11. Advocating for the creation of an independent 9/11 Commission, Gravel states, “We’re trying to change the paradigm of human democracy, of human governance, and that's what this [NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative] is all about, changing the paradigm of human governance right here in New York City by asserting that you saw something wrong that took place, and you want to address it through using the tool of the Initiative, the legislative power of citizenry to go after that fundamental change.”

Accompanying Sen. Gravel will be 9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine who lost his son in the south tower, Tony-award winning actress Christine Ebersole, and former NSA analyst turned investigative reporter Wayne Madsen. Mr. Madsen, has recently voiced his support, stating many current and retired intelligence professionals as well as members of foreign intelligence agencies would testify what they know about 9/11 in the venue provided by this new investigation.

This campaign comes in the wake of several developments which underscore the need for a truly independent, thorough, fact-driven investigation into the events of 9/11. Consider the recent book by NY Times veteran reporter Philip Shenon titled “The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation”, the book by Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton titled “Unprecedented”, and Articles of Impeachment nos. 33-35 by Dennis Kucinich which list hard evidence showing dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice, and malfeasance by the Bush administration. Consider the revelation of the destruction in 2004 of CIA tape recordings of suspects in Guantanamo Bay which were requested by the 9/11 Commission. The list goes on and on…

However, Congress nor any other government body aren’t likely to take action. But through the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative the voters of NY City can create the conditions that would lead to the investigation which as many as 84 million Americans, according to a CBS/NY Times poll, needs to occur to review the mountain of information which was never addressed by the government’s own investigation.

Nearly 20,000 NYC voters have already signed the petition to create this public referendum. Many 9/11 family members, first responders, and peace organizations also support this campaign.

Please join with us at this press conference which will focus on this unprecedented, historic campaign, the NYC 9/11 Ballot. Visit for further details.

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- - Who Planned the Anthrax Attacks?
It's the $5,800,000 question
by Justin Raimondo

You remember the anthrax attacks – or do you? It often seems, to me at least, that this important catalyst for the invasion of Iraq and our supremely wrong-headed post-9/11 foreign policy has been flushed down the collective memory hole. For all the attention that's been paid to that spooky chapter in the history of the "war on terrorism" in the intervening years, it may as well have never occurred. That's why news of the former prime suspect's ultimate vindication – and his victory in a $5.8 million lawsuit in which he accused the feds of unfairly targeting him as a "person of interest" (as John Ashcroft put it) – seems like a visitation from another time, the ghost of 9/11 past, haunting and mocking us. It sends chills down my spine – because, you see, the real culprits are still out there.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

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- - The JFK Assassination and 9/11: Designated Suspects

The JFK Assassination and 9/11:
the Designated Suspects in Both Cases
by Peter Dale Scott

Global Research, July 5, 2008

Global Research recently published my essay entitled 9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics In this article, I argue that 9/11 should be analyzed as a deep event (an event not fully aired or understood because of its intelligence connections) and above all as one of a series of deep events which from time to time have frustrated peace initiatives or become pretexts for war.

In support of this overall thesis I pointed to features of 9/11 which recalled similar deep events: the still not fully understood outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, the JFK assassination, and the so-called Second Tonkin Gulf Incident of 1964 (an alleged attack on U.S. destroyers which we now know never happened).

The similarities between these deep events which have disturbed American history since World War Two suggest that they are not just a sequence of unrelated external accidents, but at least in part the product of some on-going deep indigenous force not yet adequately understood.

In this series of deep events, perhaps the most striking similarities are between the JFK assassination (henceforward referred to as "JFK") and 9/11. Earlier talks and articles I have delivered on this topic are developed even further in my forthcoming much expanded reissue of my early book, The War Conspiracy. As The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War, it is due to be published by the Mary Ferrell Foundation Press in August 2008.

The following essay is the concluding section of the new book, and has never hitherto been published.]

Truncated, for the complete article, see:
also posted:

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- - Boston Activists Blast 4th of July Celebration with the Truth -- It wasn¹t the flashiest Truth action ever, nor did it make the evening news, but 20 or more dedicated Boston911Truth activists hit the pavement at Boston's 4th of July Pops concert and fireworks display and accomplished something just short of miraculous, for us anyway. Armed with only a smile, new Patriots Question 911 postcards and WeAreChange informational flyers, our hearty "Info Warriors" were able to distribute 7,000 pieces of literature at a rate of 1,000 per hour for seven hours among the crowds lining the Charles River waiting for the festivities to begin.

This was a unique experiment for us. Each year on the 4th, Boston's Charles River Esplanade attracts 500,000 people to listen to the Boston Pops and watch the spectacular fireworks display. Our primary goal was to get as much solid literature as we could into the hands of the captive audience who come hours early to claim a good spot.




More -

For extensive FN resource page, see:
Bush Conspiracy and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

2) Depleted Uranium Worsens – Secrecy – Hit on Free Trade

- - Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens - Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.
- - Iraq Insists On Withdrawal Timetable For US Troops
- - Kucinich to Introduce New Article of Impeachment Against Bush Thursday
- - Increased Secrecy at Justice Provokes Suspicion
- - What's Up with Free Trade in Colombia? by John Perkins

- - Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens - Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.

Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens Requiring Immediate Action
By President Bush, Prime Minister Brown, and Prime Minister Olmert

Dr. Doug Rokke, PhD.
former Director, U.S. Army Depleted Uranium project
June 11, 2008


During the summer of 1991, the United States military had collected artillery, tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, conventional and unconventional munitions, trucks, etc. at Camp Doha in Kuwait. As result of carelessness this weapons depot caught fire with consequent catastrophic explosion resulting in death, injury, illness and extensive environmental contamination from depleted uranium and conventional explosives. Recently the emirate of Kuwait required the United States Department of Defense to remove the contamination. Consequently, over 6,700 tons of contaminated soil sand and other residue was collected and has been shipped back to the United States for burial by American Ecology at Boise Idaho. When Bob Nichols, an investigative journalist, and I contacted American Ecology we found out that they had absolutely no knowledge of U.S. Army Regulation 700-48, U.S. Army PAM 700-48, U.S. Army Technical Bulletin 9-1300-278, and all of the medical orders dealing with depleted uranium contamination, environmental remediation procedures, safety, and medical care. They had never heard of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for dealing with mixed – hazardous waste such as radioactive materials and conventional explosives byproducts.

(reference 'Approaches for the Remediation of Federal Facility Sites Contaminated with Explosives or Radioactive Wastes', EPA/625/R-93/013, September 1993). The shipment across the ocean, unloading at Longview, Washington State port, transport by rail, and burial in Idaho endangers not only the residents of these areas but poses a significant agricultural threat through introduction of pests, microbes, etc. foreign to our nation.

Sadly the known adverse health and environmental hazards from uranium weapons contamination are in our own backyard. The EPA has listed the former Nuclear Metals- Starmet uranium weapons manufacturing site in Concord Ma. On EPA's Superfund National Priority List because it poses a significant risk to public health and the environment. Consequently the community in which our nation was born on April 18, 1775 is now the location of America's own closed dirty bomb factory that will endanger the health and safety of the descendants of our original patriots- "the Minutemen".

The previous delivery of at least 100 GBU 28 bunker busters bombs containing depleted uranium warheads by the United States and their use by Israel against Lebanese targets has resulted in additional radioactive and chemical toxic contamination with consequent adverse health and environmental effects throughout the middle east. Israeli tank gunners are also using depleted uranium tank rounds as photographs verify.

Today, U.S., British, and now Israeli military personnel are using illegal uranium munitions- America's and England's own 'dirty bombs' while U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Defense, and British Ministry of Defence officials deny that there are any adverse health and environmental effects as a consequence of the manufacture, testing, and/or use of uranium munitions to avoid liability for the willful and illegal dispersal of a radioactive toxic material - depleted uranium.

The use of uranium weapons is absolutely unacceptable, and a crime against humanity. Consequently the citizens of the world and all governments must force cessation of uranium weapons use. I must demand that Israel now provide medical care to all DU casualties in Lebanon and clean up all DU contamination.

U.S. and British officials have arrogantly refused to comply with their own regulations, orders, and directives that require United States Department of Defense officials to provide prompt and effective medical care to 'all' exposed individuals. Reference: Medical Management of Unusual Depleted Uranium Casualties, DOD, Pentagon, 10/14/93, Medical Management of Army personnel Exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU) Headquarters, U.S. Army Medical Command 29 April 2004, and section 2-5 of U.S. Army Regulation 700-48.
Israeli officials must not do so now.

The previous and current use of uranium weapons, the release of radioactive components in destroyed U.S. and foreign military equipment, and releases of industrial, medical, research facility radioactive materials have resulted in unacceptable exposures. Therefore, decontamination must be completed as required by U.S. Army Regulation 700-48 and should include releases of all radioactive materials resulting from military operations.

The extent of adverse health and environmental effects of uranium weapons contamination is not limited to combat zones in the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan but includes facilities and sites where uranium weapons were manufactured or tested including Vieques; Puerto Rico; Colonie, New York; Concord, MA; Jefferson Proving Grounds, Indiana; and Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Therefore medical care must be provided by the United States Department of Defense officials to all individuals affected by the manufacturing, testing, and/or use of uranium munitions. Thorough environmental remediation also must be completed without further delay.

For the complete article, se:
also posted

For FN’s resource page on this issue, see:
Uranium Munitions ~ harm for generations

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- - Iraq Insists On Withdrawal Timetable For US Troops
by Sally Buzbee
Published Tuesday, July 8, 2008 by Associated Press

BAGHDAD - Iraq’s national security adviser said Tuesday his country will not accept any security deal with the United States unless it contains specific dates for the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces.

The comments by Mouwaffak al-Rubaie were the strongest yet by an Iraqi official about the deal now under negotiation with U.S. officials. It came a day after Iraq’s prime minister first said publicly that he expects the pending troop deal with the United States to have some type of timetable for withdrawal. President Bush has said he opposes a timetable. The White House said Monday it did not believe al-Maliki was proposing a rigid timeline for U.S. troop withdrawals.

U.S. officials had no immediate comment Tuesday on al-Rubaie’s statement.

Al-Rubaie spoke to reporters after briefing Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Najaf on the progress of the government’s security efforts, and the talks.

“Our stance in the negotiations underway with the American side will be strong … We will not accept any memorandum of understanding that doesn’t have specific dates to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq,” al-Rubaie said.

Some type of agreement between the United States and Iraq is needed to keep U.S. troops in Iraq after a U.N. mandate expires at year’s end.

Iraq’s government has felt increasingly confident in recent weeks about its authority and the country’s improved stability, and Iraqi officials have sharpened their public stance in the negotiations considerably in just the last few days.

Violence in Iraq has fallen to its lowest level in four years. The change has been driven by the 2007 buildup of American forces, the Sunni tribal revolt against al-Qaida in Iraq and crackdowns against Shiite militias and Sunni extremists.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

- - Kucinich to Introduce New Article of Impeachment Against Bush Thursday
By Jason Leopold
The Public Record
Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich said he will introduce a single article of impeachment against President George W. Bush
Thursday for "taking our nation and our troops to war based on lies."

Truncated, for the complete article, see:

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- - Increased Secrecy at Justice Provokes Suspicion

More Scrutiny, Secrecy At Justice Department
by Richard B. Schmit
Published by The Los Angeles Times, July 7, 2008

WASHINGTON - Justice Department lawyers and investigators have come under more scrutiny after the Sept. 11 attacks than at perhaps any time since Watergate. Questions have been raised about the administration’s strategies for going after terrorism suspects and about whether politics was allowed to taint the department’s core mission to provide equal justice under the law. But the internal unit that polices the lawyers’ conduct has been operating under a growing shroud of secrecy, shutting down what were once regular, public disclosures about its activities.

The Office of Professional Responsibility historically has attracted little attention because of its focus on the department’s everyday civil and criminal matters. Now, however, it is taking on some of the weightiest issues in government — examining the role Justice’s lawyers played in formulating administration interrogation policies for suspected terrorists and in endorsing a National Security Agency program of warrantless electronic surveillance.

It has been thrown the task of deciding whether department lawyers engaged in selective prosecution of Democratic political figures. It also is looking into lawyers’ involvement in a decision four years ago to deport a Canadian citizen to Syria, where he was imprisoned and tortured. That case has emerged as one of the most infamous examples of a policy known as rendition, in which suspected terrorists are transferred to other nations for interrogation.

The OPR has broad power to recommend disciplinary action, including dismissal, if it finds that any of the Justice Department’s 10,000 lawyers have violated ethics rules or other regulations. But officials have declined to say whether even one government lawyer has been found to have engaged in professional misconduct in connection with the war on terrorism — despite often fierce criticism from civil liberties groups, defense lawyers and judges.

The ethics watchdog has exonerated department lawyers in at least two high-profile terrorism-related investigations.

According to a redacted copy of a confidential OPR report obtained by The Times, the office found that department lawyers had not engaged in misconduct in connection with the controversial practice of using special warrants to round up and incarcerate men after Sept. 11 who were considered witnesses to crimes. Human rights groups said the technique was a way to illegally detain, sometimes for months, dozens of Muslims whom the government suspected but could not prove were engaged in criminal activity.

Truncated, for the complete article, see:,0,7756465.story
also posted at:

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- - What's Up with Free Trade in Colombia? by John Perkins
[Email Newsletter] - July 7, 2008

On radio interviews I am frequently asked about the "free trade agreement" the Bush administration is trying to hammer out with Colombia and about John McCain's recent trip to Colombia. Here's my answer in a nutshell:

Nine countries in Latin America have recently voted in presidents who are saying "no" to staying the course with international policies that allow foreign corporations to exploit human and/or natural resources. These democratically elected presidents have gone on the record of not seeking US aid but instead asking for reversals in policies, including "free trade agreements," that have been very destructive to their economies -- and resulted in a huge influx of immigrants to the US.

Colombia is a major exception. Washington's push for a new trade agreement with Colombia is an attempt to bolster the Uribe administration -- a president who is held in very low esteem throughout most of Latin America and is seen (along with Mexico's Calderón) as one of the last of the old "Washington puppets."

Uribe infuriated many Latin Americans when he illegally sent troops into Ecuador to assassinate FARC representatives who reportedly were there to try to negotiate hostage exchanges and a peace deal. I was traveling in Central America at the time and heard first-had the anger directed at the Colombian president for the way he ignored Ecuador's sovereign rights and escalated hostilities.

This "free trade agreement" is Washington's desperate attempt to shore up one of its few remaining Latin puppets and at the same time tilt the playing field even further in favor of the big corporations.

What you can do: Speak out against "free trade agreements" that are written to help multinational corporations exploit other countries. Email your representatives and the corporations whose goods and services you buy. Tell them you know that what is best for the US are strong Latin American economies where local resources are channeled to the poor through health, education and other social services.

John Perkins

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