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Citizens 9/11 Commission * The Pledge

01 June, 2011

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice,
you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

-- Desmond Tutu

Editor's Notes: There is much to catch up on in this issue. If you prefer getting updates earlier when articles are posted individually, I recommend sending me a friend request @ This transition time between spring into summer is crucial for this 10th anniversary on 9/11 for justice and truth. I believe the campaign for a Citizens 9/11 Commission, which was initiated by former Senator Mike Gravel, is our best chance for a real investigation. Mike Gravel joined the 9/11 Truth Teleconference on May 25th and stated that this ballot initiative was not a "referendum" nor fall into legal jurisdiction of a referendum, the main difference being that this would be an initiative for, by and of the people and would function independently of the existing government. He has no hope for an official, independent investigation by Congress unless to further cover up the truth.

30 May 2011 - 9/11 Initiative Campaign - Mike Gravel
Citizens 9/11 Commission
This is a new initiative that uses the prevailing ballot box
(and we all know there are some risks associated with that),
but it could establish a truly independent commission to
pursue justice regarding the events of September 11.

25 May 2011 - Senator Mike Gravel
Draft Minutes for 9/11 Teleconference

19 May 2011 - NoLiesRadio - 911blogger
Creating a New Path to Peace & Prosperity
Sen. Mike Gravel and Lt. Col. Bob Bowman
Live Radio Broadcast from Oakland, CA.

Additional campaigns are underway for this September 11 with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Also, Chris Pratt is leading a campaign to encourage politicians to sign a pledge for a new 9/11 investigation. As they will likely not sign, then we encourage activists to only vote for those who will honor truth and justice. It is time to end the wars for terror and profit for a few. "The Pledge" states:

"As a duly elected representative of the public I cannot in good conscience commit our sons and daughters to battle and possible death and expose US citizens to the economic devastation of continuous war, the destruction of our constitution and several of our civil liberties, without ensuring that every possible question, every possible inconsistency, every possible coincidence related to the events of 9/11 and the subsequent "War on Terror" are explained.

It is clear to me that by any measure, this is not the case.

Consequently I hereby PUBLICLY state to my constituency and to every American citizen that within 60 days of my receipt of this Pledge I will sponsor or cosponsor legislation that will establish a new and independent investigative team with subpoena power to review the events surrounding 9/11/2001 as well as to quantify the death of US civilians due to terrorist attacks and to evaluate and quantify our response to such. I am aware that failure to sign this document is an invitation in the next election for a replacement."

Special film short - 9 minutes - Chris Pratt
Operation Checkmate: the pawns fight back

There are many more updated news links to consider. I was inspired this memorial day to post more details on one of the greatest US military heroes of all time who had learned a great lesson: "War is a racket."

Smedley Darlington Butler
(July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940)

28 May, 2011 - Youtube - BrasscheckTV
"War is a racket" (updated for the 21st century)

13 October 2010 - Veterans Today - L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: When Wall Street
Tried To Bring The Holocaust To America

Also, note this important news story that was hardly mentioned in mainstream news:

31 May 2011 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Exclusive Interview with Manuel Zelaya
on the U.S. Role in Honduran Coup,
WikiLeaks and Why He Was Ousted

Following is an excerpt from the interview:

AMY GOODMAN: And yet, the coup d’état took place under President Obama, not before.

MANUEL ZELAYA: [translated] We’re talking about the United States, so it’s an empire. The United States is an empire, and so Obama is the president of the United States, but he is not the chief of the empire. Even though Obama would be against the coup, the process toward the coup was already moving forward. The most that they tell a president like President Obama, that there’s a political crisis going on. But they do not talk about the details that they were involved in terms of the conspiracy.

AMY GOODMAN: President Obama early on called it a coup. But then the administration seemed to back off, both he and Hillary Clinton.

MANUEL ZELAYA: [translated] They gave themselves up before the coup itself. That is the proof, in fact, that the coup came from the north, from the U.S. So they are even able to bend the arm of the President of the United States, President Obama, and the State Department, and they impeded my restitution as president of the country..

And while most all the news is quite depressing, here is one article that gives us some hope:

30 May 2011 - Der Spiegel/Germany - Common Dreams
Germany's Nuclear Phaseout
Is an 'Historic Moment'

Meanwhile the depressing news comes along with much more intensity and volume:

30 May 2011 - The Guardian/UK - Common Dreams
Worst Ever Carbon Emissions
Leave Climate on the Brink

23 May 2011 - - Bill McKibben
Keep Calm and Carry On
A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes

23 May 2011 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
The Fight over Coal Mining is a 'Fight About Democracy'
New Documentary with Robert Kennedy, Jr. Chronicles
Campaign to Halt Mountaintop Removal.

21 May 2011 - Boiling Frogs - Sibel Edmonds
Pepe Escobar unplugged interview on US raid
that allegedly killed bin Laden and much more

21 May 2011 - VDARE - Paul Craig Roberts
How Many SEALs Died?
Report from a Pakistani News Agency interview
with an eye witness to the US attack on the
alleged compound of Osama bin Laden

18 May 2011 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater Founder Erik Prince's
Private Army of "Christian Crusaders" in the UAE

18 May
Inside Obama's "Orwellian World" Where
Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage:
The Case of Thomas Drake

16 May 2011 - Boiling Frogs - Sibel Edmonds
When It Comes To Whistleblowers Obama
Worse Than Nixon & Far Worse Than Bush

18 May 2011 - Natural News - Ethan A. Huff
TEPCO: Fukushima nuclear meltdown actually
occurred just 16 hours after earthquake,
more meltdowns on the way

"The evil that is in the world always comes of ignorance,
and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence,
if they lack understanding. On the whole, men are more good
than bad; that, however, isn't the real point. But they are more
or less ignorant, and it is that we call vice or virtue; the most
incorrigible vice being that of an ignorance which fancies it
knows everything and therefore claims itself the right to kill."

- Albert Camus

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Space for Peace & September 11
Connecting dots to democracy or to genocide

Energy Pollution's Impact On Our Environment

Flyby News Health and Spiritual Blog

And don't miss out on<
Reports on Bart Jordan and evidence
of advanced pre-ice-age civilizations


In first 3 minutes, watch
9/11 - WTC-7 - Exposed!
Video clip produced by Robert Bowman

April, 2009 - The Open Chemical Physics Journal
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust
from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Press Release ~ Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice

10 May 2011 - 911blogger - Prof. Steven Jones
Responses to questions regarding thermite, nanothermite
and conventional explosives used in the WTC destruction.

27 May 2011 - 911blogger - Theiry Meyssan
Projection "The black box of September 11" Paris

31 May 2011 - 911blogger - Aidan Monaghan
Official GPS Data Reveal Superior
Aviation GPS Service Provided To
WTC & Pentagon During 9/11 Attacks

1,507 Architects and Engineers
Call for New 9/11 Investigation

Click following link for
Upcoming and Past Presentations!
17 April 2011 - AE911truth - Leroy Gmazel
Supporters Raise the Stakes this September

25 May 2011 - Youtube - 911blogger
Firefighters For 9/11 Truth
- Erik Lawyer -

Raw footage of a film premiering 9/10/2011
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

27 March 2011 - 911blogger - TruthNews
Susan Wolfe, Organizer for 10th Anniversary
NYC 11 September, 2011 Events Interviewed

Revolution Travel Management
Stand for Truth in NYC on Tenth Anniversary of 9/11

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