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Greenpeace Occupies Menwith Hill * Disclosure Project Events

4 July 2001

In the spirit of independence and peace, Greenpeace activists in England yesterday surprised the Menwith Radar Base with a direct action and occupation to oppose England's cooperation with the U.S. to kill the ABM and UN's peaceful use of space by implementing its so-called Missile Defense - Star Wars plan. This reversal of independence day by British activists is actually a gift to the people of the US and the world. Many Thanks. Please use this as an inspiration to continue planning for International Actions to stop the militarization of space for October 13, 2001, sponsored by the Global Network, which has been endorsed by 175 organizations with actions planned at 61 sites, so far. Please consider getting and showing EnviroVideos' "Star Wars Returns," video documentary available from to help organize and motivate people from every walk of life.

In item two, Flyby News is posting an events schedule from the Disclosure Project organization. Related to this issue, the Village Voice recently reported that a British housewife recently sold a homemade video of what she thinks was a flying saucer to a Hollywood film producer. The BBC reports officials at NASA want to look at her tape because they think it might be the same kind of craft the agency's cameras picked up on a space shuttle mission. In any case, the testimonies from the Disclosure Project of fifty individuals with substantial credentials is the most credible evidences on the debate of the actuality of UFO's, and is not only important about the disclosure of a government cover-up, but its use of intimidation and threats that jeopardizes freedom and democracy for all. (For a sample of some of the testimonies see Flyby News May 11, 2001 at

One of truth's best allies is from the communications' revolution.

Thanks for tuning in to Flyby News.. And especially to our friends from the Greenpeace activists taking a stand yesterday, and those supporting their cause.. Happy fourth of July, 2001!

1) Greenpeace Occupies Menwith Hill Radar Base to Stop US Star Wars Threat
2) Disclosure Project Events Announcement


1) Greenpeace Occupies Menwith Hill Radar Base to Stop US Star Wars Threat

Tuesday, 3 July, 2001

Protesters occupy radar base

More than 100 demonstrators have broken into a major British defence site in North Yorkshire.

Greenpeace activists entered the Menwith Hill base, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, at 0500BST in protest against American plans to use it as part of the so-called "Son of Star Wars" national missile defence programme.

Some have chained themselves to buildings or hidden around the site, while others are demonstrating by the main gate as workers arrive at the radar early warning complex.

North Yorkshire Police say they are at the incident, and a Ministry of Defence spokesman has confirmed that some arrests have been made.

A Greenpeace spokesman co-ordinating the protest said: "At the moment we have 20 people on top of the radar building, 15 on top of the water tower and another 15 in various locations around the base.

"We will stay there for as long as we possibly can."

Reports suggest that demonstrators were on the site for almost an hour before security teams reacted.

'Dangerous plan'

Protester Helen Wallace told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that she was among the group chained to the water tower.

"There are around 20 people here on top of the tower, and other people chained down below," she said.

"We are going to stay here continuing to make our point that Menwith Hill is part of Bush's dangerous Star Wars plan."

Greenpeace says one group of protesters walked straight through the main gate playing the Mission Impossible theme tune.

Some carried flags emblazoned with the message "Star Wars Starts Wars", while others dressed as missiles.

Other teams scaled three-metre fences topped with razor wire to get in.

Protester Eleanor Gordon, 30, of Manchester said: "About 30 went in through the main gates. There were only one or two security guards on duty and they were just overwhelmed.

"My team headed in the direction of a water tower and some climbed up, while others chained themselves to the bottom.

"I was locked to the bottom with chains and a padlock but eventually a group of four security officers came along, used bolt cutters to cut the chains and escorted me off the site.

"The protest may seem drastic but the effects of the Star Wars programme could be so devastating for the world that only direct action will do."

Greenpeace UK executive director Stephen Tindale, who is at Menwith Hill, said President George Bush's proposed missile defence programme was "a disaster".

He called on Prime Minister Tony Blair to turn down American requests to use UK-based sites at Menwith Hill and Fylingdales, North Yorkshire.

He said President Bush needed the two sites as the "eyes and ears" of his planned Star Wars system.

"But Bush can't install the system without Tony Blair's approval.

"We urge Mr Blair not to kowtow to Bush on such a crucial issue. He must say no to UK involvement."

He said Greenpeace had been planning the operation to enter the base for six months, but added that he had been surprised at "how easy it was to get in".

"We decided to do it today because we thought tomorrow, being American Independence Day, they would be expecting us."


2) Disclosure Project Events Announcement

From the Campaign For Disclosure: 2001 Tour Dates

In each city, we will begin with an exclusive showing of the 2-hour Disclosure film of 50 government and military witnesses to UFO and Extraterrestrial events and projects, followed with a presentation by Disclosure Project Director Steven M. Greer MD.

To build a grass roots campaign to push for open congressional hearings, we need your help and your support:

Campaign for Disclosure Sponsors - To bring the Campaign for Disclosure to your city will cost a modest $5000. If you can help underwrite part or all of this cost and become an individual or corporate sponsor, please contact us. You may also support the campaign anonymously. Please contribute what you can.

Become part of the local host committee - We need local volunteers to help with organizing the event, locating suitable venues for the event, getting the word out, helping during the day of the event, etc. If you can help coordinate the local Campaign for Disclosure, please

Local Networking - If you can help us reach local VIPs, environmental leaders, civic leaders, and potential founders, please let us know. We will be meeting with people who can help advance the Campaign in each area and need local networking support. Identify new government, military, and corporate witnesses to UFO and ET events and projects - If you can help us identify new witnesses who live in your region, we will interview and film them when we come to your city. Please help us identify more of these heroic witnesses who stand ready to testify to the truth.

If we unite in action, we can begin a new, open chapter in human history; one with new technologies for energy and propulsion without pollution; one where we go into space in peace, not with weapons. Please join us and help us today!

The Campaign for Disclosure will be coming to the following cities:

(Dates and times are tentative and subject to change based on local support and funding.)

Denver / Boulder, CO - June 23, 2001

This event was reported as a big success. Dr. Greer filled the auditorium in Boulder on the 23rd. with standing room in the isles and in the halls, (two hundred people had to be turned away). A skeptical senior space lawyer (sent to this event on the advice of Carol Rosin) said Greer is spectacular, credible, and a wonderful man. The video and Steven Greer received lasting standing ovations and many information packages were sold. Gradually the word is getting out. Those inside the government are saying what they witnessed, and how they were silenced for decades.

San Francisco, CA - July 22, 2001

Charlottesville, VA - August 1 , 2001

Los Angeles, CA - August 4, 2001

San Diego, CA - August 5, 2001

Miami, FL - August 19, 2001

Seattle, WA - September 8, 2001

Vancouver, BC - September 9, 2001

Portland OR - September 12, 2001

Salem, OR - September 13, 2001

Washington, DC - October 7, 2001

Toronto, Canada - October 20, 2001

Boston, MA - October 21, 2001

New York, NY - October 26, 2001

Atlanta, GA - November 3, 2001

Charlotte, NC - November 4, 2001

Asheville, NC - November 5, 2001

Phoenix, AZ - November 10, 2001

Dallas, TX - November 11, 2001

London, UK - December 8, 2001

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