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NASA's Cassini space probe executed an Earth-flyby maneuver in August, 1999. It traveled at record speeds, around 10 miles per second, while carrying 72.3 pounds of highly radioactive plutonium on board. An inadvertent re-entry into Earth's atmosphere could have resulted in untold suffering for generations. "NASA Misleads the World on the Dangers of the Cassini Earth Flyby" and "The FORCE Behind Cassini" are two papers that explain why NASA might have conducted such a high-risk mission. Flyby News came out of a campaign to stop the arms race and abolish weapons and technologies capable of the mass destruction to life.


Winter 2018 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark
About Flyby News

08 October, 2015 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark

Litmus Tests for Truth & Transformation



17 August, 2018 – FN Youtube - 58:00 – Bart Jordan
Manhattan Project NASA Whistleblower
09 August 2018 Interview with Jonathan Mark

31 August, 2017 - Flyby News - Youtube (28:00)
Bart Jordan Speaks - Ancient Measure
Pi - Denali - Abuse of light
16 January, 2018 - Flyby News - Youtube 1:52:25
Bart Jordan and MARS Viking 1

21 April, 2015 - Youtube - 0:07:09
A Flyby News Perspective
on Bart Jordan


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New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

JFK Assassination 1963 Coup D'etat

Evidence of fraud, US 1969-1972 lunar missions

01 October, 2018 – Youtube- 0:30:00 - Flyby News
American Moon's Massimo Mazzucco Interview

Massimo Mazzucco Films 
American Moon


Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment


FlybyNews Health & Spiritual Blog


Credible Witness - UFO Disclosure Documentation


Resources for reclaiming a lost USA Republic



The BIG Surprise
out of the
Cassini-Earth flyby

Reports on Bart Jordan and evidence
of advanced pre-ice-age civilizations.

Plus learn more to help:

Free Leonard Peltier


 Space for Peace & September 11

Connecting dots to democracy or to genocide

14 November, 2017 - Youtube - 2:24:10 - Flyby News
Dark Legacy - JFK and 9 -11

19 September, 2017 - Youtube - 1:26:00 - Flyby News
September 11 - New Pearl Harbor
film summary and discussion

31 October, 2012 - Youtube 43:27 - AlienScientist
9/11 Conspiracy Solved: 
Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

26 May, 2017 - Youtube - 16:27 - Jonathan Mark
Denial, Cognitive Dissonance, & September 11
Flyby News June 2017 Update @ GCTV


30 October, 2018 – Flyby News - Jonathan Mark


The events of September 11, 2001 is a modern day "Big Lie." According to Wikipedia this phrase coined by Adolph Hitler is a propaganda technique for a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." Hitler exclaimed that the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I.' Yet the bigger lie follows the money trail leading to those financing both sides of world wars, those developing atomic bomb and other weapons of mass destruction, star wars, intelligence infiltration, coup d'etat assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The deceptions go deep and are too outrageous for most to consider. But the proof exists: Gulf of Tonkin, nuclear arming of Israel, evidence of fraud-US 1969-1972 lunar missions, Federal Reserve, Cointelpro, and other areas highlighting the essence of President Eisenhower's farewell address:


"In the councils of government, we must guard against
the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether 
sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.."


"We must all learn to live together
as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.
We are tied together in the single garment of destiny,
caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And
whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Speech in Memphis, April 3, 1968,
on the day before he was assassinated.
For article by Jonathan Mark on day after

FREE AT LAST- Day after Martin Luther King, Jr. died 



Dark Legacy - JFK & 9-11 is a 2012 Flyby News film compilation that uses an array of films to take the viewer down the rabbit hole in showing elements of four key conspiracies: JFK and 9-11, fraud with the Apollo 1969 to 1972 moon shot, and the globalization and greed controlling our economies leading to horrific harm to all life. The film and the spectrum of foreign affairs is meant to help awaken ourselves before it is too late and reality becomes a dead end during times of universal deceit.

Dark Legacy - JFK & 9-11

Part 1 - running time - 0:56:00
   (Sept. 11, Star Trek, Lyn Margulis, Wellstone)

Part 2 - running time - 1:28:00
JFK, Fed. Reserve, Lunar Lunacy, Democracy)

^Watch Online^
Short Version - 58 minutes - Online Film

Dark Legacy: JFK & 9/11
Subjects of parts 1 and 2 reversed

Also available on YouTube

Trailer - 0:06:22
Dark Legacy Trailer music-video

The short-condensed version is recommended for first viewing. The film tackles 9-11 within the context that such an event and cover-up could never have taken place unless other coup d’etat and cover-ups happened first. Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy is a film by John Hankey that exposes the Dallas-1963 perpetrators, and why that matters today.

Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy
"Provocative to say the least. Using materials familiar to researchers,
Dark Legacy makes a series of tantalizing connections between the rich
and powerful to suggest that Kennedy was brought down by a vast web of
powerful conservatives and that George H.W.Bush was close to all of them.
Hankey invites viewers not only to draw their own conclusions but also
to check out his sources." -- Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times
You can now watch Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Murder of
John F. Kennedy on Youtube!
"If the United States ever experiences an attempted coup
to overthrow the government it will come from the CIA.
The Agency represents tremendous power and total
unaccountability to anyone."

Kennedy knew a coup was coming
11 November, 2013 – Youtube – 0:02:00
JFK – Commemoration Events – PSA


22 November, 2013 - GCTV Video - FlybyNews
JFK 50th Anniversary-Commemoration
A community event ~ 2:28:00 
Also on Youtube!


Skyhorse Publishing - Peter Janney
Mary's Mosaic
The C.I.A. Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy,
Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace

16 June, 2013 - - Youtube
Mary's Mosaic: Book Trailer


11 April, 2013 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark

Peter Janney and Mary's Mosaic - Interview
29-minute running time


11 April, 2013 - Youtube - NCTV
Peter Janney and Mary's Mosaic -- Presentation
58-minute running time


08 August, 2018 - Flyby News - L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: The Morgan Fascist
Coup Plot and How FDR Defeated It


25 December, 2014 - Youtube - Woody Harrelson - HD
'Ethos' Epic Documentary!
Time to Unslave Humanity


 21 January, 2014 - AwazTV - Daily Motion
Russia Today News Declares 9/11
An Inside Job False Flag Attack!

September 11
The New Pearl Harbor

A film by Massimo Mazzucco


19 January, 2018 - Youtube - 4:10 - Animation Kurt Swinghammer
Buffy Sainte-Marie - War Racket


1935 - - Major General Smedley Butler
War Is A Racket


9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke
Incontrovertible 9-11 Evidence
INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary,
which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers,
Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns
about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The
film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating
the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies
concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

25 August, 2016 - Colorado Public TV - Youtube

Demolition of Truth– Psychologists Examine 9/11
Also available to stream or download
The Demolition of Truth
1 hour 47 minutes great film by Charles Ewing Smith 


23 November, 2013 - Frances T. Shure
Why Do Good People Become
Silent or Worse about 9/11?

22 December, 2008 - Youtube - 0:05:00 - Resistance Video
The Art of Corporate Mind Control
10 January 2004 - ICH - Michael Hasty
Paranoid Shift
Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Apocalypse and lifting of veil
JFK & 9-11

18 August, 2014 - Flyby News - Wordpress
15 years and the Cassini-Earth flyby

15 December, 2015 - Youtube - 1:58:00
Calling Apollo: What happened on the Moon?
Films and discussion with Jonathan Mark
Updated - FN - Wordpress
Moon landing Hoax


Without truth there is no justice,

and without justice, there will be no peace.


"Marcus Cicero, over 2000 years ago, defined freedom
as participation in power. If you don't participate in power,
you are not free. Whoever has the power owns you. If you
want to be free you have to participate in power.."

- U.S. Senator Mike Gravel

National Citizen's Initiative for Democracy


15 March, 2015 - Youtube - 0:37:30 + 20:30
Beyond Moss Brook
No Fracking Way!
Bart Jordan Timesinger

More info on Wordpress & also view
Via Greenfield Community Television

Sequence 02.Still005

04 October, 2012 - Youtube - RealEconTV

The Shale Gas Shell Game
Short sighted, short lived wells

04 September, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company
Attacks Native American Protesters
with Dogs and Pepper Spray
FN's updated resource page:

Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment 


“There are only two mistakes
one can make along the road to truth:
Not going all the way, and not starting.”


– The Buddha


For more quotations, and poetry:    
Life Rhythms poetry blog


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29 November, 2018 – Democracy Now - War and Peace
In a Historic First - Senate Advances Bill to
End U.S. Support for Illegal War in Yemen

29 November, 2018
George Monbiot: Ending Meat & Dairy Consumption Is
Needed to Prevent Worst Impacts of Climate Change

21 November, 2018 – Democracy Now - Headlines
Report: Oil Industry Knew About
Dangers of Climate Change in 1954

19 November, 2018 – Democracy Now - War and Peace
London: 85 Arrested as Extinction
Protesters Block Bridges

30 October, 2018 – Flyby News - Jonathan Mark

02 November, 2018 – WantToKnow - Fred Burks
Elections Manipulated
News Articles Prove Electoral Manipulation

26 October, 2018 – Democracy Now - Subhankar Banerjee
Trump Admin Opens Up Alaska for Drilling,
Threatening Already At-Risk Arctic Biodiversity

26 October, 2018
While Trump Calls Climate Change a Hoax, Hurricane
Michael Damaged US Fighter Jets Worth $6 Billion

A John Hankey Documentary
Is Trump for Real?
08 October, 2018 – Youtube- 0:04:25 - Trailer

You can currently rent the 66-minute
video for $1 on Amazon and Vimeo

23 October, 2018 – Democracy Now - Rula Jebreal
My “Secret Interview” with Jamal Khashoggi
Before His Brutal Murder by the Saudis

19 September, 2018 – UFOTV Youtube 1:33:57
UFOs and Nukes
Official Press Conference Washington, DC 2010

01 October, 2018 – Youtube - 0:30:00 - Flyby News
American Moon's Massimo Mazzucco Interview

Massimo Mazzucco Films

American Moon

Amazon DVD (3.5 hours) to purchase for the U.S.A.

For other Countries get it from Massimo Mazzucco's site.

11 November, 2018 – Audio mp3 - 9-11 Teleconference
Massimo Mazzucco on American Moon
9/11 And Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference

2016 - Dave McGowan - Alissa
The Center for an Informed America
Dave McGowan
Wagging the Moondoggie
A fan-made audio version:
Wagging the Moondoggie

Angel Fire - Pascal Xavier
Are the NASA missions real?

08 October, 2018 – Youtube - 9:57 - Bart Sibrel
NASA Shoots Themself - AGAIN

14 December, 2017 – Youtube- 5:10:38 - Taboo Conspiracy
Moon Landings Hoax Day Collection

Updated - Flyby News Resource
US 1969-1972 - Evidence of Fraud - Lunar Missions

07 October, 2018 - Off Guardian
"9/11 Unmasked"
Update & reminder to READ THIS BOOK

An International Review Panel: By
David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodward

22 August, 2015 - Youtube - 0:54 - We Are Change
Dr. Bob Bowman asks you to
contemplate the Lie of 9/11

19 September, 2017 - Youtube - 1:26:00 - Flyby News
September 11 - New Pearl Harbor
film summary and discussion

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

01 August, 2018 – Science - Beryl Lieff Benderly
Rosalind Franklin and the damage of gender harassment

24 November, 2018 – Refinery29 - Nick Levine
The Campaign To Honour An Unsung Female
Scientist On The New £50 Note

10 September, 2018 – Youtube 0:10:00 - Kabloooee Theater
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

17 August, 2018 – FN Youtube - 58:00 – Bart Jordan
Manhattan Project NASA Whistleblower
09 August 2018 Interview with Jonathan Mark

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Bart Jordan & Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

20 September, 2018 – Democracy Now - War and Peace
CodePink's Medea Benjamin to Iran Envoy:
"You Are Making a Case for War with Iran"

13 September, 2018 - Democracy Now - Amy Goodman
Bill McKibben to Jerry Brown: We Must Keep the
Oil in the Soil, Limiting Emissions Is Not Enough

04 September, 2018 – Democracy Now - War and Peace
Indigenous Activists Win “David vs. Goliath” Victory
as Court Rejects $4.5B Trans Mountain Pipeline

09 September, 2018 – Islamic Republic - Iran
US F-15 jets strike Deir
ez-Zor with phosphorus bombs

09 September, 2018 – Reuters - Moscow/Washington
Russia says U.S. dropped phosphorus bombs
over Syria, which Pentagon denies

18 April, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace Report
Unlimited Worldwide War: ACLU Warns Senate
Against Giving Trump Blank Check to Declare War

16 April, 2018 - CBS News - Emily Tillett
Sen. Kaine on "illegal" Syria strike:
"We have a president, not a king"

25 March, 2018 - Global Research - Edward Curtin
False Flag Operations Will Start New War?
Towards U.S.-Israeli Attack on Syria and Lebanon?

04 April, 2017 - 21Wire - Patrick Henningsen
Reviving the ‘Chemical Weapons’ Lie:
New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria

Flyby News Archive Updated Resource:
Syria and false flag operations

Man is deeply vulnerable when faced with overwhelming evil.
Instead of consolidating his energy to fight it,
he wastes valuable time and effort puzzling over it,
insisting it is not, cannot possibly be, what it seems.

– Konnilyn G. Feig

Hitler’s Death Camps: The Sanity Of Madness P. 444 (1979)

06 August, 2018 – ICH – Maggie Michael, Trish Wilson, Lee Keath
Saudi Arabia Cut Secret Deals
With al-Qaida Fighters

27 July, 2018 – Indian Country – Frank Hopper
Leonard Peltier wins key
victory in censorship lawsuit

14 August, 2018 – CBS-Youtube- 2:52 – This Morning
Omarosa: Tape has Trump campaign
aides spinning use of N-word

09 August, 2018 – Youtube 1:58 – Official Trailer
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9

07 August, 2018 – PBS TV – A.C. Thompson
Documenting Hate: Charlottesville

07 August, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Documenting Hate: New Doc Lays Bare the Violent
White Supremacy that Exploded in Charlottesville

07 August, 2018
New Charlottesville Doc Exposes Neo-Nazi Leaders &
Their Ties to U.S. Military & Weapons Contractors

02 August, 2018 – Common Dreams – Vijay Prashad
The American War Machine Continues
to Grow. Empire in Decline, Really?

01 August, 2018 – Vice News – Nick Turse
A Slaughter In Silence
How a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign in DRC
was made worse by Trump's "America First"
Policies and the World's Neglact

01 August, 2018 – NY Times Magazine – Nathaniel Rich
Losing Earth: The Decade We
Almost Stopped Climate Change

20 July, 2018 – Sleuth Journal – Bart Sibrel
Did the Astronauts Travel 1000 Times Farther
49 Years Ago Than They Can Today? (videos)

12 December, 2017 - Youtube - 26:39 - Curious One
Moon Landing Hoax Final Evidence

06 June, 2014 - Youtube - 1:28:32
Was it only a Paper Moon
James Collier - LEM Analysis

19 July, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
PBS Report from Yemen: As Millions Face Starvation,
American-Made Bombs Are Killing Civilians

19 July, 2018 - Headline
WaPo: Separated Immigrant Children
Abused at Chicago Nonprofit

04 July, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
"What to the American Slave Is Your 4th of July?":
James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass's Historic Speech

04 July, 2018
James Forman Jr. on “Locking Up Our Own:
Crime and Punishment in Black America”

19 June, 2018 - Global Research - Barrie Zwicker
Refugee Crisis: Manufactured Migrants Are
Tools in U.S. Empire’s ‘Grand Chessboard’

18 June, 2018 - Washington Post - Video
Trump announces military Space Force

13 June, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
A Humanitarian Catastrophe: U.S.-Backed
Forces Attack Key Yemeni Port Imperiling Millions

10 June, 2018 - Global Research - Leith Aboufadel
Breaking: ISIS Terrorists Are Only Present in
US-controlled Areas in Syria – Russian MoD

26 May, 2018 - Raw Story - Bob Brigham
Robert Kennedy Jr. Doesn't Believe 'Official
Story' About His Father's Assassination --
and Wants a New Investigation

05 June, 2018 - Bart Sibrel, Joseph McBride, Ernst Lubitsch
RFK Assassination 50 Years Later (Video)

31 October, 2012 - Youtube 43:27 - AlienScientist
9/11 Conspiracy Solved:
Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

02 June, 2018 - NoLiesRadio - Left Forum NYC
Petition for Grand Jury Investigation Into Crimes of 9/11
Live Video-Streamed Conference - June 2, 2018

04 June, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
"A Source of Positivity All the Time":
Remembering Palestinian Medic
Razan al-Najjar, Killed by IDF

24 April, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace Report
No End in Sight for US-Backed Yemen
War as Airstrike Kills At Least 20,
Including Bride, at Wedding

19 April, 2018 - Huffington Post - Chris D’Angelo
Senate Confirms Climate Change Denier
To Lead NASA

20 March, 2018 - VOX - Alex Ward
Lawmakers just tried — and failed — to end
US support for the Saudi war in Yemen

Sens. Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee, and Chris Murphy had
their Yemen resolution killed. The US will therefore
continue to help commit war crimes in Yemen.

22 March, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War & Peace Report
Reformer or War Criminal? Saudi Crown Prince
Welcomed in U.S. as Trump Touts Weapons Deals

19 January, 2018 - Youtube - 4:10 - Animation Kurt Swinghammer
Buffy Sainte-Marie - The War Racket

1935 - - Major General Smedley Butler
War Is A Racket

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Martin Luther King & Masters of War

19 March, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace Report
Exclusive: Brazilian Presidential Candidate Lula
on Facing Jail as He Runs for President Again

16 March, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace Report
50 Years After My Lai Massacre
in Vietnam, Revisiting the Slaughter
the U.S. Military Tried to Hide

16 March, 2018
The GI Resistance Continues:
Vietnam Vets Return to My Lai,
Where U.S. Slaughtered 500 Civilians

06 March, 2018 - U.S. News - Robert Naiman
Win the Vote, End the War

21 February, 2018 - Metro - Matt Juul
Robert Reich: Donald Trump 'is the
antithesis of the common good'

09 February, 2018 - Democracy Now! -War & Peace
Lawrence Wilkerson: I Helped Sell the False Choice
of War with Iraq; It’s Happening Again with Iran

29 January, 2018 - Democracy Now! - War & Peace
"Unprecedented Level of Violence" in Kabul
as Taliban Sends "Clear Message" to Trump

06 December, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War & Peace
Daniel Ellsberg Reveals He Was a Nuclear War
Planner, Warns of Nuclear Winter & Global Starvation

05 December, 2017 - Bloomsbury Publishing - Daniel Ellsberg
The Doomsday Machine
Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner

"Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate
the day when this planet may no longer be habitable.
Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear
sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of
threads, capable of being cut at any moment
by accident or miscalculation or madness.

– John F. Kennedy

14 November, 2017 - Youtube - 6:21 - Senator Markey
Markey Calls for Limiting President Trump's
Authority to Launch a Nuclear First Strike

Powerful common sense statement about our rights
backed by a Constitution demanding oversight
if a President wants to make war.

14 November, 2017 - Press Release - Senator Edward Markey
Remarks at Foreign Relations Committee
Hearing on Presidential Authority to
Order the Use of Nuclear Weapons

14 November, 2017 - C-Span - Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Concerns Raised President's
Stability Nuclear Weapons

15 December, 2017 - Youtube 28:00 - Jonathan Mark
About Flyby News

16 January, 2018 - Flyby News - Youtube 1:52:25
Bart Jordan and Mars Viking

31 August, 2017 - Flyby News - Youtube (28:00)
Bart Jordan Speaks - Ancient Measure
Pi - Denali - Abuse of light

Videos available for public airing

08 August, 2017 - Flyby News - Wordpress - Bart Jordan
The Cesium Frequency Connection

Flyby News Updated Resource

Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilizations

"Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it

- George Santayana

Peppertree Film Production - Steve Wimberly
The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman

17 November, 2017 - Think Progress - Natasha Geiling
Massive pipeline spill exposes serious
flaws in Keystone XL approval process

14 November, 2017 - Stars and Stripes - AP - Frank Jordans
Protesters disrupt US-sponsored
event at climate talks in Germany

Watch video Democracy Now! Nov. 14 program

13 October, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Robert Jay Lifton
Apocalyptic Twins of Nuclear and Climate
Threats & Reflections on Survival

14 November, 2017 - BBC- Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati
Raqqa's dirty secret
The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal
that let hundreds of IS fighters and their families
escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-
led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city.

23 December, 2017 - SecureTeam 10 - Youtube 11:08
PILOT Who Chased THIS UFO Reveals All

Secureteam 10 is an excellent source for reporting
new UFO sighting news, and the strange activity
happening on and off of our planet.

16 December, 2017 - Chicago Tribune - Joby Warrick
Pentagon confirms secret program on UFO
sightings since 2007; official wants data released

14 November, 2017 - Youtube - 2:24:10 - Flyby News
Dark Legacy - JFK and 9 -11
(original complete version)

30 October, 2017 - Consortium News - Ray McGovern
Deep State's JFK Triumph Over Trump

16 November, 2017 - Facebook - Oliver Stone
Thoughts on the JFK Files

27 October, 2017 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
JFK Files – Trump trumped by CIA

16 October, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War & Peace
“Stop the Unconstitutional War in Yemen”
Rep. Ro Khanna on Growing Opposition
to U.S.-Backed War

19 September, 2017 - Global Research - Douglas Valentine and Lars Schall
The CIA: Seventy Years of Organized Crime

04 October, 2017 - We Are Change - Youtube 6:15
Las Vegas Shooting - The Facts So Far

05 October, 2017 - Brasscheck TV - Youtube
Second shooter at the Mandalay?
Where is security camera footage of Stephen Paddock
bringing TWENTY-THREE guns into the hotel?

19 September, 2017 - Youtube - 1:26:00 - Flyby News
September 11 - New Pearl Harbor
film summary and discussion

12 September, 2017 - Muslim Press - David Ray Griffin
'The U.S. was not attacked
by Muslims; it attacked itself'

26 May, 2017 - Youtube - 16:27 - Jonathan Mark
Denial, Cognitive Dissonance, & September 11
Flyby News June 2017 Update @ GCTV & Transcript

09 May, 2017 - Activist Post - Rosanne Lindsay
Controlled Opposition In The Truth Movement

29 February 2012 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
Controlled Opposition * 9-11 Truth Attacks

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

28 July, 2017 - The Black Vault
The Withheld JFK Assassination Documents

29 June, 2017 - TruthDig - AP
State Department Publishes Formerly
Expunged Documents on 1953 Iran Coup

07 May, 2017 - ZeroHedge - George Washington
The Ever-Growing List of
ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

July, 2017 - Aulis - Phil Kouts
The Apollo Myth: A Hindrance
to Human Space Exploration

Apollo increasingly revealing itself as pure fabrication

13 January, 2011 - Youtube (4:17) - RammsteinVEV0
Rammstein- Amerika
Music video by Rammstein performing Amerika

17 March, 2018 - Cox Media - Natalie Drei
Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA doesn't match
twin Mark's after year-long space mission

More evidence that even in low Earth orbit,
the powerful radiation factor is too much
for astronauts today, and during the
1969 to 1972 Apollo lunar missions.

02 March, 2018 - DBT Radio - Youtube 52:07
Bart Sibrel's 2018 Interview

26 January, 2017 - The Secret Sun - Blog
NASA Shovels Moon Dust
Onto Apollo's Coffin

05 November, 2017 - Sleuth Journal - Bart Sibrel
One Giant Lie for Mankind
Amazing NASA Confession

15 November, 2017 - Youtube (1:41:19) - Richard Hall
Analyzing the Astronauts - full episode

15 July, 2017 - Better Mankind - Youtube (9:07)
NASA - We Never Went To The Moon

24 June, 2017 - Youtube (54:14) - Hank Cooper
Moon Hoax 2017 UPDATE!
New Evidence Shows
Massive Cover Up

20 July, 2017 - Sleuth Journal - Bart Sibrel
Did They Really Walk on Moon 48 Years
Ago on the Very First Attempt? (Video)

14 December, 2017 - Music Video (05:41) - Bart Sibrel
Do You Believe They Went to the Moon?

11 December, 2017 - Youtube (33:21) - Jarrah White
MoonFaker: Adam Ruins His Credibility

08 December, 2000 - UPI - Flyby News
1964 U.S. atomic bomb blast in the Van Allen belts

01 July, 2010 - NPR - Robert Krulwich
Very Scary Light Show: Exploding H-Bombs In Space

Updated - Flyby News Resource
US 1969-1972 - Evidence of Fraud - Lunar Missions

13 December, 2017 - PBS Newshour
Climate change is part of California’s
perfect recipe for intense wildfire

30 August, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War & Peace
Ex-NASA Scientist James Hansen: There is a Clear
Link Between Climate Change & Stronger Hurricanes

31 August, 2017
Surrounded by Oil Refineries, Port Arthur, TX
Faces New Environmental Crisis
Following Harvey Floods

01 September, 2017 - Truthdig - Emily Wells
Jerry Brown Going to Russia
to Talk Climate Change

14 August, 2017 - Vice News - Youtube 22:04
Charlottesville: Race and Terror –
VICE News Tonight on HBO

17 August, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Exclusive
Stonewall Jackson's Great-Great-Grandsons
Call for Removal of Confederate Monuments

17 August, 2017
Life After Hate: Trump Admin Stops Funding
Former Neo-Nazis Who Now Fight White Supremacy

08 August, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Joel Clement
Meet the Federal Official Blowing the Whistle
on Trump's Suppression of Climate Science

10 July, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Alex Doukas
Even as All G20 Countries Except U.S. Affirm Paris
Deal, Nations Pour $72B a Year into Fossil Fuels

28 June, 2017 - Nature - 6 Scientists
Three years to safeguard our climate

10 July, 2017 - Youtube - 22:58 - Anonymous
Madness - Using Weather as Weapon

07 July, 2017 - UN Conference On Nuclear Weapons
Conference to Negotiate Legally Binding Instrument
Banning Nuclear Weapons Adopts Treaty
by 122 Votes in Favour, 1 against,
1 Abstention

Nuclear Weapons, Always Immoral, Now Also Illegal,
Declares Hiroshima Survivor as Disarmament
Chief Urges, ‘Use Treaty Wisely

12 July, 2017 - Fight for the Future
Join the Battle for the Net
Support net neutrality, freedom of speech

23 July, 2017 - TruthDig - Chris Hedges
Trump and the Christian Fascists

04 December, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War & Peace
Rep. Keith Ellison: GOP Tax Bill Would Reorder
Society & Create “Hereditary Aristocracy” for Rich

04 December, 2017
Honduras: Protesters Defy Military Crackdown and
Flood the Streets to Protest Alleged Vote-Rigging

01 December, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War & Peace
New Investigation Finds U.S. Special Forces Massacred
Somali Civilians & Orchestrated a Cover-Up

29 November, 2017 - Daily Beast - Christina Goldbaum
Strong Evidence that U.S. Special Operations
Forces Massacred Civilians in Somalia

19 July, 2017 - Demoocracy Now!- War and Peace
Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M
People "Back to Middle Ages" in Electricity Crisis

19 July, 2017 - Dr. Carol Paris
We Must Make It Toxic for Politicians
to Not Get on Board with Single Payer

18 July, 2017
Amnesty Accuses US Coalition of War Crimes in Mosul:
Scale of Death Much Higher Than Acknowledged

03 July, 2017 - World Socialist Web Site
Media blackout of Seymour Hersh's
exposé on US missile strike against Syria

27 June, 2017 - ZeroHedge - George Washington
After Getting Busted for Bombing Syria
Based On a Lie, Trump Doubles Down …
Threatens to Bomb Syria Even Harder
Based On Same BS

26 June, 2017 - ZeroHedge - Tyler Durden
US Lied About Syrian Chemical Attack
Then Bombed Them Anyway
- Seymour Hersh

29 June, 2017 - Facebook Video (2:07) - Caleb Maupin
Set Up For False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria?
Caleb Maupin vs. Heather Nauert at US State Dept.

23 June, 2017 - Paul Craig Roberts
The World Is Going Down With Trump

"American fascists are most easily recognized by
their deliberate perversion of truth and fact."

Henry A. Wallace
Vice President (1941 to 1945).
Quote from 1944 article in NY Times
“The Danger of American Fascism”

14 July, 2017 - Global Research - Felicity Arbuthnot
Yemen – Court Battle Exposes UK – Saudi
Arms Trade. A Marriage Made in Hell

13 July, 2017 - Global Research - Selected Articles
The US Is the Real Warmonger

22 June, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
U.S. Tied to Torture in Network of
Secret Yemen Prisons Run by UAE

19 June, 2017 - BBC News - Middle East
Syria conflict: Russia issues warning
after US coalition downs jet

16 June, 2017 - Free Press - Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman
It Doesn't Take a Russian to
Hack an American Election

04 July, 2017 - Washington Post - Associated Press
Lawsuit Seeks To Void Georgia
Congressional Election Results

14 June, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Oliver Stone
Interviews Putin on U.S.-Russia Relations,
2016 Election, Snowden, NATO & Nuclear Arms

09 June, 2017 - Consortium News - Jonathan Marshall
The US Hand in the Libyan/Syrian Tragedies

16 June, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Standing Rock Sioux Chair on Militarized Repression
& Ongoing Lawsuit to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline

01 June, 2017 - Common Dreams - Lauren McCauley
Destructive Fossil Fuel Puppet' Trump
Ditches Climate Deal with Fact-Free Speech

11 May, 2017 - Indian Country Today - Mary Annette Pember
ETP Spills Two Million Gallons
of Drilling Material in Ohio

28 March, 2017 - CommonDreams - Nika Knight
'Sheer Reckless Folly': Trump
Destroys Obama-Era Climate Rules

"Aside from provoking a large-scale nuclear war,
it is hard to imagine an American president taking
an action more harmful to the U.S. than Trump's
effort to accelerate greenhouse gas emissions"

20 February, 2017 - Global Research - Regis Tremblay
The Cliff of Nuclear Annihilation,:
Humanity on the Brink of Extinction!
Thirty Seconds to Midnight

Dr. Helen Caldicott, Ray McGovern, Chris Hedges,
Ann Wright, Peter Kusnick, Bill McKibben, David Vine
and other activists, scholars, and authors explain and
clarify the crisis and threats to life on the planet.

18 January, 2017 - Science Daily
2016 warmest year on record globally,
NASA and NOAA data show

24 January, 2017 - CNN - Athena Jones, Jeremy Diamond, & Gregory Krieg
Trump advances controversial oil
pipelines with executive action

11 January, 2017 - Common Dreams - Deirdre Fulton
Tillerson Called Out for 'Lying About
Climate' During Confirmation Hearing

FN's updated resource page:
Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment

30 October, 2016 - Wordpress - Flyby News
Bart Jordan: Music, Mars
and Manhattan Project Scars

11 April, 2017 - Youtube - 1:14:43 - Bart Jordan
NASA's Long Hidden Warning From Mars

The Rise & Fall of Man;

The War of Wars;

The Impending Ending of Father Sky & Mother Earth;

The Near-Dead Trees of Life & Knowledge.

Wake-Up and Make-Up World!

Our future is in Our Past with No Escape Present.

10 April, 2017 - FN Wordpress - Bart Jordan
NASA's Long Hidden Warning From Mars

01 March, 2017 - Youtube - 29:30 - Jonathan Mark
Flyby News March 2017 Tour and Update

Flyby News Updated Resource
Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

26 May, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Exclusive
Dilma Rousseff on Her Ouster
Brazil's Political Crisis & Fighting Dictatorship

24 May, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Tariq Ali: Manchester Bombing is Part of Vicious
Cycle, Likely Blowback from Ongoing War on Terror

24 May, 2017
Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Trump's Budget Takes a
Sledgehammer to What Remains of the American Dream

19 May, 2017 - BBC News - World
Syria and Russia condemn US-led
attack on pro-Assad forces

12 May, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Donald Trump Orders "Election Integrity"
Commission Headed by Architects of Voter Suppression

04 May, 2017 - WeAreChange - Youtube 5:40 - Luke Rudkowski
False Flag Exposed Caught
Red Handed and Prevented

30 April, 2017 - Global Research-Audio - Ray McGovern
Escalation of Tensions in Syria: One Month
after the Chemical Attack in Khan Sheikhoun

Ray McGovern’s segment goes from minute 6:40 to 29:25

21 April, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Allan Nairn
Shocking Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-
Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia

08 April, 2017 - Global Research - Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Washington’s False Flag: United Nations Confirmed:
US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons

21 April, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
As U.S. Preps Arrest Warrant for Assange,
Glenn Greenwald Says Prosecuting WikiLeaks
Threatens Press Freedom for All

06 April, 2017 - IPE - Paul Craig Roberts
Trump Has Surrendered.
Will Putin Be The Next To Surrender?

06 April, 2017 - Consortium News - Robert Parry
NYT Retreats on 2013 Syria-Sarin Claims

04 April, 2017 - Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden
Trump Blames Obama For Syrian Chemical Attack

" would wonder why Assad - who recently turned the tide
of war against the local US-backed rebels after retaking Aleppo
- would do this knowing well, what the reaction would be, and
sure enough the Syrian military denied responsibility and
said it would never use chemical weapons; it certainly
did not in the 2013 "false flag" sarin gas attack."

Flyby News Archive Updated Resource:
Syria and false flag operations

30 March, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Iona Craig
Yemen: Trump Expands U.S. Military Role
in Saudi War as Yemenis Brace for Famine

27 March, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Medicare for All? Sen. Bernie Sanders Poised to
Push for Single Payer After GOP Plan Falls Apart

27 March, 2017
More Than 1,000 Civilians Reportedly Killed by U.S.-
Led Airstrikes as Trump Expands War on Terror

27 March, 2017
Bill McKibben: Trump May Have Approved Keystone XL,
But People Will Stop This Pipeline Again

20 March, 2017 - The Guardian - Thomas Hedges
The Pentagon has never been audited.
That's astonishing

20 March, 2017 - Common Dreams - Nika Knight
After release of "cruel" budget, TrumpCare, and
unsubstantiated wiretapping claims, President
Trump's approval rating drops to lowest yet

15 March, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
David Cay Johnston Speaks Out About
Receiving & Revealing 2 Pages of
Trump's 2005 Tax Returns

12 March, 2017 - CBS News - Holly Williams
Does torture get good intel?
Ex-Gitmo detainee says, "No"

Mohamedou Slahi gives 60 Minutes an uncensored account
of the now-illegal enhanced interrogation he endured
at Guantanamo Bay -- and why he says it doesn’t work

09 March, 2017 - The Intercept - Iona Craig
Death in al Ghayil
Women and Children in Yemeni Village Recall
Horror of Trump's "Highly Successful" SEAL Raid

09 March, 2017 - ICH - Daniel Larison
Disgraceful: U.S. Support for
War Crimes in Yemen Continues

09 March, 2017 - Indian Country Media Network
Tipis arise on the National Mall as
Indigenous Peoples from across Turtle
Island descend upon Washington D.C.

28 February, 2017 - Democracy Now! - Neta Crawford
As Trump Pushes for Historic $54B Military Spending
Hike, Which Programs Will He Cut to Pay for War?

06 February, 2017 - Canberra Times - Norman Abjorensen
America's military-industrial complex
will use Trump's presidency or end it

An unrestrained deep state under a pliant
US president is the stuff of nightmare.

21 February, 2017 - Youtube - 27:07 - Shill Stoppers
NASA: More Moon Lies Exposed

19 February, 2017 - San Francisco Chronicle - David Talbot
Washington’s coup fever heats up

15 February, 2017 - Free Thought Project - Jay Syrmopoulos
Open Warfare Declared in DC
as Deep State 'Goes Nuclear'
Trump 'Will Die in Jail'

20 February, 2017 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
DHS Memos: Speed Up Mass Deportations & Prosecute
Parents Who Help Undocumented Children Enter U.S.

10 February, 2017 - Australian Financial Review - Ben Potter
Silicon will blow lithium batteries
out of water, says Adelaide firm

10 February, 2017 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump's Muslim Ban, Says
"No Evidence" of Attacks from 7 Listed Countries

09 February, 2017 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Human Slaughterhouse: Amnesty International
Says Up to 13,000 Hanged at Syrian Prison

08 February, 2017 - Syriana Analysis
Fake News: [REBUTTAL]Amnesty International
Claims 13,000 Hanged by Syrian Government

03 February, 2017 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Yemen: Jeremy Scahill & Advocates Question
"Success" of Trump Raid That Killed 24 Civilians

30 January, 2017 - Intercept - Glenn Greenwald
Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen.
Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister.

01 February, 2017 - CommonDreams - Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Worse Than We Imagined: Trump's Mission
Creep Takes Giant Leap Forward

11 September, 2017 - Flyby News - Facebook
September 11, 2017 Commemorative Community Event

03 September, 2017 - Recorder - Greenfield, MA
Alternative view of 9/11 to be shown Sept. 11

The idea of an alternative theory apart from the official
conspiracy theory justifying wars for decades is only reasonable..
And yet, while promoting this event, I noticed so many not wanting
to even consider it, introducing such an alternative theory is almost
taboo in our society.. That is the scary part for real, don't you think?

21 July, 2017 - Youtube 42:21 - Massimo Mazzucco
"September 11 The New Pearl Harbor" - A summary

20 January, 2017 - Youtube - 30-minutes - Jonathan Mark
Flyby News Update - January, 2017

13 January, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
James Mattis Calls for U.S. Military
to Be More Lethal at Defense
Secretary Confirmation Hearing

12 January, 2017 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Investigation: Did Trump's Defense Secretary
Nominee James Mattis Commit War Crimes in Iraq?

If "Mad Dog" gets in.. there will be little chance
for truth, justice, or peace.. Trump's war game..
is not based on truth.. which is why he is supporting
Giuliani for cyberspace security.. the one who was
key in covering up the truth about 9-11..
these are weird dark times in deed.

06 January, 2017 - Youtube - 1:21 - Peter Michael Ketcham
9/11 confessions Series:
Former NIST Employee

07 January, 2017 - Flyby News - Wordpress
U.S. Intel Chiefs Alleging Russian Threat
Have History of Deceiving the Public

28 December, 2016 - Democracy Now!
Part 2- CIA Interrogator Reveals Saddam Hussein
Predicted Rise of ISIS & U.S. Failure in Iraq

28 December, 2016 - Part 1
CIA Interrogator: At Time of U.S. Invasion, Saddam
Hussein Was Focused on Writing Novel, Not WMDs

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Martin Luther King & Masters of War

"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world:
My own Government, I can not be Silent."

13 December, 2016 - Democracy Now!
Greg Palast: By Rejecting Recount, Is Michigan
Covering Up 75,000 Ballots Never Counted?

13 December, 2016
Vowing to "Stop Political Correctness," Gen. John
Kelly to Head Department of Homeland Security

13 December, 2016
Electoral College Members Seek Intel Briefing on
Possible Russian Meddling in Election to Aid Trump

12 December, 2016 - Democracy Now!
Trump's War on Science:
Exxon CEO Expected to Head State,
While "Enemies List" Alarms Energy Dept.

09 December, 2016 - Democracy Now!
Green Party's Jill Stein on
Obstacles to Vote Recount:

"This is Not What Democracy Looks Like"

22 November, 2016 - Free Thought Project - Matt Agorist
53 Years After JFK Assassination and CIA
Admits Conspiracy THEORY is Actually FACT

28 December, 2012 - Listverse - Josh Fox
10 Reasons the Moon Landings
Could Be a Hoax

29 November, 2016 - Free Thought Project - Jay Syrmopoulos
CIA Created ISIS
Assange Drops Bombshell
WikiLeaks Release of 500K US Cables

01 November, 2016 - Digital Journal - Ralph Lopez
New tapes show Israel's attack
on USS Liberty was deliberate

01 November, 2016 - MiddleEastRising - Ivan Stamenkovic
WikiLeaks: US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia
planned overthrow of Syrian govt. in 2006

30 October, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
Did #DAPL Security Worker Wielding an AR-15
Rifle Try to Infiltrate Native Water Protectors?

24 October, 2016 - WantToKnow - Kevin Shipp
Why So Few Whistleblowers?
A Former CIA Agent's Story

13 October, 2016 - RT - Source
US, Saudis to grant 9,000 ISIS fighters
free passage from Iraqi Mosul to Syria

30 August, 2016 - Middle East Eye - Gareth Porter
The real US Syria scandal:
Supporting sectarian war

22 August, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
"This is Our War & It is Shameful:"
Journalist Andrew Cockburn on the
U.S. Role in the War in Yemen

18 September, 2016 - Wave Updates
Russia accuses US of supporting ISIS
after airstrike kills 62 Syrian troops

September, 2016 - Journal of 9-11 Studies - Edward Curtin
Why I Don’t Speak of 9/11 Anymore

01 September, 2016 - WND - Exclusive
9/11 conspiracy gets support
from physicists' study

Europhysics magazine report finds Twin Towers
brought down by 'controlled demolition'

25 August, 2016 - Colorado Public TV - Youtube
Demolition of Truth – Psychologists Examine 9/11
Also available to stream or download
The Demolition of Truth
1 hour 47 minutes great film by Charles Ewing Smith

21 August, 2016 - Youtube - 0:06:35 - Tony Rooke
Police Officers & Firefighters Speak Out On 9-11

9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke
Incontrovertible 9-11 Evidence
INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary,
which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers,
Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns
about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The
film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating
the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies
concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

Reclaiming A Lost USA Republic

20 July, 2016 - The Sleuth Journal - Bart Sibrel
Crappy Anniversary: Did they Walk on the Moon
47 Years Ago with 1960’s Technology?

07 June, 2016 - Youtube - Bart Sibrel
Moon Landing Hoax
Complete Unedited Interview (VIDEO)

12 August, 2016 - Youbue - 2:05:16 - Jim Fetzer
The Great Moon Landing Hoax
with Dennis Cimino

12 December, 2015 - Youbue - 9:04 - Jay Weidner
The REAL confession of Stanley Kubrick

Aulis - Mary DM Bennett
Orion, the Van Allen Belts &
Space Radiation Challenges

Updated - FN - Wordpress
Evidence of fraud, US 1969-1972 lunar missions

13 July, 2016 - PBS Newshour - Miles O'Brien
Medical marijuana research
comes out of the shadows

13 July, 2016 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark
September 11 and War On Terror
- 2 minute PSA -

22 May, 2014 - Dig Within - Kevin Ryan
Donald Rumsfeld and the Demolition of WTC 7

22 July, 2016 -FN Wordpress - Barry Kissin
The Truth about the 28 Pages
and its Enduring Cover-up

15 July, 2016 -The Intercept - Murtaza Hussain
Saudi Ties to 9/11 Detailed in
Documents Suppressed Since 2002

15 July, 2016 -Veterans Today - Gordon Duff
Bandar "Bush" Named as
9/11 Planner in 28 Pages

06 July, 2016 - Democracy Now!
Iraqi Exile: U.K. Iraq Inquiry
Confirms the War Was Based on a Lie

06 July, 2016
Tariq Ramadan: Iraq War Waged for U.S. Economic
Interests Has Destabilized All of Middle East

27 June, 2016 - Political Insider - Kosar
Official Scheduled To Testify
Against Hillary FOUND DEAD!

26 June, 2016 - Truth Frequency Radio - Sean Caron
Tony Rooke (Incontrovertible) Interview
Now archived on Youtube by
The Awakening Liberty Show with Sean Caron

07 April, 2016 - FN Youtube - 07:30 - PSA
Public Service Announcement - May 21 New England screening

9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke
Incontrovertible 9-11 Evidence

INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length documentary,
which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers,
Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns
about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The
film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating
the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies
concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

Help get this DVD distributed!
Go Fund US
9-11 Evidence

12 January, 2016 - AE911truth - James McDowell
Seeing Through the Miracles of 9/11
From its artful cinematography to its rich underscore,
Incontrovertible is an inspired and well-researched
documentary that reaches its viewers on multiple
levels, with layered messages.

27 April, 2016 - We Are Change - Youtube - 08:59
Biggest Chemical Attack On American
Citizens By Their Own Government

Luke Rudkowski reports on WTC Asbestos

16 April, 2016 - Truth Frequency Radio - Sean Caron
Interview with Jonathan Mark
Connect the dots, JFK, Apollo Hoax and NWO Truth
Available now on Youtube!

14 June, 2016 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark
Flyby News Update - June 2016

22 July, 2016 - UCS - Astrid Caldas
Beyond Heat Waves: What Does 14 Months in a Row
of Record Heat Say About Global Warming?

Five Key Points to Keep in Mind

Union of Concerned Scientists
Scientific Consensus on Global Warming

23 May, 2016 - Truthout - Dahr Jamail
Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration
Has Passed the Point of No Return

16 May, 2016 - Science - Leigh Dayton
Atmospheric CO2 soars past crucial milestone

26 May, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Anna Kalinsky
Granddaughter of Exxon Scientist Confronts CEO
over Oil Giant’s Decision to Fund Climate Lies

23 May, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Headlines
WMO Calls for Climate Action After
Another Heat Record "Smashed"

The Sustainability Secret

The Rendlesham Forest Incident
also known as 'Britain's Roswell', is undoubtedly one
of the best documented and most significant military
encounters with a Craft of Unknown Origin or UFO.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident
Above web site dedicated to preserving information regarding
this historic encounter, with a Craft of Unknown Origin in the
Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England - December 1980.

1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident Binary Code

Youtube - Audio - Mar 12, 2016 - Lost Origins Episode 6
Joe Luciano - UFO Contact and
The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Flyby News updated resource:
Credible Witness - UFO/ET - Testimony

And there is a Connection!

Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

03 March, 2016 - Sputnik News - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Kennedy: US 'Wants to Overthrow
Democratically Elected Syrian Gov't

16 July, 2016 - The Guardian - Amana Fontanella-Khan
Fethullah Gülen: Turkey coup may
have been 'staged' by Erdoğan regime

17 July, 2016 -The Sleuth Journal - World News
US-Sponsored Genocide In Syria

26 June, 2016 - NY Times - Mark Mazzetti, Ali Younes
C.I.A. Arms for Syrian Rebels
Supplied Black Market,
Officials Say

'Some of the stolen weapons were used in a shooting
in November that killed two Americans and three
others at a police training facility.'

Flyby News Archive Updated Resource:
Syria and false flag operations

17 June, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Dror Ladin
Latest CIA Torture Docs Show
"Evidence of War Crimes"
Brutality That Even Shocked Bush

30 May, 2016 - Commonweal - Nicholas Haggerty
Interview with Former CIA
Analyst Ray McGovern

Flyby News updated resource:
Reclaiming A Lost USA Republic

22 April, 2016 - Alex Jones - Youtube - 15:02
Steve Pieczenik (Govt Insider) says the Israelis,
Saudis and neocons were behind the 9-11 attacks.

17 March, 2016 - NY Times - Mark Mazzetti
Senate Passes Bill Exposing Saudi Arabia
to 9/11 Legal Claims

Link to 28 Pages-related 9/11 Commission
Staff Memos released by National Archives

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

11 June, 2016 - Flyby News - Karren Hoyt
What’s up in the Skies?
Chemtrails, Weather Modification, and
Geoengineering & Why you should care!

Event also posted on Facebook

09 April, 2016 - YourNewsWire - Kristen Meghan
Military Insider Comes Clean About
Chemtrails To Luke Rudskowski

17 March, 2016 - YourNewsWire - Sean Adl-Tabatabai
Top Scientist Confirms Aluminium
Poisoning Via Chemtrails Is Real

02 November, 2015 - Myeclinik - J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.
Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence Exposes
Chemtrail as Crime Against Humanity

12 December, 2015 - Youtube - 1:48
Chemtrails Report: WIN TV
, Dubbo, Australia

01 October, 2014 - Youtube - 15:23 - OfGeometry
Pilots, Doctors and Scientists
Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

30 April, 2014 - Zen Gardner - Carolyn Williams Palit
The True Purpose of Chemtrails?

September, 2007 - Youtube - UN webcast
Rosalind Peterson addresses the UN
on Chemtrails And Geoengineering

Read the transcript here!

29 April, 2013 - CE - Arjun Walia
Geoengineering & Chemtrails:
What In The World Are They Spraying?
And Why?

05 June, 2014 - MemoryHole - Marcus K. Dalton
Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas

17 May, 2014 - Youtube - WuweiTranslations
Aerospace Worker:
"I Installed Chemtrails Devices"

17 May, 2014 - - Eric Lavals
Does the Airline You Fly Spray Chemtrails?
Plus more video resources

05 February, 2014 - YouTube - GeoEngineeringWatch
Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth

Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment

11 March, 2016 - TruthOut - Zain Raza
Ray McGovern on the CIA,
Torture, and Blowing the Whistle

11 March, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Linda Sarsour
Sanders' Michigan Win "Sent Loud & Clear
Message" Not to Discount Arab-American Vote

11 March, 2016
As Trump's Rallies Become "Racism Summits,"
Linda Sarsour & Mohamed Elibiary Debate Islamophobia

08 March, 2016 - Daily Kos - greywolfe359
Why Bernie Would Crush Trump & Why Every Vote
For Hillary Puts Trump Closer to the White House

08 March, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Honduran Activist Berta Cáceres Died in Gustavo
Castro Soto's Arms; Now His Life is in Danger

08 March, 2016
"Here's to Flint": An Unprecedented Look at the
Battle for Clean Water in Flint From the ACLU

02 March, 2016 - RT - Youtube - 10:32
Ray McGovern Exposes Dick Cheney
& The Rockefeller Commission

12 March, 2016 - Slate - Eric Holthaus
Our Planet's Temperature Just
Reached a Terrifying Milestone

07 March, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Headlines
Average Temperature Briefly Tops 2
Degrees in New Climate Milestone

03 March, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Scott Shane
The Libya Gamble: Inside Hillary Clinton's
Push for War & the Making of a Failed State

28 February, 2016 - Youtube - 21:53 - HBO
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump

29 February, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Kevin Alexander Gray
"Making America Great for White Males":
Activist Responds as Trump Refuses to Disavow KKK Support

23 February, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Harvey Wasserman
Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen with
Help from Electronic Voting Machines?

22 February, 2016 - Democracy Now! -War and Peace
Exclusive Interview: Albert Woodfox of Angola 3,
Freed After 43 Years in Solitary Confinement

26 April, 2016 - Youtube - Bart Sibrel
Apollo 11 False Photography - Unedited

11 March, 2016 - Sleuth Journal - Bart Sibrel
Newly Discovered Document Proves
NASA Moon Landing Fraud

06 February, 2016 - Youtube - 0:13:04 - Conscious Truth
NASA's Apollo 16 Fake Earth

01 February, 2016 - Youtube - 1:59:02 - Sean Caron
Apollo Moon Landing Hoax with
Filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco

24 November, 2011 - Youtube - 40:48 - gmoore49's channel
The True History and Purpose of NASA
Did You Know that NASA has an esoteric agenda to help
bring about a one world government, a New World Order?

15 December, 2015 - Youtube - 1:58:00
Calling Apollo: What happened on the Moon?
Films and discussion with Jonathan Mark

Aulis Online - Film Productions
What really happened on the Moon in 1969?

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
2001 Film by Bart Sibrel

Youtube - 3:51 - wakeman449
Moon Hoax - latest proof July 2015
NASA trying to fool you again to raise $700,000.
to clean up a spaceman costume - please wake up!

Updated - FN - Wordpress
Moon landing Hoax

20 January, 2016 - Washington Post - Jason Samenow
Global warming in 2015 made weather
more extreme and it’s likely to get worse

01 February, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Bernie Sanders Says No to Fracked Oil Pipeline
in Iowa, Will It Help Him in Today's Caucus?

21 January, 2016 - Salon - Bill McKibben
The fossil fuel industry is leading
its own zombie apocalypse

20 January, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
The Kochs & the Nazis: Book Reveals Billionaires'
Father Built Key Oil Refinery for the Third Reich

19 January, 2016 - Activist Post - Michael Snyder
The Oil Crash Of 2016
Has The Big Banks Running Scared

17 January, 2016 - ICH - Nick Gillespie
Face It: A Vote for Hillary
Clinton Is a Vote for War

08 January, 2016 - ABC - AP - Edith M. Lederer
Iran: Saudi Arabia Must Choose
Between Hatred or Stability

"Iran's foreign minister says Saudi Arabia has to make
"a crucial choice" — either continue supporting extremists,
promoting sectarian hatred, or promote good neighborliness
and regional stability." And this could be said also to the U.S.
because of its policies and military aid to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

14 January, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
A Bad Week for Warmongers: U.S.-Iran Quickly Resolve
Sailors' Breach Just Before Nuke Deal Kicks In

14 January, 2016
As California Methane Leak Displaces Thousands,
Will U.S. Regulate Natural Gas Sites Nationwide?

14 January, 2016
Health or Lobbying? Experts Say U.S. Gov't Caves
to Meat Industry in New Dietary Guidelines

07 January, 2016 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
TransCanada Sues the U.S. for $15B
for Rejecting Keystone XL.

Will This Be the New Normal Under TPP?

31 December, 2015 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Exxon's Climate Cover-Up Just Got Bigger:
Docs Suggest All Major Oil Giants
Have Lied Since 1970s

27 December, 2015 - Daily Kos - xaxnar
The Ongoing Environmental Disaster
Currently Not Making The Headlines

28 December, 2015 - Common Dreams - Deirdre Fulton
Climate Change. Extreme Weather
Wreaking Havoc Across Globe

29 December, 2015 - Reuters - Charles Levinson, David Rohde
Special Report: Pentagon thwarts
Obama's effort to close Guantanamo

26 December, 2015 - Veterans Today - Kevin Barrett
Racist West ignores Nigerian massacres

17 January, 2011 - The Guardian - Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
Patrice Lumumba: the most important
assassination of the 20th century

21 December, 2015 - FN Wordpress - Bart Jordan
A look inside Phobos and
Deimos: the moons of Mars

Originally published in Le Mot Juste
Dover Times (NH) March 20, 1997

02 December, 2015 - FN Wordpress - Robert Kinnison
Man behind the Martian moon theory
Originally published in 1997.

21 April, 2015 - Youtube - 0:07:09
A Flyby News Perspective
on Bart Jordan

23 April, 2015 - FN Wordpress

25 May, 2016 - The Guardian - Ian Sample
Neanderthals built mysterious cave
structures 175,000 years ago

10 May, 2016 - The British Journal
Canadian schoolboy William Gadoury
discovers long-lost ancient Mayan city

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

22 December, 2015 - Consortium News
A Call for Proof on
Syria-Sarin Attack

From - Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

17 April, 2014 - LRB - Book Review
The Red Line and the Rat Line
Seymour M. Hersh on Obama,
Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels

03 December, 2015 - Blog Factory
Obama's ISIS Oil Scandal Deepens
As Russia Produces Stunning
Photographic Evidence

17 November, 2015 - WashigntonPost - Thomas Gibbons-Neff
This video shows the absurdity of the war
in Syria in one single blown-up Humvee

25 November, 2015 - RT
Ankara defends ISIS, Turkish officials
have financial interest in oil trade
with group
- PM Medvedev

24 November, 2015 - Youtube - 3:34
Radar Track Shows Russia Jet's
Path Over Turkish Territory

U.S. General Tom McInerney provides analysis,
says map shows Turkey was 'overly aggressive'
in shooting down aircraft.

Flyby News Archive Updated Resource:
Syria and false flag operations

13 October, 2015 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
The Rise of America's Secret Government: The
Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles

12 October, 2015
Shock & Panic in Turkey: Deadliest Terrorist Attack
in Country's History Leaves as Many as 128 Dead

11 December, 2015 - TheSleuthJournal - Bart Sibrel
Solar Storm Means No Food
for You and Your Family

06 October, 2015 - Economic Collapse - Michael Snyder
Electromagnetic Pulse: One Day We Will Wake Up
In An America Without Electricity And Society
Will Totally Break Down

11 December, 2015 - FreeThoughtProject - Jay Syrmopoulos
Julian Assange: They Won –
Mass Surveillance and Illegal
Spying is 'Here to Stay'

09 December, 2015 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace
Naomi Klein Decries Climate Deal as
Extraordinarily Dangerous; Backs
Defiance of French Protest Ban

04 December, 2015 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
Climate Scientist James Hansen Warns World is on
Wrong Track to Prevent Runaway Global Warming

Flyby News endorses James Hansen's proposal to end the fossil fuel age.
As far as the status of the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris, Hansen said

"This is really a total fraud."
James Hansen proposes a plan to phase out dirty energy
with clean energy with an across-the-board carbon fee.
"You collect money from fossil fuel companies and you
distribute it equaled [to] all residents. So the one
who does better than average and limiting his
fossil fuel use will get more in the dividend
than he pays in increased prices."

04 November, 2015 - Mother Jones - James West
Bernie Sanders Wants to Ban
All New Fossil Fuel Development
on Federal Lands

20 October, 2015 - The Nation - Bill McKibben
Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About
Climate Change by the Mid-1980s—and Denied It

This proves how greed and political military support
can achieve dominance and profit to kill us all..
including themselves.. and some good people are
still here to talk about it.. I hope this adds
to the enormous shift we must go through to
end the fossil nuclear fuel era.

01 December, 2015 - Organic Lifestyle - Allene Edwards
Vaccines, Retroviruses, DNA,
and Discovery That Destroyed
Judy Mikovits' Career

22 November, 2015 - Vimeo - Candyce Estave
Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits

25 February, 2015 - Global Research - Julie Lévesque
25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical
Industry, Vaccines and "Anti-Vaxers"

02 September, 2013 - Rethink911 - 0:05:40
The Official ReThink911 Video

11-22 November, 2015 - AE911truth - FF911truth
Firefighters, Architects & Engineers
Expose 9/11 Myths - New England Tour

Watch a 2-minute Trailer on Youtube
58-minute version, too

24 November, 2015 - Youtube - 0:56:00
Richard Gage, Q and A
Inside 9-11 Truth Movement

November, 2015 - Youtube - 0:16:55
Flyby News Tour

It is important to look back as we look ahead
and not get lost in the fake present created by
those crimes in our past, and control over media
and minds in the present. Orwell wrote in 1984,
"He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past."

11 November, 2015 - CoastToCoast - Robert Morningstar
Post-Mortem X-Ray of
JFK's Brain Was Faked!

09 November, 2015 - Who What Why - Russ Baker
The Poppy Cover-Up Book?

08 November, 2015 - Consortium News - Ray McGovern
Bush-41 Finally Speaks on Iraq War

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

03 August, 2015 - TruthOut - Dahr Jamail
The New Climate "Normal": Abrupt Sea Level
Rise and Predictions of Civilization Collapse

2015 - - Petition
Tell World Leaders: Keep
Fossil Fuels Underground

13 August, 2015 - UbaNet
America's Youth File Landmark Climate Law-
suit Against U.S. Government and President

Our Children's Trust and Earth Guardians

13 August, 2015 - The Nation - Tara Lohan
Why Are Americans Switching to Renewable
Energy? Because It's Actually Cheaper

17 August, 2015 - Boston Globe - Ann Berwick
More gas pipelines may
not be the energy answer

18 August, 2015 - FN - Ted Cady
No Need for Natural Gas

13 June, 2013 - Think Progress - Ryan Koronowski
Leave Two-Thirds Of Fossil Fuels In The Ground,
Says International Energy Agency

FN's updated resource page:
Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment

30 April, 2015 - Asia Times - Pepe Escobar
Why the U.S.
"war on terra"
is a fraud

17 April, 2015 - Global Research - Washington's Blog
Head of the FBI's Anthrax Investigation
Says the Whole Thing Was a Sham

18 April, 2015 - ICH - Paul Craig Roberts
The Anthrax Coverup Exposed

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Martin Luther King & Masters of War
"The greatest purveyor of violence in the world:
My own Government, I can not be Silent."

22, 24 February, 2015 - RT
Fresh leak at Fukushima
sees 70-fold radiation spike

22 December, 2008 - Youtube - 0:05:00 - Resistance Video
The Art of Corporate Mind Control

01 November, 2014 - Digital Journal - Ralph Lopez
Tape release proves Israel's attack
on USS Liberty was deliberate

31 October, 2014 - Democracy Now! - Eric Lichtblau
The Nazis Next Door: on How the CIA
& FBI Secretly Sheltered Nazi War Criminals

13 October 2010 - Veterans Today - L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: When Wall Street
Tried To Bring The Holocaust To America

24 October, 2014 - Youtube - Flyby News
September 11, 2014 Forum at GCTV
Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 plus 5
Interviews with Jonathan Mark - 1:36:05

10 September, 2014 - Youtube - Flyby News
Dark Legacy 9-11
Condensed Compilation - 0:14:39 running time

04 June, 2014 - Flyby News - 9-11 Consensus Panel
WTC-7 New Evidence – Press Release

02 June, 2014 - Intrepid Report - Jerry Mazza
CNN ratings plunge as anti-911
truths hit an all-time high

31 August, 2014 - Global Research - Michel Chossudovsky
September 11, 2001: The Crimes of War
Committed "In the Name of 9/11"

02 September, 2014 - - Nicholas West
Ten Popular Mind Control
Techniques Used Today

01 August, 2014 - Youtube - CSPAN
Richard Gage: Architects
and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

27 June, 2014 - Truth Troubadour - Vic Sadot
One of the Greatest
9/11 Truth Books Yet!

"Another Nineteen: Investigating
Legitimate 9/11 Suspects"

by Kevin Ryan

12 September, 2013 - Global Research TV - James Corbett
Another Nineteen - Kevin Ryan
on the Legitimate 9/11 Suspects

The Anatomy of a Great Deception - David Hooper
A 2014 released Film - Watch on Youtube!
Anatomy of a Great Deception

06 August, 2014 - TruthDig - Amy Goodman
Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
69 Years Later

16 July, 2014 - Legal Legacy - rhapsodyinbooks
July 16, 1945 – First
Atomic Bomb Explosion

A less known element of this test
was the involvement of a child prodigy.
Just about 69 years later he shares an
amazing story that could help awaken us
to a distant and ancient harmonic past.

10 July, 2014 - Youtube - Flyby News
Bart Jordan Timesinger
and Manhattan Project

Jonathan Mark interviews Bart Jordan
25 June, 2014 ~ video running time 02:41:22

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

Flyby News updated archival resource:
Reclaiming A Lost USA Republic

Transforming Health-care and Criminal Justice
Not-for-Profit Healthcare and Prisons good for USA!

04 March, 2014 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Are Any Plastics Safe? Industry Tries to Hide
Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Bottles, Containers

09 May, 2016 - The Silver Edge - Steve Barwick
Colloidal Silver and Lyme Disease

27 May, 2014 - The Silver Edge - Steve Barwick
Colloidal Silver and the
Superbug Swindle

Flyby News Health and Spiritual Blog

"Too many of us think it [Peace] is impossible...
But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It
leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable..
We need not accept that view. Our problems are
man-made. Therefore they can be solved by man."

-US President John F. Kennedy

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone
of any significance in the major media.

- William Colby,
former CIA Director
quoted by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy
The CIA and the Media

01 September, 2011 - Research Rabbit Whole
Historical Importance of 9/11
Daniele Ganser Speech (Switzerland)

09 December, 2013 - Intrepid Report - Larry Pinkney
Barack Obama's de facto
totalitarian nation

"When fascism comes to America, it will
come wrapped in an American flag

- Huey P. Long

03 December, 2013 - The Agonist - Michael Collins
Saudi America and the State of Denial

23 November, 2013 - AE911truth - Frances T. Shure
Why Do Good People Become
Silent or Worse about 9/11?

08 December, 2013 - DigWithin - Kevin Ryan
How to Debunk WTC Thermite

29 November, 2013 - Paul Craig Roberts
The Money Changers Serenade:
A New Plot Hatches

15 November, 2013 - Blog Radio - Podcast - 0:59:15
Ruthann Amarteifio Interviews Jonathan Mark

Fall, 2013 - Tikkun - Peter Gabel
The Spiritual Truth of JFK
(As Movie and Reality)

Skyhorse Publishing - 2012 - Peter Janney
Mary's Mosaic
The C.I.A. Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy,
Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace

30 October, 2013 - Richard Charnin
JFK Witness Deaths:
Graphical Proof of a Conspiracy

31 August, 2013 - Project Unspeakable - Leslie Sullivan Sachs
Obama, the CIA and
the Unspeakable

18 August, 2010 - Info Wars - Wayne Madsen
Barack Obama conclusively
outed as CIA creation

02 December, 2009 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
abomination obama nation

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Apocalypse and lifting of veil
JFK & 9-11

"The great enemy of the truth
is very often not the lie,

deliberate, contrived and dishonest,
but the myth,
persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic."

- President John F. Kennedy

Flyby News recommends watching
Dirty Wars
From acclaimed writer, Jeremy Scahill
Nominated for an Academy Award

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold
gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will
seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."

- Dresden James

Updated - FN - Wordpress
Moon landing Hoax

Youtube - 2:13:13
What Happened on the Moon

Youtube - 1:31:40
What Happened on the Moon
Radiation - Part 2 - Environmental Dangers

7 May, 2013 - Viewpoint - Youtube 0:08:36
UFO Cover-up Fmr. Sen. Mike Gravel speaks out
Flyby News updated resource:
Credible Witness - UFO/ET - Testimony

15 July, 2013 - Flyby News - Wordpress
Deciphering the distant past
by Bart Jordan ~ originally published, 1974

The BIG Surprise
out of the
Cassini-Earth flyby

04 July, 2014 - Youtube - Flyby News
Bart Jordan Timesinger
and Manhattan Project

Jonathan Mark interviews Bart Jordan
25 June, 2014 ~ video running time 02:41:11

02 June, 2008 - Voice Yourself - Video - 0:03:06
Woody Harrelson: Thoughts From Within

16 November, 2012 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Oliver Stone on the Untold U.S. History
from the Atomic Age to Vietnam
to Obama's Drone Wars

13 October 2010 - Veterans Today - L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: When Wall Street
Tried To Bring The Holocaust To America

Smedley Darlington Butler
July 30, 1881 - June 21, 1940 - Wikipedia

28 May, 2011 - Youtube - BrasscheckTV
"War is a racket" (updated for the 21st century)

October 2-4, 2013 - Censored News - Brenda Norrell
Leonard Peltier Tribunal
Indigenous Human Rights

26 June, 2013 - Leonard Peltier
Statement From Leonard on Oglala Commemoration

26 June, 2013 - Indian Country - Gale Courey Toensing
Leonard Peltier Day
Honors Imprisoned Native Icon

FN Updated Resource:
Free Leonard Peltier

"When I despair, I remember that all through history,
the way of truth and love has always won. There have
been murderers and tyrants, and for a time they can
seem invincible. But in the end they always fall.
Think of it, always."

- Mohandas Gandhi

10 January 2004 - ICH - Michael Hasty
Paranoid Shift

22 March, 2013 - WantToKnow - Fred Burks
The Global Elite Agenda
and False Flag Terrorism

In first 3 minutes, watch
9/11 - WTC-7 - Exposed!

05 August, 2013 - Documentary - Adnan Zuberi
"9/11 in the Academic Community"
Documentary Preview & Press Release
Coming this fall, Winner of the
University of Toronto Film Festival

April, 2009 - The Open Chemical Physics Journal
Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust
from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

27 May, 2013 - Youtube - 0:06:52
WTC7 and The Deniers

19 February, 2013 - ICH - Kevin Barrett
Supreme Court slams door in 9/11 widow's face

07 September 2012 - WantToKnow - Fred Burks
3,000 Prominent Individuals
Question 9/11 Official Story

03 September 2012 - Global Research - Michel Chossudovsky
The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks

2012 - Truthquake Radio - Robert Barron
Interview, Jonathan Mark, a flyby perspective

29 February 2012 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
Controlled Opposition * 9-11 Truth Attacks

10 August 2012 - Truth Jihad Radio - Kevin Barrett
Jonathan Mark on Dark Legacy - JFK and 9-11
Broadcast and archived - mp3 - 08/10/2012
American Freedom Radio

11 September 2012 - WHMP Radio
The Bill Newman Show
Jonathan Mark
, Podcast 9.11

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

"9/11 Truth is a very important issue with the
power to bring lasting change to our country."

- William Sloane Coffin

11 September 2011 - VIDEO - Corbett Report
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
Everything you ever wanted to know about
9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

07 December 2008 - Youtube - locolatino11
Ken Loach Chile 1973, September 11

24 March 2010 - Youtube - LOWKEY
Obama Nation
official video, banned from TV

01 September 2011 - Youtube - Martin Noakes
9/11 Building 7
An original music video!

13 January 2009 - Youtube - ThoughtCrime7
9/11 Lessons From Star Trek

"If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state
of civilization, it expects what never was and never
will be.... If we are to guard against ignorance and
remain free, it is the responsibility of
every American to be informed."

-- Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), 3rd US President

The Freedom Archives - A Video Documentary

2012 - Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth
Trickery and Treachery
Help AA911truth Create A Feature Film!

A Noble Lie
Oklahoma City 1995

27 February 2012 - Truth & Shadows - Craig McKee
Documentary "A Noble Lie" exposes
Oklahoma City bombing as government black-op

Senator Paul Wellstone - Killed October 25, 2002
Wellstone: They Killed Him
05 January 2012 - TheIntelHub - Julius Sequerra
Friend: Wellstone Knew 9/11 Was Staged

26 February 2012 - GCTV - Jonathan Mark
The Reflecting Pool Filmmaker
and 4 other Interviews Online

Look under Category for Flyby News

20 September 2011 - GCTV - Jonathan Mark
Senator Mike Gravel Interview

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order,
confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace
for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

- Melody Beattie

The National Citizen's Initiative for Democracy
is for citizens to make laws by ballot initiative

"You can never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes
the existing model obsolete."

-- Buckminster Fuller

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned
an invisible government owing no allegiance and
acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
To destroy this invisible government, to befoul
the unholy alliance between corrupt business
and corrupt politics is the first task
of the statesmanship of the day."

Theodore Roosevelt
April 19, 1906

19 May 2011 - VIDEO - Oakland Forum
Robert M. Bowman Speech Excerpt
Empowering Citizens to End 9/11 Wars

Bob Bowman Tribute Connection

21 September 2011 - WHMP Radio - Bill Newman
Mike Gravel interviewed in Northampton, MA

The National Citizen's Initiative for Democracy
is for citizens to make laws by ballot initiative

14 February 2011 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
Lord of the Rings * Black 9/11 * Exposed

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

"Either you are with us or
you are with the terrorists."

- George W. Bush
(1946- ) 43rd US President,
Yale Skull & Bones Society

11 May 2010 - GCTV - Robert Bowman
Patriots Question 9/11
Interview by Jonathan Mark and Tom Finnell
Also on Youtube ~ For other FN films, go to:
Flyby News @ GCTV Playlists

16 September 2011 - Youtube - sjtsnow
Psychologists help 9/11 truth deniers

youtube - music-video
John Kay & Steppenwolf - "MONSTER"

"It's better to light one candle
than to curse the darkness."

- Emily Dickinson

Transforming Health-care and Criminal Justice
Not-for-Profit Healthcare and Prisons good for USA!
FN Resource:
Human Rights and A Nation
Behind Bars
: the buried
talents of a population.

"Man is deeply vulnerable when faced with overwhelming evil.
Instead of consolidating his energy to fight it,
he wastes valuable time and effort puzzling over it,
insisting it is not, cannot possibly be, what it seems."

- Konnilyn G. Feig

Hitler's Death Camps: The Sanity Of Madness P. 444 (1979)

A Vermont neural plasticity expert produces
a film about awareness and critical thinking
"I recommend "Deceptions" without reservation.
it is an astonishing amount of excellent information
presented in a highly accessible and succinct narrative.
This film should be seen by everyone, particularly by those
who believe that partisan politics provides any hope for
"fixing" the system. Partisan politics, as translated
through our corrupt corporate media and money-driven
political system, is part of the deception, and is the
framework within which our republic has been
reduced to a nation of overfed, undernourished,
complacent and obedient sheep. Watch this film,
recommend it to your friends, and get active.

- Shelton F. Lankford
USMC (Ret)Vietnam Veteran and
Core Member, Pilots for 9/11 Truth
Military Officers for 9/11 Truth

"I'm very much in favor of the space program, but I think the use
of plutonium in space is a manifestation of organized insanity."

- John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.
18 August, 1999

Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology

The BIG Surprise
out of the
Cassini-Earth flyby

Reports from Bart Jordan
on advanced ancient civilizations

In mindful time past, we honored our grandparents;
in mindless time present, we threaten our grandchildren.

18 August 2011 - Coup Media Group - Youtube
12,000 year old Society Pre-Dates Bible

03 March 2011 - The Age - Common Dreams
Next Mass Extinction an Eyeblink Away

FN's updated resource page on this topic:
Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment

"The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe
if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point
where it becomes stronger than their democratic State itself.
That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government
by an individual, by a group or by any other
controlling private power."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

14 June 2011 - PBS TV - Frontline
The Warning
FRONTLINE unearths the hidden history of the worst financial
crisis since the Great Depression. Brooksley Born speaks about
her failed campaign to regulate the secretive derivatives market
whose crash helped trigger financial collapse in the fall of 2008.

25 April 2011 - Examiner - John Perkins
2-minute video: Best-selling Chief Economist
[hitman] explains criminal US foreign policy

22 February 2011 - Democracy Now! - Matt Taibbi
"Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?"

November 2010 - WeAreChange - FederalJack
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura,
Second Season (Wall Street) - Part 1 of 4

Christopher Story & World Reports
Big US Banks Confirmed As Criminal Enterprises
Youtube October 2009 - Video
Christopher Story - EU Corruption
02 August 2010 - Flyby News - Gordon Duff
'Christopher Story Was Poisoned'

23 February 2011 - Global Research - Peter Dale Scott
War, Martial Law, and the Economic Crisis
Excerpt from "The Global Economic Crisis:
The Great Depression of the XXI Century"

"When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds
of despair, and when our nights become darker than a
thousand midnights, let us remember that there is a
creative force in this universe, working to pull down
the gigantic mountains of evil, a power that is able
to make a way out of no way and transform dark
yesterdays into bright tomorrows. Let us realize
the arc of the moral universe is long
but it bends toward justice."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Space for Peace and September 11
Connecting dots to democracy or genocide

Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate
the day when this planet may no longer be habitable.
Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear
sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of
threads, capable of being cut at any moment
by accident or miscalculation or madness.

- John F. Kennedy

10 January 2004 - ICH - Michael Hasty
Paranoid Shift

13 November 2010 - Raw Story - 911blogger
Long-hidden report: CIA created
'safe haven' for Nazis in the U.S.

13 October 2010 - Veterans Today - L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: When Wall Street
Tried To Bring The Holocaust To America

19 October 2010 - Upswing Newsvine + Comments
Did the Bush Crime Family Benefit
Most From the Failed 9/11 Attacks?

Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy

Provocative to say the least. Using materials familiar to researchers,
Dark Legacy makes a series of tantalizing connections between the rich
and powerful to suggest that Kennedy was brought down by a vast web of
powerful conservatives and that George H.W.Bush was close to all of them.
Hankey invites viewers not only to draw their own conclusions but also
to check out his sources." -- Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times

February, 2011 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark
President John F. Kennedy
Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media

"He who learns must suffer
And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart,
And in our own despair, against our will,
Comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."

-- Agamemnon

This was quoted by Robert F Kennedy in his speech announcing the
assassination of Martin Luther King on 4 April 1968; and the epitaph
his family inscribed on his grave marker in Arlington National Cemetery.

15 April 2012 - RT - Snippet News
UFO'S caught from Atlantis shuttle cargo bay!

December, 2011 - Disclose.TV - History Channel

Youtube 2010-2011 Overview
UFO mainstream news coverage

03 January 2012 - AP - Alicia Chang
NASA Marks 2012 With Twin Probes in Moon Orbit
2001 Film by Bart Sibrel
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

War in Space & 9/11
Jonathan Mark on Fair & Balanced

Kevin Barrett - NoLiesRadio - August 11, 2009

24 February 2011 - Rolling Stone - Common Dreams
Rolling Stone: Another Runaway General
as Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators

By Michael Hastings

05 November 2010 - Youtube - UFOTV
Dark Mission NASA Moon Hoax
3 parts - total running time - 2:13:14

If you plan to ridicule us for considering this, first ask
yourself why no human has gone past 350 miles from
the Earth in about forty years, and when they tried in
1998, were forced back down by "killer electrons" as
reported by CNN. And why the hell would the US military
explode Hydrogen and Atomic bombs in the Van Allen belts.

Do the research - don't be mind controlled!

13 March 2011 - Truthquake Radio - Rob Barron
Jonathan Mark Interviewed regarding Valley911truth
9/11, plus, JFK assassination, & moon landing hoax

Updated - FN - Wordpress
Moon landing Hoax

30 September 2010 - National Press Club -
US Air Force Officers Speak Out on UFOs
15 September 2010 - Reuters - PR Newswire
U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised
by Unidentified Aerial Objects Resource Links
UFOs: Nuclear Missile Warheads Shut Down
Insiders Account of UFO Shutting Down 18 Nuclear Warheads

03 February 2011 - Huffington Post - AOL
Jerusalem UFO Spottings Over Islamic
Landmark Surface Spark Debate

Youtube 2010-2011 Overview
UFO mainstream news coverage

Flyby News updated resource:
Credible Witness - UFO/ET - Testimony

"The truth which makes men free
is for the most part
the truth which men prefer not to hear."

-- Jim Bishop
Source: The Day Lincoln Was Shot

Flyby News Health and Spiritual Blog

O eons of darkness, eternal night
you are only a backdrop for wondrous light.
And here I might find through the core of self
the entrance to illuminate, to perceive,
to flow with atoms expelling light,
as a river of purity in the deepness of night

Middle East Peace
~ initiatives & information ~

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice,
you have chosen the side of the oppressor

-- Desmond Tutu

For an important investigative drama that
challenges the official version of 9/11

The Reflecting Pool
Watch the Jonathan Mark interview:
Jarek Kupsc and Joseph Culp

12 July 2010 - 911blogger
9/11 Documentary Film Resources

11 September 2001 - World Trade Center Building 7 - 5:20 pm EST
Footage of WTC-7's Collapse

14 July 2010 - 911blogger - 911TrueStory
Video Compilation of Controlled Demolition Evidence

For FN's recommended films, see:
Films that Make a Difference!

Also, note this Podcast audio link:
Jonathan Mark Interviewed by Daria Fisk
Upfront Valley 9/11 Truth and Flyby News

02 December 2009 - 911blogger
Obama Invokes 9/11
to justify more troops

17 May 2010 - 911blogger - Veterans for Peace
Bob Bowman on Left-Right divide

Space for Peace and September 11
Connecting dots to democracy or to genocide

New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order
P e r s p e c t i v e --- R e s o u r c e s --- A r c h i v e s

"Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution
of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. The people
of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress
and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to
overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

- Abraham Lincoln

06 April 2010 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
Massacre Caught on Tape:
US Military Confirms Authenticity
of Their Own Chilling Video
Showing Killing of Journalists

Children and innocent civilians harmed!

Collateral Murder
WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video
depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people
in a suburb of New Baghdad - including 2 Reuters news staff.

12 April 2010 - Democracy Now! - Josh Stieber
"This Is How These Soldiers Were Trained to Act"
- Veteran of Military Unit Involved in 2007 Shooting
Says Incident Is Part of Much Larger Problem

An Open Letter to the People of Iraq
Two soldiers from Bravo Company 2-16,
the company depicted in the video, have
written an open letter of apology to the Iraqis
who were injured or lost loved ones during
the attack that, these former soldiers say,
is a regular occurrence in this war.

07 April 2010 - Online Journal - Jerry Mazza
Killing Baghdad civilians
and Reuters journos from the air!

If the statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and
our forefathers could speak, they would scream
in anger at us for this descent into barbarism.
It makes this writer sick to his stomach.

26 October 2010 - Democracy Now! - War and Peace Report
WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange on Iraq War Logs,
"Tabloid Journalism"
+ Pt2 Why WikiLeaks Is "Under Siege"

17 December 2010 - The Guardian/UK - Common Dreams
Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Faces
'Very Aggressive' investigation by US

Organisation's founder says he is reliant on public
opinion to rein in 'superpower that does not
appear to be following rule of law'

15 December 2010 - Reuters/Salon - Glen Greenwald
Inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

06 December 2010 - Pakistan Observer - 911blogger
WikiLeaks suggests 9/11 preplanned

One of the common failings among honorable people is
a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some
other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.

- Thomas Sowell
(1930- ) Writer and economist

"The Guantánamo 'Suicides'
A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle"
20 January 2010 * Interview * Democracy Now!
Casting Doubt on US Claims of Suicide, Attorney Scott Horton
Reveals 3 Gitmo Prisoners Died After Torture at Secret Site

BBC Newsnight - YouTube - Gavin Lee
Guantanamo Guard & Former Detainees Meet
Special video on the reunion between former Guantanamo
prison guard, Brandon Neely, and two of his former
prisoners from UK, Shafiq Rasul and Ruhal Ahmed.

"The evil that is in the world always comes of ignorance,
and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence,
if they lack understanding. On the whole, men are more good
than bad; that, however, isn't the real point. But they are more
or less ignorant, and it is that we call vice or virtue; the most
incorrigible vice being that of an ignorance which fancies it
knows everything and therefore claims itself the right to kill."

- Albert Camus
The Plague, Modern Library Edition, p. 120

Paranoid Shift
Special article by Michael Hasty
Special Film by John Hankey

Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Assassination of JFK

24 October 2009
Peter Dale Scott: "The JFK Assassination:
NY Times Acknowledges CIA Deceptions"

Harvard's Gitmo Kangaroo Law School
The School for Torturers

Professor Francis A. Boyle

29 March 2010 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
Tavis Smiley on Rev. Martin Luther King
and His Opposition to the Vietnam War

On March 31, 2010 PBS aired Tavis Smiley's special
MLK: A Call to Conscience

11 March 2010 - Democracy Now!
Legal Scholar Michelle Alexander
"The New Jim Crow:
Mass Incarceration

in the Age of Colorblindness”

05 January 2011 - Democracy Now - War and Peace Report
DNA Evidence Frees Texas
Prisoner After 30 Years

FN Resource:
Human Rights and A Nation
Behind Bars
: the buried
talents of a population.

Transforming Health-care and Criminal Justice
Not-for-Profit Healthcare and Prisons good for USA!

The most beautiful experience we can have
is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion
that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.

- Albert Einstein

The BIG Surprise
out of the
Cassini-Earth flyby

Reports from Bart Jordan
advanced ancient civilizations

1964 U.S atomic bomb
blast in the Van Allen belts

A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Moon

Astounding Sci-Fi Channel documentary
Out of the Blue
Revealing interviews with astronauts, generals,
admirals, professors, and other respected people.
"Best UFO Documentary Ever"
- Fred Burks
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009
#1. Million+ Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation

Bush and 9/11 Investigative Reports,
looking into the unanswered questions.

Energy Pollution's Impact On Our Environment

Converting Heat Into Clean Electrical Power

Resources for reclaiming lost USA Republic

Middle East Peace ~ initiatives & information

Uranium Munitions ~ harm for generations

Stop Navy's Sonar ~ Harming Sea Life

Credible Witness UFO/ET Testimony

Exclusive Reports on Bart Jordan
advanced ancient civilizations.

Citizen Journalism for New Era
by Kelsey Flynn
Published in Springfield, MA newspaper,
The Republican, Sunday, 14 January 2007


"The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,

but because of those who look on and do nothing"

- Albert Einstein


21 April, 2014 - GaslandMovie - Food & Water
Tell Congress: Don't Rubber
Stamp Fracked Gas Exports!

29 February 2012 - Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
Controlled Opposition * 9-11 Truth Attacks

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
An organization of hundreds of registered architects and engineers
calling for independent investigations on 3-WTC building collapses,
which show evidence that explosives were used for building implosions.

WORLD For 9/11 Truth
The 9/11 Truth Movement is comprised of dedicated activists
from around the world who have joined together, one way or
another, to promote 9/11 truth information in their communities.

Fire Fighters For 9/11 Truth
An association of firefighters and affiliates created a web site to
increase awareness and to demand a real investigation that follows
National Standards, and provide support to our Brothers and Sisters.


Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
Scholars and supporters endeavoring to address the unanswered
questions of the September 11, 2001 attack through research, public
education; and commitment to effecting change through non-violence.

Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth
Intelligence officers calling for a new, independent investigation
of 9/11 that takes account of evidence that has been documented
by independent researchers - ignored by governments and media.

U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth
Officers who honor their oath to 'support and defend the Constitution
against all enemies, foreign and domestic.' That remains in force.
Therefore, 'it is our duty to expose the real perpetrators of 9/11..'

Pilots for 9/11 Truth
Pilots for 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals
and pilots throughout the globe who have gathered together, committed
to seeking the truth surrounding the events of the 11 September, 2001.

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth
Medical professionals with integrity are dedicated to humanity;
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth with this same purpose call
for a new and independent investigation into September 11, 2001.

Religious Leaders for 911 Truth
As religious leaders seek to promote various universal values,
including love, justice, and truth; and the official account of 9/11
has been shown by professionals in relevant fields to be false..; and
the official account of 9/11 has been used as a pretext for wars.

Read More & Sign the Petition
Lawyers For 9/11 Truth
Demand an end to the 9/11 cover-up, and a full investigation
by unbiased people with subpoena power . . . and the courage
to demand that the Constitution and rule of law are followed,
and all guilty persons held accountable for their actions.

Political Leaders For 9/11 Truth
Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth has become a formal organization
calling for a new investigation into events of September 11, 2001.
Founded by Yukihisa Fujita of Japan and Karen Johnson of the USA.

  • Severing the Corporate Hold on the US Constitution -- Film & Discussion Forum -- Flyby News encourages your participation in viewing and sharing films with discussions for an awareness-producing forum to help reclaim a rapidly disappearing democracy in the USA. A recommended film to begin to see patterns of a failing democracy and a shadow US government is a film compilation by Frank Dorrel, "What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World." This 10-segment film compilation documents many CIA covert operations and US interventions since World War II to the late 1980's. "In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism" is a powerful film documentary by New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, who was referenced by Rev. Jeremiah Wright about his book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?" Dr. Horowitz generously donated In Lies We Trust for widespread free public distribution without copyright restrictions. Viewers are encouraged to make at least two more copies to gift to others. You can watch online or order your high resolution DVD by calling toll free: 1-888-508-4787. FN became affiliated with Dr. Horowitz and recommends this product that can be used as an alternative to over-used conventional antibiotics and vaccinations - OXYSILVER

    The Constitution In Crisis

    "The Secret Government is an interlocking network of official functionaries, spies,
    mercenaries, ex-generals, profiteers and superpatriots, who, for a variety of motives,
    operate outside the legitimate institutions of government. Presidents have turned to them
    when they can't win the support of the Congress or the people, creating that unsupervised
    power so feared by the framers of our Constitution. Just imagine that William Casey's
    dream came true. Suppose the enterprise grew into a super-secret, self-financing, self-
    perpetuating organization. Suppose they decided on their own to assassinate Gorbachev
    or the leader of white South Africa. Could a President control them and what if he became
    the enterprise's public enemy Number One? Who would know? Who would say no?"

    -- Bill Moyers
    From opening narration for a 1987 PBS TV program:
    THE SECRET GOVERNMENT: The Constitution In Crisis

    "Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism" by Alex Jones takes us on a journey through the depths of history from the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty and operation Gladio, through to the Madrid bombings and 9/11. The film exposes how Governments have long staged false-flag terror events in order to achieve political and sociological ends. Once you've seen the pattern of greed and renegade shadow governments, then, it isn't difficult to see the foul play of the Bush administrations and a new world dis-order, especially since September 11, 2001. Our top recommended film on this issue is "9/11: Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction". This film provides ample evidence on what happened 11 September 2001.

    For more resources, see:
    Films that Make a Difference!

  • Reclaiming a lost USA Republic -- There is no campaign as vital for world security and well being than reversing the disastrous policies and reign of terror by the Bush administration. FN provides resources regarding 911 investigations and supports the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative. Investigating what really happened on September 11, 2001 is all about truth and justice that could reverse the harm to the US Constitution by the coup d'etats with the Bush and other administrations. FN also supports a petition to help "implement The SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TREASON INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR ACT. to prosecute U.S. President George W. Bush, U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other John and Jane Does for planning and carrying out the acts of treason, as defined in Article III(3) of the U.S. Constitution, by conspiring to carry out, carrying out and/or causing to be carried out an armed attack upon these United States on September 11, 2001, in the guise of a strategic deception operation."

    FN editor, Jonathan Mark, posted this on 911blogger, October 8, 2008: Financial Crisis solution policy - Open letter to Obama. It was apparent that Obama had the best opportunity for winning the election by a large enough margin so that it would not get stolen again. Perhaps this new administration will support a fair investigation on what happened on September 11, 2001, and expose the lies for a disastrous war 'for' terror; and hopefully, we will succeed in improving our Republic beyond the two-party system by implementing Instant Run-off Voting, releasing political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, and stop nuclear power and weapons from poisoning our world, and for many positive health-peace-justice initiatives. An article Jonathan Mark after Obama won the election is called: The Old American Dream-hope Obama
    For more and on what you can do, see:
    Resources for reclaiming a lost USA Republic

  • Free Leonard Peltier -- "Amnesty International considers Leonard Peltier to be a political prisoner whose avenues of redress have long been exhausted....Amnesty International recognizes that a retrial is no longer a feasible option and believes that Leonard Peltier should be immediately and unconditionally released." Documents show that although the prosecution and government pointed the finger at Peltier for shooting FBI agents at close range during the trial in 1976, for three years the prosecution withheld critical ballistic test results proving that the fatal bullets could not have come from the gun tied to Leonard Peltier. This trial also denied evidence of self defense. The U.S. Prosecutor, during subsequent oral arguments, stated: "we can't prove who shot those agents". The Eighth Circuit found that "There is a possibility that the jury would have acquitted Leonard Peltier had the records and data improperly withheld from the defense been available to him in order to better exploit and reinforce the inconsistencies casting strong doubts upon the government's case." Yet, a new trial was denied. Judge Heaney, who authored the denial now supports Mr. Peltier's release, stating that the FBI used improper tactics to gain Mr. Peltier's conviction. A good way to learn about Leonard Peltier is to read his book: Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance. For excerpts, see the following link, under article by Louise Erdich: Time for Human Rights on Native Ground. This YouTube of Leonard reading his own words to music and photos is really beautiful. For more resources: Free Leonard Peltier!

  • Free Tarek Mehanna -- Dr. Mehanna is a 27 year old American-born Muslim Egyptian. Highly educated, he holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. He is a devout, tolerant Muslim who is not only respected in the local Islamic and interfaith communities, but who also gives back to his community by fulfilling the roles of brother, educator, mentor, scholar, and friend. Tarek is described by those who know him well as humble, reserved, warm, peaceful, charismatic, knowledgeable, and dedicated. . . For several years Tarek has been a victim of FBI surveillance and harassment. When Tarek refused to backstab the Muslim community and be an informant for the FBI, they continually threatened him before taking an opportunity to arrest him in 2008. While Tarek was out on bail, FBI agents raided his home with an arrest warrant on October 21st, 2009. To learn more, visit:

  • Free Lori Berenson -- On November 30, 1995, Lori was pulled off of a public bus in Lima, Perú. Like thousands of Peruvians, she was detained by the anti-terrorist police, tried for treason by a hooded military tribunal under draconian anti-terrorism laws and condemned to life in prison. On the 10th anniversary of her arrest, Lori releases a commentary. Lori Berenson is a US citizen currently being held as a political prisoner in Cajamarca, Perú. After serving more than a five years in harsh Peruvian jails high in the Andes, her conviction for treason against Perú and her life sentence were overturned. In June 2001 she was cleared of terrorism-related charges but convicted of collaboration, and sentenced to twenty years in prison in a trial that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights claims completely violated her rights. To learn more, to write to Lori, and help her defense, visit:

    26 May 2010 - DemocracyNow! -
    After Over 14 Years in Peruvian Prison, Jailed US Activist
    Lori Berenson Ordered Freed on Parole

    18 August 2010 - Associated Press - FreeLori
    A three-judge panel rules that Lori Berenson
    must return to prison with 15-month old baby.

    News from Lori's Parents - Rhoda and Mark Berenson
    Lori Berenson Reincarcerated

    05 November 2010 - The Latin Americanist
    Peru: Lori Berenson released...again
    Thanks for all who supported this outcome!

  • Free Richard Sitcha -- In April 2001, Richard Sitcha fled Cameroon after being imprisoned and tortured by the government’s security forces due to his involvement with the political protests against the Bepanda Nine killings. Fearing for his life, Richard applied for political asylum as soon as he arrived in the United States. The United States government granted Richard asylum in January 2003. Life was looking up for Richard—he could now realize his dreams of going back to school and bringing his wife and two children to the US. On September 18, 2003, however, the US government revoked Richard’s asylum and arrested him in the courtroom. He has been in jail, without charge, ever since that date! For more information, visit - Also, in FN archives, see: Dennis J. Kucinich and the Sitcha Connection; also an article by Richard Sitcha, My Way of the Cross; and updates of March , May, August, 2006, and April, 2007 from the Sitcha Defense Committee. Plus, in item 3, a May 2007 letter from Sitcha to Mark, posted in January, 2008 in item 5, see: Richard Sitcha, detained without charges, plus this update in item 4 on January 27, 2008: Sitcha Now In Cameroon

  • Radiation and Public Health Awareness -- The Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP) was established by scientists and physicians dedicated to understanding the relationships between low-level, nuclear radiation and public health. The RPHP Tooth Fairy Project "..grew out of the work of Dr. Jay Gould, Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project and author of The Enemy Within: The High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors. By analyzing 50 years of US National Cancer Institute data, Dr. Gould proved that.of the 3,000-odd counties in the United States, women living in about 1,300 nuclear counties (located within 100 miles of a reactor) are at the greatest risk of dying of breast cancer.." Before the Cassini-Earth-flyby, a Letter of Concern by Dr. John W. Gofman provided ample evidence showing why there is no safe dose for alpha particles emitted by the radioactive decay of plutonium. This concern has also been realized by the impact from the use of Uranium Munitions, which has caused much harm to soldiers and civilians, but especially to the young. For more resources and actions on these issues, see: Nuclear Information and Resource Service, New England Coalition, Citizens Awareness Network, Traprock Peace Center, and The Radiation and Public Health Project.

  • Green Living Journal -- Green Living is a practical journal for friends of the environment, publishing news you can use, mostly related to environmental issues. Based in Vermont, the Journal has regular topics that include organic gardening, green building, health, ecocareers and right livelihood, outdoors/sports, socially responsible investing, econotes, questions and answers, book reviews, and features on topical environmental issues. Flyby News places an ad in this special journal and helps distribute it in southwest NH and central Massachusetts. We recommend your visiting it online, too, for a green perspective:

  • Music & Flyby News -- Here are links for conscious musicians who have supported Flyby News. A December 2007 benefit showcased the music of John Heartson. His CD Beyond the Stars was inspired to be completed after his life was threatened for researching politics, energy, and money around the events of September 11, 2001. For an interview by Jonathan Mark, see this link for a 90-minute program where John Heartson shares his story as an independent 9/11 researcher, beginning 2002. Why did this make Heartson a target of domestic spying, secret investigations, several unconstitutional home searches, and a direct threat to stop investigating 9/11 or he 'might end up dead'? Another special musician involved with FN and Valley 9/11 Truth is John Coster. Others who performed at FN music celebrations include Mary Serreze, Marsia Shuron Harris and Mother Turtle, MAWWAL, Gaia Roots, Tom Neilson, Jeff Martell, Joy Sumberg. Keep an eye here for updates and links on such musicians making a difference.

  • Converting Waste Heat Into Power -- ReGen Power Systems is pioneering the development of a new engine to convert excess process heat and steam energy at industrial plants into electricity. The system will be powered by a novel external combustion engine designed to operate at the moderate and lower temperatures found in process heating at paper mills, steel mills, chemicals and petroleum refining facilities, glass ovens, cement plants and similar locations. In addition to high efficiency, the ReGen systems will produce additional power with no new fuel combustion. Not only will Industries save money, but they can produce electricity with no new pollution emissions, enabling companies to contribute in a positive way to the environment. More info => Converting Waste Heat Into Power.

  • Additional Critical News Resources

    Military Weather - Psychotronics - Chem/Nukes in Space

    The harmful impact on Whales and Dolphins by the U.S.
    Navy's experimental use of active sonar systems

    Personal Accounts on a Friend Shot Dead by
    Police in a Church in Brattleboro, Vermont

    Campaigns to Ban Space-Based Weapons

    Human Rights + A Nation Behind Bars:
    the buried talents of a population.

    FN archives also include information from the Disclosure Project,
    credible UFO/ET documentation
    ; you can also link to Norman D.
    Livergood's site called Brainwashing America; and don't miss
    exclusive reports on Bart Jordan and evidence of
    technologically advanced ancient civilizations

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