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  NASA's Cassini space probe executed a "flyby" maneuver around Earth on 17/18 August, 1999. It traveled at record speeds, around 10 miles per second, while carrying 72.3 pounds of highly radioactive plutonium on board. An inadvertent re-entry into Earth's atmosphere could have resulted in untold suffering for generations. Flyby News came out of this campaign to expose the military takeover of NASA to reverse the arms race to help sustain life on Earth.

15 August, 2019 – Video - 0:20:00 - Jonathan Mark
  20 Years of FLYBY NEWS 

08 August, 2019 – Article - 
20 Years of Flyby News



Youtube - 0:28:00 - Jonathan Mark

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2015 Article:
Litmus Tests for Truth & Transformation

2019 Article
2020 plus 1 – 20 years 9-11 – Truth=Peace




New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order


JFK Assassination 1963 Coup D'etat


Evidence of fraud US 1969-1972 lunar missions


Energy Pollution's Impact On Our Environment


The Evolution of Pandemics


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Credible Witnesses - UFO Disclosure Documentation


Resources for reclaiming a lost USA Republic


The BIG Surprise
out of the
Cassini-Earth flyby

Reports on Bart Jordan and evidence
of advanced pre-ice-age civilizations.

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Free Leonard Peltier

WINTER 2018-2019 – Youtube 30:00 - Jonathan Mark
Life Rhythms and Flyby News
Music and Poetry + Overview for Truth & Peace in Space.

Life Rhythms poetry & quote blog


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Space for Peace & September 11

.Connecting dots to democracy or genocide


10 September, 2019 – Youtube 21:08 - Ben Swann
Proof Gov Wrong About Collapse of WTC Bldg.7
(New Evidence 2019)

06 September, 2019 – Global Research - Dr. Gary G. Kohls
9/11 Truth: Why Do Good People Become Silent
About the Documented Facts that Disprove
the Official 9/11 Narrative
19 September, 2017 - Youtube - 1:26:00 - Flyby News
September 11 - New Pearl Harbor
film summary and discussion


31 October, 2012 - Youtube 43:27 - AlienScientist
9/11 Conspiracy Solved: 
Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!


26 May, 2017 - Youtube - 16:27 - Jonathan Mark
Denial, Cognitive Dissonance, September 11
Flyby News June 2017 Update @ GCTV.

Sept. 11, 2021 – Facebook Events - Flyby News
9-11 20th anniversary

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 The events of September 11, 2001 is a modern day "Big Lie." According to Wikipedia this phrase coined by Adolph Hitler is a propaganda technique for a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." Hitler exclaimed that the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I.' Yet the bigger lie follows the money trail leading to those financing both sides of world wars, those developing atomic and other weapons of mass destruction, star wars, intelligence infiltration, coup d'etat assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The deceptions go deep and are too outrageous for most to consider. But the proof exists: Gulf of Tonkin, nuclear arming of Israel, evidence of fraud-US 1969-1972 lunar missions, Federal Reserve, Cointelpro, and other areas highlighting the essence of President Eisenhower's farewell address:  


"In the councils of government, we must guard against
the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether 
sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.."


Dark Legacy - JFK & 9-11 is a 2012 Flyby News film compilation that uses an array of films to take the viewer down the rabbit hole in showing elements of four key conspiracies: JFK and 9-11, fraud with the Apollo 1969 to 1972 moon shot, and the globalization and greed controlling our economies leading to horrific harm to all life. The film and the spectrum of foreign affairs is meant to help awaken ourselves before it is too late and reality becomes a dead end during times of universal deceit.


Dark Legacy - JFK & 9-11


Part 1 - running time - 0:59:00
   (Sept. 11, Star Trek, Lyn Margulis, Wellstone)

Part 2 - running time - 1:28:00
   (JFK, Fed. Reserve, Lunar Lunacy, Democracy)


Condensed Version - 58 minutes - Online Film

(Order of subjects of parts 1 and 2 reversed)

[About 30,000 views]

0:06:22 Running Time
Dark Legacy credits music-video 

The short-condensed version is recommended for first viewing. The film tackles 9-11 within the context that such an event and cover-up could never have taken place unless other coup d’etat and cover-ups happened first. Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy is a film by John Hankey that exposes the Dallas-1963 perpetrators, and why that matters today.

Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy
"Provocative to say the least. Using materials familiar to researchers,
Dark Legacy makes a series of tantalizing connections between the rich
and powerful to suggest that Kennedy was brought down by a vast web of
powerful conservatives and that George H.W.Bush was close to all of them.
Hankey invites viewers not only to draw their own conclusions but also
to check out his sources." -- Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times
You can now watch Dark Legacy
George Bush and the Murder of
John F. Kennedy on Youtube!
"If the United States ever experiences an attempted coup
to overthrow the government it will come from the CIA.
The Agency represents tremendous power and total
unaccountability to anyone."

Kennedy knew a coup was coming
11 November, 2013 – Youtube – 0:02:00
JFK – Commemoration Events – PSA


22 November, 2013 - GCTV - Youtube - FlybyNews
JFK 50th Anniversary-Commemoration
A community event ~ 2:28:00 


02 May, 2020 – Youtube - 0:11:18 - Valuetainment
JFK Assassination - Robert Kennedy Jr.
Reveals His Investigation Of The Case

Nephew of President JFK, Safe Vaccine Activist
Calls Out Bill Gates Plan for 5G Control of Masses

Skyhorse Publishing - Peter Janney
Mary's Mosaic
The C.I.A. Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy,
Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace

16 June, 2013 - - Youtube
Mary's Mosaic: Book Trailer


11 April, 2013 - Youtube - Jonathan Mark

Peter Janney and Mary's Mosaic - Interview
29-minute running time


11 April, 2013 - Youtube - NCTV
Peter Janney and Mary's Mosaic -- Presentation
58-minute running time 

.29 October, 2019 – Flyby News
FN Endorsed Bernie Sanders 2020

26 January, 2020 – Youtube 5:31 - Matt Orfalea
MLK & B. Sanders vs D. Trump
"Revolution of Values”

"We must all learn to live together
as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.
We are tied together in the single garment of destiny,
caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And
whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly."


- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Speech in Memphis, April 3, 1968,
on the day before he was assassinated.
For article by Jonathan Mark on day after

FREE AT LAST- Day after Martin Luther King, Jr. died


09 March, 2020 – Flyby News - Wordpress
Fear & Love where from here


08 August, 2018 - Flyby News - L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: The Morgan Fascist
Coup Plot and How FDR Defeated It


11 April, 2015 – National Vanguard - Rosemary W. Pennington
The Most Incredible Story Never Told:
LBJ’s Order to Destroy the USS Liberty


24 September, 2013 - Youtube - 1:08:40 Woody Harrelson
'Ethos' Epic Documentary!
Time to Unslave Humanity


 21 January, 2014 - AwazTV - Daily Motion
Russia Today News Declares 9/11
An Inside Job False Flag Attack!

September 11
The New Pearl Harbor

A film by Massimo Mazzucco


19 January, 2018 - Youtube - 4:10 - Animation Kurt Swinghammer
Buffy Sainte-Marie - War Racket


1935 - - Major General Smedley Butler
War Is A Racket


13 January, 2020 – Democracy Now! - War & Peace
"America Exists Today to Make War":
Lawrence Wilkerson: Endless War & American Empire

9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke
Incontrovertible 9-11 Evidence
INCONTROVERTIBLE is a feature length documentary,
which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers,
Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns
about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The
film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating
the mainstream media's propaganda and outright lies
concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

25 August, 2016 - Colorado Public TV - Youtube

Demolition of Truth– Psychologists Examine 9/11
Also available to stream or download
The Demolition of Truth
1 hour 47 minutes great film by Charles Ewing Smith 


23 November, 2013 - Frances T. Shure
Why Do Good People Become
Silent or Worse about 9/11?

22 December, 2008 - Youtube - 0:05:00 - Resistance Video
The Art of Corporate Mind Control
10 March, 2014 - Flyby News - Michael Hasty
Paranoid Shift
Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Apocalypse and lifting of veil
JFK & 9-11

18 August, 2014 - Flyby News - Wordpress
15 years and the Cassini-Earth flyby

Updated - FN Wordpress - Resource
Moon landing Hoax

30 October, 2018 – Flyby News - Jonathan Mark


A John Hankey Documentary
Is Trump for Real?
08 October, 2018 – Youtube- 0:04:25 - Trailer

You can currently rent the 66-minute 
video for $1 on Amazon and Vimeo
29 May, 2018 – IrishEcho - James J. Kelleher
A promise broken on JFK files release


Without truth there is no justice,

and without justice, there will be no peace.


"Marcus Cicero, over 2000 years ago, defined freedom
as participation in power. If you don't participate in power,
you are not free. Whoever has the power owns you. If you
want to be free you have to participate in power.."

- U.S. Senator Mike Gravel

National Citizen's Initiative for Democracy


15 March, 2015 - Youtube - 0:37:30 + 20:30
Beyond Moss Brook
No Fracking Way!
Bart Jordan Timesinger

More info on Wordpress 

Sequence 02.Still005

04 October, 2012 - Youtube - RealEconTV

The Shale Gas Shell Game
Short sighted, short lived wells

04 September, 2016 - Democracy Now! - Amy Goodman
VIDEO: Dakota Access Pipeline Company
Attacks Native American Protesters
with Dogs and Pepper Spray
FN's updated resource page:

Energy Pollution's Impact On Environment 



“During times of universal deceit,

telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

— George Orwell


For more quotations and poetry:    
Life Rhythms poetry blog


   Past Issues:


08 August, 2020 – 10pm to Midnight - EARTH - Jonathan Mark
Flyby News LiveStreaming EARTH Radio Network

04 August, 2020 – BitChute - 07:48 - Munkle
Nephew of President JFK, Safe Vaccine Activist
Calls Out Bill Gates Plan for 5G Control of Masses

30 July, 2020 – Newsweek - Soo Kim
Sweden, Which Never Had Lockdown,
Sees COVID-19 Cases Plummet as
Rest of Europe Suffers Spike

23 July, 2020 – Youtube - 01:12:31
Perspectives on the Pandemic
Judy Mikovits & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
(1 of 3) | Episode #10

27 July, 2020 – Flyby News - Wordpress
“Plague of Corruption” book review by Jonathan Mark

13 June, 2020 – Political News (42:43) - Christina Aguayo
Judy A, Mikovits, PHD, Truth About Fauci,
2nd Round of CoronaVirus and Flu
Vaccine Plan To Oust Trump

13 May, 2020 – Children's Health Defense - Video - 05:56
Nobel Prof. Montagnier: COVID-19 Caused
By a Vaccine Experiment Gone Bad?

02 July, 2020 – Minerva - Aksel Fridstrψm
The most logical explanation is
that it comes from a laboratory

The well-known Norwegian virologist Birger Sψrensen
and his colleagues have examined the corona virus.
They believe it has certain properties which would
not evolve naturally.

Fact box: Gain-of-function studies
According to US Department health & human services,
gain-of-function studies refer to research which aims
to increase the ability of a pathogen to cause disease.
This is controversial, because it entails risks, such as
viruses escaping from labs. Between 2014 and 2018,
this kind of research was prohibited in the U.S.,
but in December 2017, American authorities
announced that the ban would be lifted.

17 June, 2020 – Youtube - 58:47 - Peter Breggin MD
Virologist Judy Mikovits PhD
The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour

15 April, 2020 – Blog Report - Peter Breggin MD
2015 Scientific Paper Proves US & Chinese Scientists
Collaborated to Create Coronavirus that Can Infect Humans

20 April, 2020 – Children's Health Defense
The Truth About Fauci
Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits

08 June, 2020 – Wion News - Lawrence Sellin
COVID-19 virus has properties that
have never been found in nature before

'Norwegian and British vaccine scientists have published
unequivocal evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus
responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, is man-made.'

09 June, 2020 – Youtube - 1:10:34 - Erin Marie Olszewski
Perspectives on the Pandemic | The
(Undercover) Epicenter Nurse |
Episode Nine

19 April, 2020 – CBS - Face the Nation
Transcript: Dr. Deborah Birx discusses coronavirus
Dr., scientifically speaking, could this outbreak just be the result of a lab accident?
You know, anytime we have a new virus, it's important to figure out its origins.
And I think we're still a long way from figuring it out. . . We know it
originated in China. We just don't know specifically how and where.
So you're- it sounds like you're saying it could have been.
I don't have an evidence that it was a laboratory accident.
I also don't know precisely where it originated..

26 April, 2020 – Healthy Headlines - Francis Boyle
SARS-CoV-2 - A Biological Warfare Weapon?

Boyle is adamant that all BSL3 and BSL4 laboratories
must be closed down and all biowarfare work with lethal
pathogens ceased. “They are all existentially dangerous,”
he says. “This is a catastrophe waiting to happen. And it
is now happened. Here we are. It’s staring us in the face.”

Experts testify Covid-19 was genetically
modified with gain of function properties

17 March, 2020 – Youtube (8:53) - Jason Liosatos
Prof. Francis Boyle Update on Coronavirus Bioweapon
19 February, 2020 – Original Interview (34:51) - Jason Liosatos
Francis Boyle Coronavirus Wuhan Biological Weapon

22 April 8, 2020.– - Yuri Deigin
Lab-Made? SARS-CoV-2 Genealogy
Through the Lens of Gain-of-Function Research

08 May 8, 2020.– Resource - Peter Myers
Coronavirus was developed in a Wuhan lab as a BioWeapon

24 May, 2020 – Youtube - 1:32:43 - Dr. Mercola
J. Mikovits Suggests Retroviruses Play a Role in COVID-19

“How did that polybasic furin cleavage site PRRA get into Covid 19?”

04 May, 2020 – Chris Martenson - Youtube 46:41
Coronavirus: Are Our Scientists Lying To Us?

“These sorts of studies should never have been done

14 May, 2020 – Virology Blog - Vincent Racaniello
SARS-CoV-2 furin cleavage site revisited

2020 – PlagueTheBook - Dr. Judy Mikovits
Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science

Summer 2020 – - Mercola

15 July, 2020 – Youtube - 12:36 - Ben Swann
Why Face Masks DON'T Work,
According To SCIENCE

12 April, 2020 – Daily Mail - Frances Mulraney, Glenn Owen
U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab
at the center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was
performing experiments on bats from the caves
where the disease is believed to have originated

02 July, 2020 – Youtube - 49:24 - Children's Health Defense
TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Episode 6

17 July, 2020 – Youtube 0:22:26 - Dr. Carrie Madej
Doctor's Warning on Covid Vaccine 2020

17 March, 2020 – T. Matthew Phillips
“Tell Me More About the New Corona Vaccine!“

01 July, 2020 – Reason - Ronald Bailey
COVID-19 Herd Immunity Is Much Closer
Than Antibody Tests Suggest
, Say 2 New Studies

26 June, 2020 – MedicalPress - Fenton, Osman, Neil, McLachlan
Study suggests more people have had
coronavirus than previously estimated

03 June, 2020 – NYTimes - T. Erdbrink, C. Anderson
'Life Has to Go On':
How Sweden Has Faced the
Virus Without a Lockdown

12 June, 2020 – FEE - Jon Miltimore
NPR: “Mounting Evidence” Suggests
COVID Not As Deadly as Thought.
Did the Experts Fail Again?

18 May, 2020 – The Corbett Report - James Corbett
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

06 April, 2020 – Youtube 0:41:57 - Spiro Skouras
Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For
Mass Vaccination & Global Governance

23 April, 2020 – Jimmy Dore Show - 30:03 - Whitney Webb
Security State Using Coronavirus To Implement Orwellian Nightmare

04 June, 2020 – The Guardian - Melissa Dav, Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Sarah Boseley
Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19
policy based on suspect data from tiny US company

07 June, 2020 – Youtube - 14:26 - Oppenheimer Ranch Project
Polio Vaccine also a Fraudulent Ruse = BIG PHARMA

29 May, 2020 – Youtube 49:48 - Regina Meredith
Revelations on COVID-19 with Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D

26 May, 2020 – Children's Health Defense - Dr. Alan Palmer
The Risks vs. Benefits of Face Masks- Is There an Agenda?

20 May, 2020 – Youtube - 1:22:11 - ZachBushMD
Zach Bush MD: Highwire with Del Bigtree Interview 2020
Evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what
it’s trying to tell us, and how we emerge from the darkness.

26 April, 2020 – Youtube 0:08:19 - Dr. Nick Zyrowski
How Coronavirus (COVID 19) Kills Some
But Not Others - Holistic Doctor Explains

16 April, 2020 – Children Health Defense - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus
by 36%
(and Other Supporting Studies)

03 May, 2016 – Youtube 0:14:18 - Maxwell Lee
Robert Kennedy Jr Exposes Vaccines May Cause Autism

15 March, 2012 – Oxford - Clinical Infectious Diseases
Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections
Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine

19 October, 2019 – Youtube - 0:08:59 - Rachel Celler, RN
Cancer laced va$$ines

13 March, 2020 – Youtube - 1:51:23 - Tragedy & Hope
Coronavirus Coutermeasures w/ Dr. Frank Aieta ND
Naturopathic Tactics for Prevention & Treatment

03 February, 2020 – TheSilverEdge - Steve Barwick
Colloidal Silver Beats Coronavirus:
the Clinical Documentation

Video 2:11 – TheSilverEdge - Steve Barwick
How to Nebulize Colloidal Silver

2013 – FB Video - Steve Barwick
Dr. Oz and Dr. Gerald Lemore
Recommend Colloidal Silver

On Youtube with Spanish subtitles

Flyby News Health and Spiritual Blog
Resources – Flyby News - Wordpress
The Evolution of Pandemics

Life is a gift.

Freedom is a responsibility.

- Eric Schaub

09 July, 2020 – CommonDreams - Jessica Corbett
Humanity on Track to Soon Hit 1.5ΊC
Paris Accord Limit as Atmospheric CO2
Nears Level Not Seen in 15 Million Years

22 June, 2020 – Live Science - Brandon Specktor
Siberian town records 100 degree F day
— the hottest in Arctic history

21 April, 2020 – Youtube 1:40:01 - Michael Moore
Michael Moore Presents A Jeff Gibbs film
Planet of the Humans

28 April, 2020 – The Hill - Youtube 0:17:09
Michael Moore, filmmakers respond to
criticism of bombshell environmental film

13 January, 2020 – Democracy Now! - War & Peace
"Stop the Money Pipeline":
150 Arrested at Protests Exposing
Wall Street's Link to Climate Crisis

04 December, 2019 – Democracy Now - War & Peace
Brazilian Indigenous Leader Davi Kopenawa:
Bolsonaro is Killing My People & Destroying Amazon

25 November, 2019 – World Meteorological Organization
Greenhouse gas concentrations in
atmosphere reach yet another high

29 October, 2019 – Washington Post - Chris Mooney
Scientists triple their estimates of the
number of people threatened by rising seas

06 February, 2019 - Climate Central
The 10 Hottest Global Years on Record

22 August, 2019 – The Intercept - Kate Aronoff
Bernie Sanders's Climate Plan Is More Radical
Than His Opponents' - And More Likely To Succeed.

With sea levels rising three times more than recently expected
and California on fire and elsewhere, here is more information
on why Senator Bernie Sanders' plan makes good sense.

23 September, 2019 – Common Dreams - Eoin Higgins
'How Dare You!': Greta Thunberg Rages at 'Fairytales
of Eternal Economic Growth' at UN Climate Summit

"Entire ecosytems are collapsing. We are at the beginning
of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money

16 September, 2019 – Democracy Now!
"Biological Annihilation": The Danger of
Opening Alaska's ANWR to Oil & Gas Drilling

09 May, 2019 – Democracy Now - War & Peace
Shocking UN Report Warns up to a Million Species
are at Risk of Extinction Due to Human Activity

11 September, 2019 – Democracy Now - Greta Thunberg
"We Are Striking to Disrupt the System":
An Hour with 16-Year-Old Climate Activist

14 May, 2019 – Time - Ciara Nugent
CO2 Concentration in the Earth's Atmosphere
Has Hit Levels Unseen for 3 Million Years

14 March, 2019 – GlobalResearch - Michael Snyder
Planetary Collapse Threatens Our Survival:
New Study Says that More than 1,200 Species
“Will Almost Certainly Face Extinction”

12 February, 2019 – Democracy Now
The End of Ice: Dahr Jamail
on Climate Disruption from the
Melting Himalayas to Insect Extinction

15 December, 2018 – - Zoλ Schlanger
15-year-old Greta Thunberg spoke for her generation
at the COP24 climate talks in Poland

Flyby News Resource:
Energy Pollution's Impact On Our Environment

"There are only two mistakes

one can make along the road to truth:

Not going all the way, and not starting."

– The Buddha

01 June, 2020 – Democracy Now! - 06:08 - Nermeen Shaikh
"America's Moment of Reckoning": Cornel West Says
Nationwide Uprising Is Sign of "Empire Imploding"

03 June, 2020 – Democracy Now! - Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr.
Killed at Home: Legal Battle Reopened over 2011
Police Shooting of Elderly Black Ex-Marine in NY

02 May, 2020 – Youtube - 0:11:18 - Valuetainment
JFK Assassination - Robert Kennedy Jr.
Reveals His Investigation Of The Case

04 May, 1970 – Youtube 3:00 - Mitch Mumby
Ohio- Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

08 April, 2020 – Late Show (10:14) - Stephen Colbert
Sen. Bernie Sanders 1st interview since suspending
campaign for Democratic nomination for President

09 April, 2020 – Democracy Now! (28:04) - Amy Goodman
Suspending the Campaign, Not the Movement:
Sanders Pulls Out of 2020 Race But Stay on Ballot

09 March, 2020 – Flyby News - Wordpress
Fear & Love where from here

02 March, 2020 – TDMS - Theodore de Macedo Soares
SC 2020 Democratic Party Primary
Exit Poll Versus Reported Vote Count

"The United States remains one of the few major democracies
in the world that continue to allow computerized vote
counting—not observable by the public—to determine
the results of its elections. Countries such as
Germany, Norway, Netherlands, France, Canada,
United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal,
Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and many
other countries protect the integrity
of their elections with publicly
observable hand-counting
of paper ballots."

On The Issues * Resource:
Bernie Sanders on War & Peace

21 February, 2020 – Democracy Now! - War & Peace
Malcolm X’s Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz on Her Father's
Legacy & the New Series "Who Killed Malcolm X?"

02-02-2020 – Bernie Sanders - Youtube 0:01:48
Trump's Worst Nightmare
Change is not scary when continuing down
the road where plutocracy and fascism
are headed, lead toward an abyss.

18 February, 2020 – Democracy Now! - Mark Weisbrot
"Worth the Price?" New Film Shows How Biden
Played Leading Role in Push for U.S. to Invade Iraq

February, 2020 – Youtube 19:06 - Mark Weisbrot

13 January, 2020 – Democracy Now! - War & Peace
"America Exists Today to Make War":
Lawrence Wilkerson on Endless War & American Empire

09 December, 2019 – Washington Post - Craig Whitlock
The Afghanistan Papers
At War with the Truth

Video - 17:37
A Secret History of the War
in Afghanistan Revealed

18 January, 2020 – Wash Post - Carol Leonnig, Philip Rucker
'You’re a bunch of dopes and babies': Inside
Trump's stunning tirade against generals

29 October, 2019 – Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
Flyby News Endorsed Bernie Sanders 2020

“There are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

– Albert Einstein

04 December, 2019 – Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
2020 plus 1 – 20 years 9-11 – Truth=Peace

Tulsi Gabbard 2020 – Tucker Carlson - 9:09 - Fox News
Tulsi Demands End of Secrecy on 9-11/Saudis

Sept. 11, 2021 – Facebook Events - Flyby News
9-11 20th anniversary - Community Forums

10 September, 2019 – Youtube 21:08 - Ben Swann
Proof Gov Wrong About Collapse of WTC Building 7
(New Evidence 2019)

06 September, 2019 – Global Research - Dr. Gary G. Kohls
9/11 Truth: Why Do Good People Become Silent
About the Documented Facts that Disprove
the Official 9/11 Narrative

09 Sept, 2019 – Youtube - 37:28 - Massimo Mazzucco

17 April, 20198 – AE911Truth - Youtube - 6:01
Ilhan Omar Is Right: Some People
Did Something on 9/11

23 August, 2018 – 9/11 Truth Action - Staff
Federal Grand Jury Petition
Filed for New 9/11 Investigation

23 August, 2018 – 9/11 Truth Action - Staff
U.S. Attorney for the Southern District
Will Act On Lawyers' Committee Petition

27 July, 2019 – AE911 - Ted Walter
New York Area Fire Commissioners Make History,
Call for New 9/11 Investigation

19 September, 2017 - Youtube - 1:26:00 - Flyby News
September 11 - New Pearl Harbor
film summary and discussion

03 March, 2007 - Youtube - 0:32 - 911Reichstag
9/11: Dan Rather Says WTC Collapses Look Like Demolitions

22 December, 2011 – Youtuve - 0:57- Dustin Lehr
A 9/11 video that was aired once and never aired again

26 August, 2013 - Flyby News
Bob Bowman Tribute Connection

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

“The worst of all deceptions is self-deception.”

– Plato

11 April, 2015 – National Vanguard - Rosemary W. Pennington
The Most Incredible Story Never Told:
LBJ’s Order to Destroy the USS Liberty

30 August, 2016 – Vanity Fair - Yohana Desta
Oliver Stone Dives into the “Horrible
Experience” of Making Snowden

For Jonathan Mark's commentary on film and review:
See this wordpress blog link!

20 August, 2019 – Youtube - 1:48:14 - Sean Caron
Awakening Liberty Interview with Jonathan Mark

Nov. 21-22-23-24 2019 – Dallas, Texas - 7th Annual
JFK Assassination Conference

01 August, 2019 – Global Research - Federico Pieraccini
Trump’s “Space Force”: Weaponizing Space Is
the “New” Bad Idea Coming from Washington

21 July, 2019 – Ray McGovern
Ray in freewheeling discussion taped on June 21, 2019
(Primo Nutmeg program #180)

25 May, 2019 – Rolling Stone - Peter Wade
Bypassing Congress, Trump Sells Weapons to
Saudi Arabia, Orders Troops to Middle East

03 June, 2019 – Democracy Now! - Waitman Wade Beorn
Iraq Combat Veteran: Pardon of War Criminals
Sends Disturbing Message to U.S. Military, World

17 September, 2018 – CMC - Youtube - 0:55:52
The Italian undercover CIA-Mossad
station and the assassination of JFK

June, 2018 – Skyhorse Publishing - Major Ganis
The Skorzeny Papers
Evidence for the Plot to Kill JFK

03 March, 2019 – TruthDig - Chris Hedges
Giving the Bomb to Saudi Arabia's Dr. Strangelove

19 February, 2019 – NYTimes - Theodore Postol
Are Trump and Putin Opening Pandora's Box?

15 August, 2019 – Youtube - 0:20:00 - Jonathan Mark
20 Years of FLYBY NEWS

08 August, 2019 – Wordpress - Jonathan Mark
20 Years of Flyby News

06 April, 2018 – Global Research - Craig McKee
The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King:
Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital
Review of William Pepper's Book

29 May, 2018 – IrishEcho - James J. Kelleher
Promise broken on JFK files release

A John Hankey Documentary
Is Trump for Real?
08 October, 2018 – Youtube- 0:04:25 - Trailer

You can currently rent the 66-minute
video for $1 on Amazon and Vimeo

30 October, 2018 – Flyby News - Jonathan Mark

"Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate
the day when this planet may no longer be habitable.
Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear
sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of
threads, capable of being cut at any moment
by accident or miscalculation or madness."

– President John F. Kennedy

February, 2011 - Youtube - Flyby News
Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media

19 September, 2018 – UFOTV Youtube - 1:33:57
UFOs and Nukes
Official Press Conference Washington, DC

08 December, 2000 - UPI - Flyby News
1964 U.S. atomic bomb blast in the Van Allen belts

01 July, 2010 - NPR - Robert Krulwich
Scary Light Show: Exploding H-Bombs In Space

10 September, 2018 – Youtube 0:10:00 - Kabloooee Theater
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

20 January, 2019 – Youtube - 1:23:25 - PBS
American Masters: Decoding Watson

01 August, 2018 – Science - Beryl Lieff Benderly
Rosalind Franklin and the damage of gender harassment

24 November, 2018 – Refinery29 - Nick Levine
The Campaign To Honour An Unsung Female
Scientist On The New £50 Note

18 December, 2014 – Youtube 7:38 - Dr. Semir Osmanagić
Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids - Trailer

21 February, 2019 – Phobos Media - Youtube - 11:23
Ancient Monument or Optical Illusion

22 February, 2019 – Universe Inside You - Youtube - 19:58
Mars was Inhabited
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt

16 January, 2018 – Flyby News – Youtube 1:52:25
Bart Jordan and Mars Viking 1

17 August, 2018 – FN Youtube - 58:00 – Bart Jordan
Manhattan Project NASA Whistleblower
09 August 2018 Interview with Jonathan Mark

14 March, 2019 - Wordpress – Flyby News
Bart Jordan and Flyby News Update

Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Bart Jordan & Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

“The bitterest truth,
is better than the sweetest lie.”

-Men in Black 3

01 November, 2019 – Conspiracy Corner - 9:46 - Bart Sibrel
NASA Never Meets Moon Schedule

Massimo Mazzucco Films
American Moon

3.5 hour documentary is available on Youtube!

01 October, 2018 – Youtube - 0:30:00 - Flyby News
American Moon's Massimo Mazzucco Interview

Amazon DVD (3.5 hours) to purchase for the U.S.A.

For other Countries get it from Massimo Mazzucco's site.

American Moon is also available on Vimeo On Demand

Aulis Film and TV Productions
What Really Happened on the Moon?

2001 Film by Bart Sibrel
A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Moon

20 July, 2019 – Youtube - Bart Sibrel
Moon Landing Hoax in 3 Minutes

17 July, 2019 – tmatthewphillips - Wordpress
Apollo 11 – One Hundred Year Anniversary Celebration!

15 July, 2019 – Flyby News - Jonathan Mark
Apollo 11 anniversary critique

19 June, 2019 - Youtube - 0:28:00 - Flyby News
Has Man Really Been to the Moon, 50 Years Ago?

23 June, 2019 - Youtube 54:38 - VeritasRadio
Bart Sibrel on Veritas Radio

02 July, 2008 - Youtube 4:14 - frankmat
Thomas Baron and astronauts killed to keep Apollo program

11 August, 2019 - Youtube - 1:48:14 - System is Down
Chinese Gov Physicist Blows Whistle
on Apollo Moon Hoax w. Dr Rasa Viharii

Moon Truth - Updated Resource
NASA staff admits never leaving low Earth orbit yet

07 April, 2019 – FN Wordpress - Blog
What's Up With The Moon Trips?

02 October 2018 - Youtube 0:45:29 - I-Rabbi- T
Moon landing doc proving it was a HOAX!

Moon Truth - BitChute - HDRCFX Cornwall
The Moon Landing, "How Does It
Bring Him Back?"
, The Hoax Code

16 March, 2014 – Youtube - 0:56:40
Landing Safely on the Moon is Scientifically Impossible

April, 2019 – Aulis - Emanuel E. Garcia
Massimo Mazzucco’s American Moon – a Review

11 March, 2019 – The System Is Down - Video
How to Fake American Moon Landing w. Massimo Mazzucco

Resource – Wordpress
Phony Apollo Moon Landings!
In Search of Factual History...

21 May, 2019 – Youtube - 0:09:57 - Bart Sibrel
Fake Wikileaks Hoax's Moon Hoax

27 May, 2019 – MSN - Rachel Weiner, Christian Davenport
He wanted to fly around the moon.
He ended up in court instead.

06 March, 2019 – Neil Peel - 2:13:57 - Part 3
Apollo Detectives with Bart Sibrel & Jarrah White.

2016 - Dave McGowan - Alissa
Center for an Informed America
Dave McGowan
Wagging the Moondoggie
A fan-made audio version:
Wagging the Moondoggie

WINTER 2018-2019 – Youtube 0:30:00 - Jonathan Mark
Life Rhythms and Flyby News
Music and Poetry + Overview for Truth & Peace in Space.

Updated - Flyby News Resource
1969-1972 - Evidence of Fraud - Lunar Missions

President George Washington's Farewell Address

(19th September, 1796 - United States)

07 April, 2019 – CBS 60 Minutes - Bill Whitaker
Ray Dalio says wealth inequality is a national emergency

Bill Whitaker: While your fellow billionaires, Bezos, Branson, Elon Musk,
they're all going into outer space. They're headed towards Mars
and the moon. You choose to go down. Why is that?
Ray Dalio: Well, I-- as I say, I find-- ocean exploration a lot more exciting,
a lot more important than space exploration, right? And then
you think about it affects our lives so much more.

21 May, 2018 – Youtube 0:28:46 - Ray Dalio
Principles For Success by Ray Dalio

29 March, 2019 – Democracy Now - Albert Woodfox
43 Years: Meet the Man Held in Solitary Confinement
Longer Than Any Prisoner in U.S. History

05 May, 2019 – FlybyNews - Jonathan Mark
Lyme Disease solutions that work for me

06 March, 2019 – Democracy Now - Rep. Pramila Jayapal
Medicare for All Will Lower Costs &
Expand Healthcare Coverage to Everyone

08 March, 2019 – WantToKnow - Fred Burks
Chemtrails, Geoengineering
Documentary, Media Articles Question Chemtrails, Geoengineering

21 November, 2018 – Youtube - 0:22:23 - Garth Davis, MD
VEGAN DIET: Dispelling The Biggest Myths

20 November, 2017 – Youtube - 1:17:03 - New Harbinger
Interview: Michael A. Singer on The Untethered Soul

Autism Parenting Magazine
Best Essential Oils for Autism and ADHD
– The Ultimate Guide –

Flyby News Health and Spiritual Blog

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