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- -TERROR on the RISE

Many feel the decline of human civilization. We have become divided into two camps, neither one dealing with our collective reality. Yet all is unfolding into chaos and violence initiated from the top down. We feel small, insignificant, and make believe or thrust ourselves into distraction or entertainment while coming to a place questioning perhaps, why are we here?

Will new paragraphs help resolve any issue traumatized by confusion, where theories are rampant and facts barely looked at. Truth is scary for those who want to make believe and maintain their world view.

What is, is, is tough to swallow as one research events like JFK, 9-11, weapons in space, deceptions become visible without looking for them. While the end of life is certain, accelerating toward the premature extinction of more than just our species is without integrity. Have we gone that far berserk? It seems intolerable to enable a few bad apples to turn truth into political maneuvering, where one side denies creating lies, and the other is a master of them.

It would have been helpful if President Trump in 2017 released the government research files funded by the taxpayer on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. People will often either make excuses for him or just do not care.

Trumps rhetoric of all sorts of fake news is real, but the cover-up of the events of September 11, 2001 continue, as well as the JFK U.S. intel-military coup d’etat, and the manned moon landing hoax over 50 years of falsehoods. It is easier to manipulate people by ridicule and distraction than to admit and to learn from mistakes.

What is true is that we could not accomplish those missions today, and positively no way with 1960’s technologies. One smart phone has more computer power than on Apollo.  Cognitive dissonance, denial, and avoiding truth has become a way of life. Reality has taken a back seat.

Yet not knowing what may come about leaves open all sorts of possibilities. Uniting with truth, knowing there is truth, brings us closer to the beings we are, and will be. There is so much more that unites than divides us. Learning from our mistakes we may find a way to unite to confront fear and face a reality that will help liberate us in the end. There is still a chance for human integrity.


26 October, 2018 – Democracy Now - Subhankar Banerjee
Trump Admin Opens Up Alaska for Drilling,
Already At-Risk Arctic Biodiversity

26 October, 2018
While Trump Calls Climate Change a Hoax, Hurricane
Michael Damaged US Fighter Jets Worth $6 Billion

is trump for real

A John Hankey Documentary
Is Trump for Real?
08 October, 2018 – Youtube- 0:04:25 - Trailer

You can currently rent the 66-minute
video for $1 on Amazon and Vimeo

23 October, 2018 – Democracy Now - Rula Jebreal
My “Secret Interview” with Jamal Khashoggi
Before His Brutal Murder by the Saudis

01 October, 2018 – Youtube- 0:30:00 - Flyby News
American Moon's Massimo Mazzucco Interview

Massimo Mazzucco Films
American Moon
American Moon2

Amazon DVD (3.5 hours) to purchase for the U.S.A.

For other Countries get it from Massimo's site.

Watch a 3-minute Trailer!

Litmus Tests for Truth & Transformation

08 October, 2018 – Youtube- 9:57 - Bart Sibrel
NASA Shoots Themself - AGAIN

14 December, 2017 – Youtube- 5:10:38 - Taboo Conspiracy
Moon Landings Hoax Day Collection

Updated - Flyby News Resource
US 1969-1972 - Evidence of Fraud - Lunar Missions 

07 October, 2018 - Off Guardian
"9/11 Unmasked"
An International Review Panel: By
David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodward

22 August, 2015 - Youtube - 0:54 - We Are Change
Dr. Bob Bowman asks you to
contemplate the Lie of 9/11

19 September, 2017 - Youtube - 1:26:00 - Flyby News
September 11 - New Pearl Harbor
film summary and discussion

september 11

26 May, 2017 - Youtube - 16:27 - Jonathan Mark
Denial, Cognitive Dissonance, & September 11
Flyby News June 2017 Update @ GCTV

Perspective -- Resources -- Archives
New 9/11 Investigation vs New World Order

10 September, 2018 – Youtube 0:10:00 - Kabloooee Theater
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

17 August, 2018 – FN Youtube - 58:00 – Bart Jordan
Manhattan Project NASA Whistleblower
09 August 2018 Interview with Jonathan Mark

Bart Jordan and Mars Viking 1.mp4.Still001 (1) (1)
Updated - Flyby News - Wordpress
Bart Jordan & Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations



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