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Respond to FBI's Obstruction to Justice * Commercial Hog Farm Threat

Executing Timothy McVeigh this Monday supports the covering up of the more significant issue of FBI's obstruction to justice. Will they keep getting away with it? The justice system in the U.S. is obviously broken, and viewed as barbaric by my most other nations. Integrity and honor demands -- at least -- a full investigation as to why key evidences were withheld in this case in order to uphold the U.S. Constitutional right for a fair trial, before the execution.

This week the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee is asking for people to support a letter campaign to newspapers in response to the recent disclosures of FBI misconduct. The case of Leonard Peltier is a model in this regard, and investigations into his case could someday begin to right the wrongs of the U.S. seriously flawed justice and law enforcement systems.

Please take action in this regard, as well as supporting the Sicangu Lakota (Rosebud Sioux Tribe) in its struggle to avoid becoming the home of the world's third largest hog farm.

And please, call your Congressional representatives in support of Project Abolition's campaign to help stop the arms race. They are holding a rally at the White House at 2pm June 10 and will be lobbying the halls of Congress on June 11 and 12. Let your representative know about your concern for this nation and help them understand what steps they can take to support peace and justice. The U.S. Congressional Switchboard telephone number is 202-224-3121.

Keep the faith ・Our United Efforts ・Can make all the difference in the world!

1. Letters to the Editor Week - Leonard Peltier
2) Rosebud Reservation Under Commercial Hog Farm Threat

1) Letters to the Editor Week - Peltier
Fwd. Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Dear Friends,

Below is a new sample letter to the editor for next week's awareness effort. Many of the last letters you submitted did get printed, so the word is getting out and our new campaign is picking up pace. This letter takes a new angle - so hopefully the papers will find it of interest. As always, you can personalize this letter, write your own, or use the text below. Again, check your local paper's word limit for letters to the editor before sending yours in. The sample letter is 300 words. If your letter is printed, please send us the clipping for our files. Thank you!

In Solidarity,


Little Attention Given to People of Color Victimized by FBI Misconduct

Recent disclosures of FBI misconduct have justifiably prompted significant outcry from the public. However, few acknowledge those who have probably been most affected. In the 60's and 70's the FBI sought to destroy many civil rights organizations and leaders committed to uplifting their communities. Activists of color were commonly targeted for undue criminal prosecution during that era and many still languish unjustly in prison today.

One of the most daunting examples is the case of Leonard Peltier, the American Indian Movement leader who has spent 25 years in prison following his controversial conviction for the murder of two FBI agents. The agents and one Native man were killed in a shoot-out on the Pine Ridge Reservation, which occurred during a three year period of brutal conflict. During that time, the FBI maintained a large presence on the reservation, but did nothing to stop the violence. Instead, they collaborated with vigilantes who killed over 60 AIM members and supporters.

Peltier, long under surveillance by the FBI, was unfairly targeted for conviction. Despite vast evidence against several other suspects, the FBI chose to "put the full prosecutive weight of the US government against Peltier." The FBI withheld over 18,000 documents during trial, coerced witnesses and manufactured evidence to gain his conviction. 6,000 FBI documents remain secret today. The government now admits they do not know who killed the agents, yet Peltier remains behind bars, a symbol of US repression against Indigenous Peoples.

By locking up civil rights leaders and subverting their organizations, the FBI has hampered positive change for communities of color. We must prevent such abuses from continuing. If we do not, the road to true racial justice will be very long. To learn more on the case of Leonard Peltier visit his defense committee's website at

Phone #
(contact information not for print)

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044


2) Rosebud Reservation Under Commercial Hog Farm Threat

Dear Friends of the Indigenous, the Buffalo, and the Earth,

I am appealing to you to support the Sicangu Lakota (Rosebud Sioux Tribe) in its struggle to avoid becoming the home of the world's third largest hog farm. The first phase of 24 barns is already in place and in spite of tribal opposition and legal intervention by several organizations, Bells Farms (Sun Prairie) continues construction on the second phase. When completed, there will be 13 sites, of 24 barns each. The waste disposal digestor at site #1 is not properly functional, as predicted.

As indicated in my letter to Mr. Bell, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe is valiantly battling the matter in the judicial system, with its sovereignty in serious jeopardy. Meanwhile, we are establishing a vigilance camp, to be called Camp Sovereignty, in the vicinity of the hog farms. We can no longer tolerate the severe corporate oppression of Bell Farms. We can no longer tolerate the threats to our environment, to the quality of justice, and to our sovereignty.

There are several options for you to consider. You may join me in a letter to Rich Bell by snail mail (sorry we are not able to access an email address for him yet) to: Bell Farms in Wahpeton, ND. Phone number is 701-642-4021. Fax is 701-942-9237.

The RST tribal officials are working against incredible odds. Tribal council resolutions and letters of support from tribal officials would be greatly appreciated. Individual messages of concern are just as powerful.

William Kindle, President
Rosebud Sioux Tribe
POB 430
Rosebud, SD 57570.
Phone: 605-747-2381

If you're looking for a quick, convenient way to indicate your support or to support and/or join the camp vigil for the environment and for justice, check the Camp Sovereignty website at:

To see this hog farm to full scale of operation, Mr. Bell would have to crush the tribe. I believe he is capable. We have determined spirits. We need public outrage (and lots of prayers too).

Thank you from my heart,

Rosalie Little Thunder


Email address: